Does she like me or my attention?

So a few weeks ago this girl responded to my story and we started snapping. We know each other from work and I had a slight crush on her, we had each other on snapchat for a while but never really snapped. We sent a lot of different snaps over the past few weeks, sometimes conversations the other moment just pictures. She complimented me and when we had a conversation about music she asked for my playlist. She also sent snaps that are a little revealing? We usually see each other at work and often have conversations, she always laughs and we playfully tease each other often. Her body language is very open towards me and she stands very close to me (sometimes almost against me). Even when I just tell her something (not asking a question) she has a full response to it. I know she snaps quite a lot of people and has a boyfriend. Their relationship isn’t the greatest and when she describes her type it’s totally not him. We hold eye contact quite long. There is also the thing when I make a comment and she just keeps on adding to it like she doesn’t want it to end to a point where it gets a little awkward? I know some of the people she snaps and with me it’s different than with them. When she is with her boyfriend she usually doesn’t respond other than when she is alone. She always asks how my day went and stuff too. She was snapping some guy I was with and saw we were in a similar room and asked if I were with him? Some of my friends tell me she probably likes the attention, I have thought of this too. But on the other hand it’s a little different with me than with other people she snaps.
Oh, she also saves some of my snaps in chat and sends a half heart symbol with her hand obviously expecting me to send the other half back?

1 y
Also, she sends pictures with her friends/family and makes pictures with me and shares ‘older’ pictures where we are in.
Does she like me or my attention?
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