Why I think posting anonymously is not as bad as what people say

Why I think posting anonymously is not as bad as what people say (First mytake so im a bit nervous about this)

Since I started using this website, I post questions 99% of the time. I do know that people would misuse the anonymous feature but Im not one of the trolls you see on the site. Im talking about the good anonymous users here. Without further ado, I'll shall begin my mytake. (First mytake so im a bit nervous about this).

1) It will not wreck your online reputation here

If someone posts something unanonymously and says something that the majority wouldn't like, then there's a chance that people who disagree might hate or harass you. I had a friend who used Gamefaqs few years ago on the Pokemon discussion boards. When said his favorite pokemon was Charizard and got badmouthed whenever he makes a topic there to the point he closed his account as he couldnt take the mean comments.

2) You can hide your activities

Sure you can keep your profile priavte but some people would try to stalk to every question you post and post very weird opinions.

3) You can ask questions that are too personal to share with

Some use it asking and answering to avoid reprisal from vindictive users who may not like the answers given and should not be hated for using common sense by being anonymous.

4) Less PMs and followers

Especially if you're a popular or well known person online. Been using FB and Twitter for a while and it seems I keep getting so many messages from strangers. Not that they're rude or anything. It's just tiring seeing so many messages at once.

5) You would fell less hurt when an anonymous users insults you

This probably only applies to me but I'd much rather have an anonymous user insult me. Some unanonymous users act like angels on some questions and act like complete assholes on questions that theyre not interested. Seeing theyre name gives me second doubts if theyre truly supportive of others.

6) Being anonymous =/= Being a troll
Being unanonymous =/= Being a helpful user

That being said, I seen many anonymous users who are helpful and a lot of unanonymous who were unhelpful and rude. Some of these users i speak of are mostly unanonymous. Rude is rude. It doesn't matter if a rude comment is from an anonymous or unanonymous. It's rude nonetheless.

That's all I have to say. Questions and answers should all be judged on content NOT who is asking or answering. If an anonymous user is bothering you, then just report them like any normal person would. Im nice and open to criticism. So feel free to disagree if you want :)

In closing statement, here's two questions for people who hate the anonymous feature:

1) If anonymous users are troll to you, would you react any different if it was an unanonymous user who's doing it?

2) If GAG were to remove the anonymous feautre, would anything truly benefit from it?


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  • I for one wish there was a setting where you could post anonymously AND YOUR GENDER would be anonymous as well. I have long suspected that people answer differently depending on gender.

  • I always post anonymously and couldn't care less what people have to say about it. We are ALL anonymous here (unless we put our personal info in our profile) and I really don't feel any obligation to satisfy someone's curiosity about who says what.

    • i missed a few points and there's no update option for mytakes.
      Can i write 2 more points on this mytake on as an opinion comment on your opinion?

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    • and one last thing, in no way im trying to encourage every user to post anonymous. Im just shedding some light to people who hate anonymous users and convincing them that people have different users for posting anonymously. And trolling is not one of them.

    • Bump. I kinda want more opinions on this mytake