Why do some women feel attracted to the scary men?


I’ve been wondering about this for a while now. I’ve noticed that from my past experiences as well as today I feel the most attracted to the men who look a bit intimidating,

it doesn’t mean they have to be bad guys, they can be the sweetest people in person but I like when they have this intimidating look, dominant and careless gaze, even hostile.

I rarely entrust people, I even slept with knife at some point in my life but when I met my ex, I felt like I didn’t have to sleep with knife anymore, I didn’t have to worry about anything, I could cross the street with the closed eyes when he was next to me. And that was amazing, because I had trust issues and never trusted people. It felt like I finally felt free when I leaned on someone to trust them.

Before meeting him I always acted like a “tough” girl, tomboyish even, but when I met him I could just finally relax and be myself, at my most feminine and weakest and it was such a great feeling, a feeling of freedom to not be scared to be who you truly are, because you have someone who can be all the tough things. When I look at the pictures of me standing next to him, it’s like another person looking at me, my confident look was no longer needed and I looked like I was at my most feminine.

Now after break up I still have to pull up this tough and confident look, because I am all by myself now and it’s my own responsibility to get rid of the creeps, unwanted attention or just protect my heart from being hurt.

But always when I am outside I tend to be attracted to men who have this kind of physique and the similar eyes - very cold, even scary and I feel the most attracted to them. I’ve noticed they tend to be quite attracted to me as well. I don’t know why do we feel this mutual attraction? And why do I feel weak in my knees when I find a man intimidating haha

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Mostly I am interested about its evolutionary reasons.

There must be a reason.

Why do some women feel attracted to the scary men?
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