Shy/timid or stuck-up/pretentious? How do you distinguish?


So, being shy/timid and being stuck-up/pretentious are on 2 polar opposite ends of the sociable spectrum, right? However, ironically, both sentiments or feelings CAN (not always) be displayed by the same action - ignoring someone.

I see a lot of Q&A like that here. Such as:

"Person X ignored me, does that mean they like me or dislike me?"

A1: "Maybe they're just shy."

A2: "They probably don't like you."

Rough example, but I'm sure you get the jist.

Anyway, so how do YOU distinguish when someone is being shy or being stuck-up? If you walk by someone and give them a friendly look and they just look away, what do you think? Do consider both mindsets and try to guess which they are? Or assume they're one or the other? Can you tell by their body language or facial expression? Would it matter if it's a one-time thing with stranger or if it's someone in class/work you see regularly? Is there no way to tell until you meet/know the person? etc etc

Shy/timid or stuck-up/pretentious? How do you distinguish?
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