I kinda rejected him. Now I feel waves of sadness. Do I miss him or just his attention?


I met a guy online. We talked for 2 months. First it was friendship, then we started to flirt lightly, more and more. We were in contact all day, everyday and night.
We met with a group of friends and spend time alone afterwards. He is very generous, has a good heart. Somehow though I didn‘t feel attracted to him. I wish I did so badly. A few things: he was very shy and very nervous and online he seems way more confident than in person. He admitted to being a guy who never makes a first move, he called himself a shy guy. He wanted to know if I‘m shy too so he could assess the situation. I‘m not and usually I like guys who aren‘t either, who act confident and can show me their interest in person. When he asked me if I‘m shy aswell, I admitted that I‘m not.
We continued talking after our meet up but I got a little more unflirty to put some distance because I felt like I only want to be friends with him and I do not want to hurt him. We continued talking every day though and remained happy and friendly. The time frame was two weeks, he also started talking to another girl and I realized that I started to feel uneasy about it. So I decided to talk openly to him about everything. I admitted to him that I feel a bit jealous and that this feeling made me think why, that we never talked openly about the hints we gave each other and I feel like we are somehow more than good friends, but less than love and that I would give it a chance to see but very carefully and without promises, because I don‘t want to hurt him, he‘s important to me. He told me that he waited two weeks to hear something like this from me, that he didn‘t had the courage to ask me sooner when it made him sad that he thought I rejected him. He said now it‘s too late because he already accepted my behavior in order to not loose me as a friend.
Now we still talk, but it‘s different and less because he has contact to this other girl, and we are just friends. One moment I feel sad then I feel it‘s right?

I kinda rejected him. Now I feel waves of sadness. Do I miss him or just his attention?
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