I should have talked to her, shouldn't I?

Hey girls and guys, well today whilst I was waiting to get picked up from the train station there was this girl and she was really pretty. I really wanted to talk to her but didn't want to seem like a creep. I knew confidently though that she wanted to talk to me, reason being, before I got there I could see from a distance her standing there looking straight ahead, but once she noticed I was there she could resist the urge to keep turning around to look at me. I know I could have easily talked to her but like I said didn't want to look like a creep. I am totally regretting it and have never regretted this sort of thing before. I don't really have a solid question but rather just wanted your opinion on whether I should've talked to her in the end. If I did have a question at all it would be whether you girls ever go away regretting not talking to a guy you wanted to talk to?

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Thanks for the answers, I agree with everything that has been said. However to "anonymous girl user"she didn't just glance once, she constantly kept turning around to look at me and at one point even changed standing positions to face me a bit. Was that a sign?

To kimin and and mystikal, I will definitely talk to her if I ever see her again
I should have talked to her, shouldn't I?
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