Why does this girl always look like she is angry at me when I look at her or try to talk to her?

I talked to this girl twice, but I stopped talking to her because I made her nervous and she walked away with this other guy, I thought I creeped her our by the way. Any ways since I stopped talking to her, every time I talk to her or try to talk to her, she always looks like she is angry at me, I really don't know why.

Do you guya have any idea what is going om?


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  • Wow, it can mean many things. Either she isn't interested in you or she's shy and doesn't know how to react. Its funny because your story is similar to mine. Like we only talked twice and well that's it. The first time it was only a brief conversation, he was working and I gave him my phone number because I had to renew my plan. The second time was also brief because I had to go see if a store was closed and we were smiling and everything. And when I see him like I want to talk to him but I don't because I'm a bit shy. So whenever I look at him I just put on a blank face and he doesn't smile or anything. See in my situation I want to talk to him. I would like to be friends but I end up getting shy and walk away. I would like to tell you that she might be shy like me but I don't want to be wrong and at the end she does get mad or something. If you really want to be friends with her then try. You might see her and try to get closer to her. I can't because I haven't seen him in a week. He might have left or got a new job, :( lol. but if she doesn't want to, don't let that depress you or anything. She might not be a people person.


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  • I often wonder why a guy (not all ) will not accept a 'missed connection' and continues to press me to like him. Why he makes a big deal out of it or tries to force me to do what he wants, in this vase, talk to him when I am not talking to anyone else either, single me out when there is a whole room full of other people,or insinuate that he's not flirting by mentioning a girlfriend.

    Why can't he just think to himself " great. a nice person in the world. I'll look forward to

    seeing/hearing from them." and let things happen naturally? If they don;t happen then we obviously aren't suited for each other.

    I rarely see males force themselves on each other.

    They either ask each other about something that has been proven they're knowledgeable in or they force themselves on the other guy/s and are deemed a dork and the guys 'cold shoulder' them the way any female would.Sometimes they're even accused of (homo)sexual harassment.

    Girls who force themselves on other girls as 'friends' are also accused of homosexuality.

    Trying to force intimacy is rarely accepted, no matter who the people are.

    • Because some women like to play games and also because people are not stupid and when something bad out of ordinary happens, people wonder what happened and wonder if they did something wrong.

    • You're right, you're ot stupid. Follow your instinct and accept " I'm doing something to upset her, it doesn't matter what it is. I should leave her alone. There are people who I make feel good, so I should focus on making them feel good." It si no one's fault, and not a problem to solve, it's just natural human affinity or lack thereof. Part of the reason I come on GAG is research into avoiding making others feel bad or others making me feel bad, usually about Girls &Guys on this site.

  • why would you want to be her friend anyway? She obviously doesn't want you to bother her that is why she is being unfriendly to you. She has problems, so you should take it like that and just forget her and stop trying to make the situation more complicated than it is.

    Some guys just can't accept "i am not interested" as an answer

    I hate when guys don't take the hint, its like they want you to yell at them, drill it in to there head, make a scene, and embarrass them before they finally understand and then you would only call her a "Mean Stupid Bitch!" when she does decide to do that.

    The reason why she is not yelling at you and trying to embarrass you is because she believes that it really is not that serious of a situation and you should have understood that she just does not want to be bothered, also she probably is not a "Mean Stupid Bitch"

    to summarize, if a girl wants to be approached, then she will make herself approachable and you would not even have to analyze because it is that obvious. If she does not want to be approached then she will make herself unapproachable and is trying her best to not be noticed because she has problems or just other things on her mind, so leave her alone, and don't think about her because that is what she wants.

    • What? She didn't even gave me a hint that she didn't like me. You don't know what you are saying.

    • lol I am a girl, I know what I am saying. the hint does not mean "i don't like you". you are totally misunderstanding dude. Her hint meant that she does not want to be bothered, which was the angry face that she gives you. Many times I don't feel like I want anyone to talk to me, that does not mean I don't like them or like them, you can't have a honest opinion of someone you don't even know. Her reasons for being uninterested might have nothing to do with you, she just does not want to be bothered.

  • To be honest I think it's that she's just not that into you. Or maybe someone is talking bad about you behind your back to her. Eitherway if she doesn't want you she's not worth it. It could also be that she is as nervous as you are but I highly doubt it.

    • Its too bad that we couldn't even be friends to clear things up and restorted to such a confusing games.

    • that is a shame but sometimes that person that you liked is just not worth it

  • Girls kinda hate stalkers, especially if they are not interested with their them. Try to ignore her, find a girl that is more than (gorgeous) her, and if she starts to make you notice her, then let her do the move. Don't over show that you really like the girl because she may take you for granted. Make her realize that you can hook up to any girls you like. Girls love cool guys not obsess.:)) Try to be cool and stalking is not cool.

  • sounds like she's not over whatever you did to creep her out and is not comfortable talking to u

    • I don't even know what I did, I mean last time I talked to her, she was nice and friendly and suddendly she changed out of nowhere.

  • Just move on, sounds way to complicated.

  • yes. sometimes I do this. when there is a guy I know likes me and I absolutely want NOTHING to do with him, I sort of give him a mean glare. it makes him think, "OMG this girl is so mad at me or angry or whatever so I'd better leave her alone."

    its not that she's angry at you, at least I can speak for myself--i'm generally never THAT mad at anyone. Its just sometimes, guys won't leave a girl alone if she doesn't give them the impression that she's angry or pissed off at them or something. its a way to keep a guy from even approaching to ask. and generally, the guy is thinking, she doesn't know me, so how can she be so sure we wouldn't work. but, she's very sure in ways you may not be aware of.

    just leave her alone; that's what she wants.

    • why? This sucks, not even as friends? I don't understand it

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    • What I don't understand at all, is why we couldn't just be friends though, I am not trying to be her friend as a way to get her to like me, I just wanted to have somebody to talk to in class. Plus if she had a boyfriend or didn't like me, I would have found eventually any ways. Why did she have to completely blow me off? I mean I didn't even had a chance to know I was rejected for sure, I think I deserved to know that as well and not confuse the hell out of me.

    • @jager66: 99.9% of guys are not approaching to just "interact cordially." some guys want to flirt and you don't even want 2 or you don't like his flirting. take the hint and move on.

      @QA: she doesn't even want 2 be friends. a guy can establish this w/another guy we're not going 2 b friends and its just "hi, bye." girl wants the same thing, now there is drama that she blew you off? just 4get it. she deosn't want 2 kno u. she doesn't want 2 flirt w/you. find someone else in the class. its not a big deal.

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  • Well, you said you stopped talking to her, but she glares at you when you try to talk to her. Therefore, you haven't stopped talking to her. She may have been trying to be nice when you first met. Then, she realized she doesn't like you, and lets you know it with her facial expressions. Don't worry about what you did wrong. Sometimes simply being there can make someone dislike you.

    • at all? not even as friends? I don't think I am a repulsive human being. I can't believe somebody would be as repulsed about me like that.

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    • And they'll do that. You don't have to anything at all. And people will disrespect you for no reason. As long as you know you did no wrong, you shouldn't care and realize they are in the wrong. You're just letting this bitch tear you up inside. You're letting her win. Stop thinking about her.

    • true true thanks