Five Strange Facts About My Existence


Hello all! It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood. *Doo doo doo doo doo*

Anyway, title says it all.

1. I've owned rats and mice

Tootsie the rat
Tootsie the rat

Some people are terrified by these creatures, but I love them! The only problem is that they don't live very long (and their cages get smelly), but they are great pets. And very easy to care for. Tootsie (above) was my first rat. I got her for my ninth birthday.

Five Strange Facts About My Existence

The most mice I've ever owned

2. Politically, I lean left

Some people are surprised to know this, but I consider myself liberal. This doesn't mean I agree with everyone in my political party or that I'll bash you if you don't have the same beliefs. I just became naturally inclined to the left.

Five Strange Facts About My Existence

3. Dream car: a hearse

Trunk room!
Trunk room!

4. I have helped raise orphaned wild rabbits

When I was four years old, my pet rabbits had recently died when a veterinarian contacted my parents about four orphaned cottontail rabbits. Their mother was killed in an accident involving a lawnmower. We fed them formula meant for kittens, and they all survived.

Five Strange Facts About My Existence

We released them back in the wild, and we saw the very same rabbits for years. I've also helped raise orphaned rabbits 2 other times. One time it was just one rabbit and we released her into the wild. The next time, all the rabbits died, sadly.

5. Extreme clumsiness

I wonder how many people have thought I was drunk because of how much I stumble and whatnot. I accidentally injure myself every day.

Thanks so much for reading my take on the #fivefactsaboutmechallenge :) Thank you to @smahala1991 for nominating me. Now I nominate:





Five Strange Facts About My Existence
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  • Jjpayne
    Sweet! Rats, Mice and Rabbits oh my.. That's pretty cool! and clumsiness sounds pretty awesome, it shows you are human like the rest of us. It honestly would be a good thing in my eyes. For me, it reminds that I'm human and keeps me grounded. Thanks for sharing!!!
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  • Tohhhru
    Why do y wanna own a car that's used to transport deads
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Hapinus
    Cute take
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  • Travis_Skyles
    nice take Learned that you are only human after all with a big heart for animals.
    I disagree with that political spectrum chart it oversimplifies it, a proper political chart has at least 2 axes (the x-axis for right and left economically and socially, and y-axis for libertarian authoritarian) but the best have a third axis for social issues instead of lumping them with economic issues
    • oh and the very best are 4 dimensional with foreign policy included

  • markscott
    Sound like you are a normal person, who has a heart.
  • ATuairiscean
    Thanks for sharing - I knew 1, guessed 2 but 3,4,5 complete surprise to me
  • Prankster13
    No take! Interesting I like it. 😊 Thanks for sharing!
  • GoodGuyBreakingBad
    Thanks for sharing your MyTake with us very well appreciated :)
  • NightOwl8801
    Awesome , you just keep on being yourself and don't change who you are
  • Jaybear0123
    Aww how cute
  • beebella
    Those are some interesting facts. 😋
  • LegateLanius
    Cool mytake. Thanks for sharing
  • CT_CD
  • 2opaz
    A hearse

    im done
  • ThePundertaker
    Iā€™m pleasantly suprised