Why do some guys let women walk all over them?

*Disclaimer: Brutal honesty ahead.*

Here's a bit o reality that you need to become aware of, completely understand, and accept. Many females of today's generation are selfish, self-centered, manipulating, using, grimy b*tches. They will use you for whatever gives them an advantage. They may really have an interest in you, but that's meaningless if they don't have respect and consideration for your heart. They might truly like you, but at the end of the day they are totally unreliable and untrustworthy. You cannot put your whole heart and trust into a user. I cannot stress this enough!

Some of their effective tools that help them get away with being users

1.) A pretty face and a nice body

- No offense, but many guys are dumb asses and will tolerate and accept absolutely ridiculous behavior from a girl if she has a pretty face and a nice figure. It's stupid. You are stupid if you let a girl wall all over you and essentially give you baggage primarily because she's physically attractive. It is a dumb decision that you will regret.

2.) Sex

- Sex is a tool of manipulation. One of the most gorgeous, charming skanks I have ever met said that and she is absolutely, 100% correct. Too many guys act like some behavior is totally acceptable because they are getting some p*ssy. Girls realize they can get away with a lot if they suck your d*** and many of them take full advantage of that. You may think you have it good because some girl is making you cum, but you're failing to see the bigger picture where you get screwed *no pun intended*

You guys need to be careful. You need to have a backbone, be assertive, stand your ground, and never allow disrespectful or inconsiderate behavior from a girl. I believe you should give materialistically but never give with all of your heart. Yet when it comes to bitches like this, you don't give them sh*t materialistically. You give them what they give you; so if they give nothing, they get nothing. That is the only way they learn. These girls are ruthless and grimy and they are giving men everywhere baggage, turning great guys into a**holes who act like they are life support for their d***. It's disgusting. Please keep your guards up guys.

Share any thoughts and/or stories :)

Girls, what is your opinion about this? Are you this type of grimy bitch? If so, why? Wtf is your problem?

Why do some guys let women walk all over them?
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