Why wouldn’t she let me date other guys?

This girl was rlly weird. She showed me a life size stuffed animal once and said it was the same size as me and I asked her if it was edible and she said “I know where your minds at”. I called her annoying once for singing and she said she was gonna come over late at night and sing me to sleep. She took pics with everyone but didn’t hug anyone else in their pics.

She consoled me about a rude customer and be like “I care about you”. She said it again randomly a week later.
I don't know she’s supportive of all the coworkers and called one “pretty girl” but they seemed sisterly. Also she told a gay guy he was her favorite in front of me.
Earlier on she asked to ask me how I was doing a lot. Once she came up next to me and asked if everything was feeling ok. she asked why I wasn’t talking to her.

I used to text a guy at work a lot and slowly I started to see it bother her. I used to call him at work which was inappropriate but she used to get me in trouble a lot for it. Once the store was closed and I clocked out. Her and I didn’t talk much and I got on the phone with my boyfriend as we were heading out. I told him “I love you too” and she told me to hangup. I called him back when we were going out the door and she told me to hang up until we were completely out the store. she's also glared at me while talking to another female coworker and pulled her away before.

She’s left the job and she might’ve done this when she still worked here but another coworker who she’s gone out with has said she always has to find a guy when she goes out. I heard she got wasted and made out and might’ve slept with a guy from the bar. I’m completely confused because she seemed like such a mature person. She keeps trying to come back to the job. Her last day she took individual pics with everyone and our pic was the only pic where she bear hugged me and her heart was beating fast.
Why was she jealous over me calling my boyfriend when she was dating other people?
Why wouldn’t she let me date other guys?
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