Why am I not good enough?

I’m 27, still live at home. Can’t manage money for shit, I have nothing going for me. I pay rent at home, I wouldn’t have a car if it wasn’t for my mom giving me one and paying it off.

I work as a direct support professional helping people that have intellectual disabilities, I’m dumb, shy and surprised I got my CNA certification. I can’t even stick up for myself, cause I hate confrontation. People think I’m younger than I am. I’m treated like a kid, and I’m pretty sure I’m low intelligence, my therapist said it’s anxiety and that she said I’d have to be average intelligence to even pass my CNA. I have dental work that needs to be done… and I’m procrastinating.

I’m very unattractive and can’t get a guy who likes me, I’m fat and guys don’t like fat women.

I want to be assertive, confident and take ownership of the house I’m living in. But I can barely make ends meet now with my income.

I’m pretty sure everyone around me thinks I’m “slow” or low intelligence. I got drunk one night and told my friends I think I am. They said no one said anything like that about me, but I don't know maybe I’m overthinking it?

I do nothing, and been distancing myself from friends and haven’t been living life. I’m ugly and never noticed anyways.

I get bossed around even though I hate it, I am always on guard now.

Like I had training today and I wasn’t sociable, but not many were. I didn’t want to be there.

I’m 27, I wish I was confident, assertive and not easily manipulated. How can I end this behavior?
Why am I not good enough?
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