Orlando Shooting Tragedy: Those Who Say the Police Should've Charged In Are Wrong


I greatly sympathize with those lost in the Orlando, Florida Pulse incident but those who un-rightfully say the police should have charged in.....

Think about this for a second since there has been lots of noise that the police spent 3 hours before getting to the injured and trapped people inside. I want to point out why it was a 3 hour wait, as well as WHY charging in was a unacceptable choice.

1. Getting the injured who escaped out.

2. Lack of ambulances to the nearest hospitals

3. It takes time to get the entire areas precincts to get prepped. Much less together.

Then the next steps have to be calculated. (First the Pros to how the Police handled it.)

1. How many perpetrators are in the club

2.Chances others in the club are alive or are already dead.

3. If there are survivors how to execute the plan with the lowest chances of both Police and civilian deaths during operation.

4. Attempt to negotiate. If this fails step 5 kicks in.

5. (This is important) Figure out a distraction.

a. Without a distraction charging in would be risking officers and specialists lives not to mention potential injured and those who are prisoners.

b. Potential danger for cross fire; This hazard is unavoidable.

6. Finally Engage operation.

Orlando Shooting Tragedy: Those Who Say the Police Should've Charged In Are Wrong

The Cost of Taking the 3 Hours


Potentially and very likely more civilians are killed by the massacarist.

Those injured critically and inside will likely die but those who avoided the shots or have minor injuries will survive.


A partial idea of how many were in the club.

As well getting those who made it out safe.

However if the police and specialists blindly charged in...

Now your talking sending in what the guy who is doing the shooting will see this as a threat and start blindly shooting likely killing officers. As well if he knows where civilians are would have shot towards the restrooms where captive civilians are. Now your talking more casualties and death. The only plus would have been one less terrorists.

The body count would have gone from 54 dead and 100 some injured to a soaring unimaginable high number. So get off the police's backs, as they did their job getting civilians out as safely as possible.

BE THANKFUL FOR THE JOB THEY DID. (DONT TELL them how to do their job unless they really made a mistake.)

Orlando Shooting Tragedy: Those Who Say the Police Should've Charged In Are Wrong
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