An Insight into the life of Admins...

We all know a few things about Admins but there's more to them than being normal GAG members

What sort of things do you have to do as an Admin?

I have many duties, a lot of time goes into moderation and moderating the quality of questions we have on GaG so everyone can have the best experience possible and get the answers they're looking for. I follow trends and interact with the community gaging what's on everyone's minds.

Is there an access criteria? What sort of things do you need to do on GAG to be considered for an Admin position?
There is a very wide field of backgrounds you can have to be an Admin, but definitely having excellent English language skills, sound decision making and judgement skills, good knowledge of media, trends and pop culture and strong organizational skills; all make for a good Admin (just to name a few).

Is it a paid job?

How many hours of work do you have to put in?
About 40-60 hours a week.

Can anyone be an Admin or is it open to USA GAG members only?
I'm actually Canadian. GaG is a global site (in English) open to everyone.

Can you resign from being a Admin?
Yes, just like any job really.

Sometimes if moderators are inactive they can lose their moderator status. Does the same process happen for Admins?
No, because it's a paid position that you have to have a passion for, so you don't want to miss even a day. Plus I'm kinda addicted to reading all the great stuff GaGers post daily.

What type of things can cause you to lose your Admin status?

For how long can you be a Admin?
For as long as GaG exists, and I hope for me, that'll be a long time.

If someone wanted to be an Admin what do they have to do?
Apply to an advertised job opening just like in any large social media company.

Do you enjoy being an Admin?
YES. I love all the colourful characters, and the funny or interesting insight I read on a daily basis, and I love connecting with new people everyday. I've learned a lot about communicating through this position.

Is there anything you'd change?
Not really, but maybe I'd like to see users post more video questions so that I can see the faces of all the infamous characters of GaG - that would be really cool.

What are the strengths and weaknesses of it?
GaG connects so many people, offering them the opportunity to get answers to questions that might be bothering them, or have intrigued them or inspired them. It's such a fun platform for our human inquisitive nature. The true strengths are the GaGers themselves I believe.

What do you like/dislike about it?
I like the freedom, openness and high frequency of communication I can take part in whenever I like. I feel as if I 'know' so many people after following their comments and posts and reading the myTakes and questions they post - kind of like you! It's like I've got this fun group of people to hang out with - with whom I can talk about almost anything.

Interview with MonaAmour of GAG :)

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  • This was a really cool and informative post. Thanks for all you do in making this site cool and something I can always come back too.


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  • Thanks so much for this cool interview :) I was humbled to be approached, and I'm just happy to be a part of the community alongside so many fun and interesting people. Chat soon! ;)


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