How do SHY guys show SIGNS of interest?

What are the different things a shy guy do to show interest?

This guy is loud with his friends but when I'm around he'll stare at me and when I notice, he'll turn away. My friend once told him I thought he's cute, and from that day on, he'll keep asking this friend if I said anything more about him,etc. And he'll ask qns about me secretly from a mutual friend. So I decided to passe him my number via this friend, but he hasn't texted/called. He said he wants my number though. I don't know if he's intimidated/unsure/don't know what to say (probably cos he's shy)... Or not interested. I'd understand why as I myself have never spoken or even smiled at him before. Since the day he got my number he didn't text/call but he'll still keep asking my friend '' did she say anything?', ''what did she say?'''... I'm not sure what's in his mind.

When I'm around he'll not look at me at all and be a bit jumpy and loud with his friends. Would a shy guy be like this and act this way?

How do SHY guys show SIGNS of interest?
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