200th MyTake Anniversary: 200 English Words, Creating My Own “Images” For Each Of Them

This is my 200th MyTake. So to celebrate it, I will mention two hundred different English words, creating my own images for each of them.

For most people, this MyTake, might appear as totally irrelevant, but this MyTake is personal. I am the type of person who creates various images by seeing a word in English or in my mother language. Only me can understand the images created by these words, but those images are not new. I have created them way back when I was a kid. Anyway, I will leave it to the reader’s imagination, how those images are related, with each word.

(Words in alphabetical order)

1) Accuracy: Guy having a haircut on a barber’s shop

2) Action: Action Man!

3) Air: My P.E. teacher in the second grade of Primary school

4) Alibi: Finger-shaped biscuit

5) Almost: Feces

6) Alright: Oregano

7) American: Playmobil

200th MyTake Anniversary: 200 English Words, Creating My Own “Images” For Each Of Them

8. Answer: A destroyed can of Coca-cola

9) Apple: An accountant with checkered shirt and big glasses

10) April: Bath carpets

11) Arcade: A mascot of a grocery store In my country

12) August: Old woman with white hair in a bun and a black robe

13) Basketball: Spaghetti with tomato juice (cooked)

14) Beat: Baked Pitas

15) Begin: Caramels

16) Behave: Chocolate brownies

17) Behind: Hiding…behind the sofa

18. Boy: Boy, dressed in orange shirt and jeans (particularly)

19) Brave: A loaf of bread

20) Break: A broken bar of chocolate

21) Breath: Bitten overcooked steak

22) British: Orange flavored cake

23) Build: Black leather belt with golden button

24) Capture: Pokeball

25) Car: Begleri (Google it, if you don’t know what is it)

26) Chair: Jerry (from Tom & Jerry cartoons)

27) City: Small elephant

28. Class: A fat duck in blue suit

29) Coca-cola: Black bald guy

30) Cold: Blue color

31) Come: Young brown haired girl with two pig tails

32) Communist: Parasect (Pokemon)

33) Competition: A guy holding a balloon on his right hand and shaking it.

34) Crime: Vanilla ice-cream cone

35) Dance: Blonde ballerina with big curly hair

36) Danger: Dynamites

37) Darling: Church bells

38) Darts: Badly cooked oven-baked burgers

39) December: Calendar

40) Do: Someone making oven-baked burgers with raw ground meat

41) Doughnut: Goofy (from Disney)

42) Dream: Saw

43) Drop: Boy holding an egg on his hand

44) Dutch: Sandwich filled with potatoes and mayonnaise

45) Eat: Fried eggs

46) Edge: Ice-cream on a wooden stick

47) Eight: A watch with…a round shaped fry on it.

48. Election: Éclair

49) Eleven: Liquid dough

50) Empty: Those orange/brown boxes from Crash Bandicoot games

51) Explosion: Boiled potatoes with oregano

52) Extreme: Chocolate Milk (there was such a brand in my country once, actually)

53) Fantasy: A bucket of flowers

54) Fetish: Feta cheese

55) Fire: Bryan Fury from Tekken

56) Free: Onion cut in slices

57) Frozen: Frozen precooked pie

58. German: Peaches

59) Ghetto: Plain cooked spaghetti with trimmed cheese

60) Gift: Meatballs

61) Girl: Young ginger-haired girl in pig tails on a big bicycle

62) Go: Green traffic light

63) Guest: Spaghetti with tomato sauce and ground meat.

64) Gun: Loukoumades

65) Field: Spyro The Dragon himself

66) Film: Canned tuna

67) First: Hare from Hare And The Tortoise

68. Flavor: Cigarette rolls

69) Frequency: Boiled white rice

70) Half: Chocolate cake with vanilla filling cut in…half.

71) Hard: Lighter

72) Hero: Handcuff shaped cream crackers

73) Hit: Hot fries just coming out from the deep fryer

74) Hold: Playstation controller made of plasticine

75) Hot: Red color

76) Hungry: A pink colored angry dog

77) Hurt: Skull and bones

78. Jerk: A white robot

79) Keep: Boy counting when playing hide and seek

80) Ketchup: Tarzan

81) Kick: Someone kicking a piece of paper

82) Kid: Yogurt dessert(There was actually a yogurt brand named like this, once)

83) Kill: Yellow-colored dog

84) Kiss: Strawberry filled chocolate

85) Knife: Jesus cutting a cake

86) Know: Clown

87) Later: Guy drinking a can of Coca-cola

88. Law: Marshal Law from Tekken (well this one is almost obvious)

89) Let: Chicken Nuggets with ketchup

90) Liberty: Used toilet paper after having diarrhea

91) Life: Orange Juice

92) List: A rat dressed as a robber

93) Lose: Someone pushing toilet’s flush

94) Love: High-heel shoes

95) Maths: Hamburger

96) Mayonnaise: Tom (from Tom & Jerry)

97) Million: Cleaning vacuum

98. Miss: Knife cutting a loaf of bread

99) Mistake: Chicken pie’s crust (Or generally any savory pie’s crust, but chicken’s mostly)

