Are these ways shy guys show interest?

My crush has begun to act kind of shy and a little awkward and nervous with me. He isn't normally that way with others.

The problem I have is that he literally does not approach me at all- which isn't great. He will never initiate talking to me, but he does keep the conversation going when I initiate one which is a good thing.

He clearly lacks confidence in the way he speaks to me- It's obvious in his body language and tone of voice

He does smile when we are talking and I do as well, he just won't look at me while doing it

He seems to be very attentive to what I'm saying for sure and adds to the conversation- I don't ever feel like I'm interviewing him or boring him. In general I feel he values what I have to say.

If we are in a room together he glances over at me quite a bit but quickly looks away when I look in his direction

If I see him and I don't say anything to him he kind of just glances over at me but will never initiate anything.. giving me the idea he would like to talk or something? Idk.

I haven't seen or talked to him in over a month now because of break. We basically just talk when we happen to see each other in person. I feel like if a guy was interested he wouldn't go a month without talking to a girl he liked right?

Or is him not approaching because of his shyness?

Shy guys are confusing!

Are these ways shy guys show interest?
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