Girls, Has this girl lost interest?

Hi, so I was visiting my home country, met a bartender, we spoke for about five minutes and she asked me for my FB. I gave her it and the day after she said I should come over to the bar. She finished working and went for drinks and had a fun time. Nothing happened because I was hesitant since I heard she might have a boyfriend. She came home and sent me a good night gif. The day after she texted me "coffee tomorrow?" and I agreed. We went for a coffee. We spent over an hour chatting. Two days later, knowing I was leaving in a couple of days I texted her and asked to meet up for drinks. We did and had a fun time. I traveled back home and we've been texting every day since. She texted me "it's such a shame you're not here :(" and even watched one of my YouTube videos with one of her friends and texted me "it's great to see you even if it's just in a video" with that doggy eyes emoji.

She's been sending good night gifs, have a good day gif, hasn't talked about her boyfriend, she started sending me voice messages talking about her day, sent me selfies, pics of different things. Then three days ago we texted a lot, her replies and messages were long as usual and then... she stopped. One whole day later she eventually replied so I replied to that and... she stopped again. It's been another whole day and she's been online many times since.

I've been very careful this time around, haven't been overtexting or being needy or anything like that. Just flirty and fun convos. I already told her I was going back in three months time, so she knows that as well.

Has she lost interest? Or become this distant? I've been through a similar situation before, however the way this girl texted, initiated, communicated with me was different and far more like a girl who has a crush and now suddenly she stopped. What's also worth noting is that she started being distant on the day she seemed super interested.

Girls PLEASE tell me what I should do and what's going on here?

Girls, Has this girl lost interest?
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