100) More: Female brown rabbits in colorful clothing (each one a different color)

101) Move: A yellow plush bear I used to have as a kid

102) Muscle: Yogurt with muesli

103) Name: Mayonnaise

104) Naughty: Crash Bandicoot himself

105) Need: Used tissues

106) Night: Glass of Coca-cola

107) Notice: A flying CD

108. October: Carrot cut in circles

109) Often: Giant from Jack And The Beanstalk (a particular version)

110) Old: Old Holborn

111) Or: Rice

112) Oven: Big sized guy, with small head and no hair

113) Pan: When someone has an almost empty health bar in a fighting video-game

114) Paradise: Tavern

115) Part: Birthday cake

116) Pass: Elmer Fudd (from Looney Tunes)

117) People: Feet made of grapes

118. Photograph: Fisherman

119) Pillow: Pinocchio

120) Pinball: Bottle of frying oil

121) Pizza: Middle-aged guy with black curly hair and moustache

122) Play: Plasticine

123) Pop: Tweety (from Looney Tunes)

124) Popular: Pop-corn

125) Power: Big burger with plenty of filling

126) Prison: Oven baked fish fillet

127) Public: Hot cheese and ham croissant

128. Question: Toast filled with cheese

129) Quick: Barefoot middle-aged bald guy, smoking

130) Quiz: Quicky (Nesquik Mascot)

131) Ready: Strawberries

132) Rest: Boy in a parade playing drums

133) Rice: Lion

134) Risk: A classmate of mine from my Primary School

135) Rock: Egg yolks

136) Rotate: Sugary Round shaped (with a circle in the middle) doughnut4

137) Round: Mordillo

138) Row: Skewered meat

139) Salt: Taz (from Looney Tunes)

140) Save: Young black haired boy in white shirt, lifting weights

141) Scatter: Well this one is pretty obvious, I think…

142) Sell: Shell (the gas station)


143) Skin: A skinny piece of a chicken wing

144) Skip: Dr. Neo Cortex himself

145) Sky: Unfolded sunglasses

146) Slam: Salami

147) Small: Caterpillar

148. Snow: A silhouette of girl in Pink neon lights

149) Soft: Kitchen sponge

150) Soldier: Spaghetti with tomato sauce wrapped around the fork

151) Solid: Geodude (Pokemon)

152) Someone: Table country flags

153) Source: Mayonnaise and mustard sauce

154) South: Brown cat in Green suit

155) Spirit: Can of Sprite

156) Square: Squared shaped ham

157) Staff: Mop

158. Stars: Cheese pie

159) Start: Cooked orzo

160) Stay: Cooked orzo but less thicker than Start’s orzo

161) Stolen: Someone with a wire plug on his mouth

162) Stop: A small boy doing skateboarding

163) Stray: Used papers that we use in order to wrap pitas, sandwiches, tortillas, etc.

164) Street: Tangerine (peeled)

165) Survival: A cabbage/carrot salad

166) Sweet: Robot doing housework

167) Table: A plate with salted round shaped fries

168. Teeth: Small boy sweating (after playing in the park for many hours)

169) Ten: Acoustic guitar

170) They: Grey Cats

171) Think: A small cup we use for coffee or tea

172) This: A grey cat playing with a ball

173) Threat: Brush your teeth and spit

174) Time: A slice of pizza

175) Tolerate: Toilet

176) Tonight: Cocktail juice (many different fruits in the mix)

177) Total: Plain yogurt (there is a popular yogurt brand with that name though)

178. Touch: Raised Index finger pointing something/someone

179) True: True…Ogre

180. Try: Wheel of fortune

181) Twelve: Rhydon (Pokemon)

182) Uncle: Coca-cola glass bottle

183) Upon: Pizza with bacon

184) Usually: Old-school flush

185) Victory: The hammer of justice (the one they use in the courts)

186) Wait: Chicken without crust

187) Walk: An old man walking with a walking stick

188. Want: Pita with gyro

189) Wednesday: Donald Duck

190) West: Empty pack of cigarettes

191) When: Laundry’s switch

192) Winner: Kinder Bueno

193) White: Middle-aged man with grey hair wearing….a plain white t-shirt

194) Who: A bald simple-minded giant wearing only brown shorts

195) Wolf: Round-shaped fries

196) Wrap: KFC Twister

197) Wrong: Leader of an Indian tribe

198) Yes: Grey rabbit shouting the word "yes"

199) Yet: Spaghetti with tomato sauce and trimmed cheese.

200) You: Pissed underwear


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  • How does one write 200 myTakes? 😳

    • Two people here have hit the 200 mark. Pavlove and me.

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  • , Good post

  • I'm sorry but wtf is this?

    • See a word, and write down the first image that comes to your mind.

      For example, with the word "example" what image comes to your mind?

    • A person giving an example of some shit... Dude but that's not the point I get what you did but aren't takes supposed to explain some shit and be informative?

    • Not exactly. People are free to write down what they want. It's up to the Admins to accept it or throw it away.

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