My 200th myTake

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My 200th myTake

So this is number 200, a?

Yup, I've reached a milestone that probably means absolutely nothing to anyone outside of the GaG universe, and I gather a lot of you in the universe simply look upon this with little more than a bored shrug and a, "meh," but here it is. I mean, I've basically written about everything else at this point, I might as well write about the writing.

So who bothers to write 200 mytakes anyway? Well, it's probably someone who likes to write, and yes, I do in fact, like to write. I have a couple thick binders that I've compiled from the time I was around eight or nine, that contain quite literally, everything I've ever written inside of them from that age onward. I consider them so valuable to me that when that whole "what would you save from your house" question actually became a reality for me one terrifying summer, those were some of the very few possessions that I took with me.

My 200th myTake

I think what I like best about sharing with GaG is when I write something and someone takes something meaningful away from it or they can relate, especially if it's something personal or deep; it's nice just having someone else be in that space with you that understands your story. I always say so often we as human beings feel like we're on an island where all of our troubles are our own and only affect us, but in reality, there is this whole wide world out there where whatever it is, whether it be good or bad, someone out there can relate.

As far as topics, I'm all over the map. I don't like to get stuck in with just one or two topics, but really hit it as across the board as I can. In my mind I feel like I'm an expert on a few things (emphasis: in my mind), but most everything else, it's really just a matter of speaking from personal experience and relaying those stories or my opinions on something to the world of GaG.

As a side note to this myTake writing thing, I know a lot of members have a lot of followers, but I've actually shied away from this and have kept my number very very low because I feel like, yes, you may like what I write and want to follow me, and I totally appreciate the gesture from so many of you, but I prefer that people find my myTakes or questions on GaG completely on their own and read them because they picked it to read as opposed to constantly being notified and reading because they were notified of a post or just simply exchange likes with one another for the sake of exchanging likes as opposed to actually reading the content. For me personally, it keeps it honest. I know for the most part, those that show up to read or like or comment did so purely out of their own curiosity.

To wrap up number 200, I'd like to say thank-you so much to the GaG community for listening in to these 200 of my ramblings, stories, and opinions. Thank you to those that strive to be constructive, to engage in friendly debates, have been so kind as to compliment my writing style, those that leave meaningful feedback and questions, and to those that make me feel more normal because we're all weird together! Never underestimate what your kind words or positive or constructive feedback can do for a person.

Now on to number 201...

My 200th myTake
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