Why I Love Girls Ask Guys (GAG)


I am a few months on GAG, and my experience so far has been breath taking. The truth is that I knew about GAG like 5 years ago, I only read stuffs that pop out as a result of google search from the site, and I enjoyed the response people gave on topics but never knew I will be a member someday. But how funny life is that to day I am a registered member of the GAG community. It is small world they say.

I have been on many social media, but none has given me the feelings that GAG does. Many other social platforms are good in many aspects especially with connecting with friends and family members, sharing pictures and son on.GAG is so different, the opinions shared here are so real, that they bring out the emotions in you, I have been sad, happy, angry, astonished, confused on some of the post here. But all the reactions points to one thing, that we are all humans, and passing through different stuffs and different phases in life.GAG is a big family; people come here to pour out their mind, their pains, their frustration, and their questions especially concerning issues of relationships.

Most importantly I am happy to contribute my part to GAG through answering questions and submitting mytakes on issues I feel might be helpful to others. I always believe that life is a school, we learn from others and share with others what we already know, and GAG has provided this platform. I have learnt a lot here, before now I used to think that I was the only one with so many problems but GAG has shown me otherwise, there is a sense of fulfilment I derived whenever I give a genuine honest answer on GAG, I know deep within me that such answer will go a long way to calm the person, or make him rethink about his/her situation. My situation could be painted like this: "I cried because I had no shoes until I saw a man who had no feet” then I learnt to be grateful. I thank GAG for the wonderful opportunity they have provided not just for me, but for others all over the world. Thank you, Gracias, Grazie, Vielen Dank.

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  • I agree - I have been on GaG for about a year in different accounts but you are so right, I have flirted with several social media sites but GaG is the one that gives the biggest sense of community in fact my biggest problem with GaG is I was into it too much and am now trying to a find a new perfect balance for usage on the site.


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