How to deal with your friends who act slutty when going out?

My friends and I went to a party last night and found some very attractive guys to play a game with. My one friend and I played with them 3 times in a row because they kept winning and said we could rematch them.

They were flirting with us we were having fun. Then my other friend came in extremely drunk, the friend I was playing with got even more drunk and started trying to distract the guys from the game.

They left the room eventually, leaving me to play by myself. The guys kept teasing me, the way I played or made up rules to mess with me or were nice and bent the actual rules to let me "win". Then after each game one guy hugged me and kept saying "I'll let you play one more time".

My drunk friends came back in and started acting very slutty (dancing on each other, showing their boobs and shoving themselves into the guys). Of course the guys wanted the distraction, and eventually, all the guys were all over them. I even told them I thought the guys were cute first, before they said anything, so they knew. My friend who I played the game with said "You can have that guy, I'll take the other guy"

I found out later that my one really drunk friend made out with one of the guys, even though another guy likes her (which they have made out and been talking for awhile but now she says "he's out of the picture"). Basically now, they are planning on going over to flirt with the guys, while I'm left in the dust, although I originally said I thought they were nice and cute.

I guess I'm just frustrated because every time I go out with my friends they act very different than normal, are all over the guys, while I stand back and watch (since I'm not going to throw myself onto them like they do). It's a night ruiner and it's kind of upsetting sometimes.

So, my question is how do you deal with friends like that? Other advice? Thank you! :)
How to deal with your friends who act slutty when going out?
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