This Is Why I Believe Uber Moderators, Should Behave More Like Administrators Than Regular Users, And Some Suggestions About Moderation.

Honestly, I feel disappointed by the behavior coming from some Uber Moderators here. I don't say every Uber Moderator is bad, since there are people who do their job well and they are fair, but unfortunately there are some who behave more like regular users. Which is actually a bad thing, since Uber Moderators are basically just one rank below Administrators.

This Is Why I Believe Uber Moderators, Should Behave More Like Administrators Than Regular Users, And Some Suggestions About Moderation.

In most sites, they are called "Global Moderators", so here "Uber Moderators" are equivalent to "Global Moderators". By holding such a rank, it means you should learn to not behave like a regular user anymore, but lean towards a more "Administratorish" behavior. You shouldn't get in fights with users for example, or even worse starting them. Or posting stupid irrelevant questions. You should give a good example to other users, since you are asking bigger influence here, than Super Moderators and Moderators.

I think, it's better for Uber Moderators to focus on questions regarding the site mostly, or write an informative MyTake and of course deal with other members posts by deleting them or hiding them, if they don't seem to be proper, and distance themselves from popular questions or fights in GAG.

Now about Moderators promotion. I have to disagree, with having a successful Report/Hide/Delete success ratio, as the only measure to get promoted. I have noticed there have been cases, where some users reached Uber Moderator status, after being a member for 6 months only. I'm not jealous by the fact they got promoted so fast, but I just find it wrong. Or how they get from Moderator to Uber Moderator in just a 2 months period.

I disagree as well, how they give Moderator badges like candies here. I believe someone should be an ACTIVE member (not someone who drops by in GAG once in a blue moon, even if he/she is a member for like 7-8 years.) for at least a full year in order to be a Moderator. Then there should be AT LEAST a 6 month period to get promoted from Moderator to Super Moderator, and from Super Moderator to Uber Moderator.

Also Report/Hide/Delete success ratio, shouldn't be the only measure, but other measures should be included, like if they have a good overall behavior here, or if they have as less posts (coming from them) deleted as possible. Obviously it wouldn't be a good idea to get promoted if you had many posts of yours deleted.


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  • I've been here for about 576 days (1 year, 6 months, 29 days), and have seen people with less time on the site, becoming mods.
    Being a moderator it's a great responsability, not something to take lightly.

    I know some mods who are crybabies will get offended with this, and some will even delete this. Which will only show that they still aren't ready to take this kind of responsibility.

    Anyway, I think the site must make a purge of moderators, and change its way of choosing them, not the "Report/Hide/Delete success ratio".


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  • This is good stuff. Some Uber Mods like belittling everyone because of the badge, I know this firsthand. There should be more comprehensive guidelines for moderating and a penalty if a mod abuses the privileges.


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  • People feel like because a user has a mod badge next to their name that they should always be taking the high road. They think they can say whatever they want to say and expect nothing to be said in return. Doesn't work that way. While mods shouldn't go out of their way to argue, they shouldn't be 100% passive either. If you think that because I have a U badge next to my name that I'm not going to stand up for myself, you're fooling yourself.

    And yeah, I know exactly who you are too.

    • "And yeah, I know exactly who you are too."

      Is he ******##

      * = alphabets
      # = numbers

      Am I right?

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    • What? No.

  • I got a message a while back encouraging me to apply to be a mod.
    didn't do it though.

    Id been on for about eight months at that point. Im so not ready to moderate my own life let alone a website.

  • Just to say I give no fucks or shits what the mods do. I don't have a problem with them. I appreciate what they do. I think they should be allowed to post same as everybody else.


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  • I agree with a lot of what you say but in defence of the Ubers, they probably got the badge by being a very active user so it is kinda like asking a leopard change it spots than to behave principally like an admin who gives a few comments a day, doing a lot of background work. I think one huge problem is that those who especially feel the wrong side of the divide with admin/moderators don't get involved thus it creates the impression of a moderator clique. I would encourage opponents of this perceived clique to get involved to allow a more balanced appearance on the moderation side of the site.
    I know the report success ratio was considered but I thought behaviour was also considered and also how helpful they are to other users. As you say in essence they are representing the site to new users and current users. I think I would support minimum time limits before getting moderator or promotions.
    Again my main point is to people who think it is overloaded against their type of users is to get involved, it is easier to change something from within an organisation than from outside it.

    • Hm. Indeed you cannot change from one day to another. But how if it happens in a slow progress then?

    • Yes - I suppose you can undertake to change over time

  • eh, well i think the vetting process should be more stringent, but i don't believe they need to act exactly like administrators. They should be free to participate in the same questions and voice their opinions on any issue as they normally would, within the guidelines of the website. The job is not the serious. I was one, and as long as it remains an unpaid position, there's no point for them to behave exactly as those that work here for a living

    • Makes sense. But still... is it proper for an uber to post under another users post "Your opinion is shitty"? Not exactly like that, but... well you know what I mean.

    • that's fine in my opinion. As long as they aren't making a personal attack, its not really a big deal to me.

  • Oh fuck no. Mods shouldn't be given more power than what they have, many of them don't even know how to moderate, they hide stuff that shouldn't be hidden, and other stuff that should, stays there.
    If they give Uber mods the power of being almost like admins, this is going to hell.

  • Back in old days, there used to be an awesome UberMod.