I feel like I always support my girlfriend, but she never supports me?

Both my girlfriend and I are in grad schools programs.

She is in a medical program and I am in an art program.

I will be the first to admit that her work is more intense and time consuming.

She has finals and tests and papers all the time, but my work is more "fun" so it's easier to get done and less stressful than the work she does. Also, I prepare differently while she waits till the last minute.

I feel like whenever she has a test I ask her how it went or will even quiz her sometimes. In fact, if I don't she'll get mad that I didn't and say "you should ask how my test went, I shouldn't have to tell you how it went."

However, she never asks how my stuff goes and I feel like she never is there to support me.

She has even said that she will never contact me first on the day of a test or paper because as a boyfriend I should reach out to her and ask her how everything went with her. It's so stupid. We are both 24...who cares who contacts the other person first.

Last week she had a test and I asked her how it went, etc. She also knew that day I had a critique. She knows that my critiques last an hour and she knew the specific time it was. Over 3 hours later she never asked how it went. So I just texted her told her how and it went and she said she felt bad for not asking.

My girlfriend calls or texts me all the time when she is stressed from school and I will gladly be there for her, but I don't feel like she is there for me. She seems to think this is OK because her program is more diffucult, but it's not exactly a cake walk. She never asks me what I am working on, but I'll always ask her.

I might have stress, I just deal with it different or I don't have tests like she does.

Am I overreacting here?

I feel like I always support my girlfriend, but she never supports me?
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