The Funniest Opinions to My Questions on GAG

From some of my questions: funniest user opinions

Inspired by @msg812

I just wanted to share some of my funniest opinions to questions I've asked on GAG. Hopefully they make you smile.

The Funniest Opinions to My Questions on GAG

What would you price yourself as a mail-order spouse if you had to?


83 cents


11 dollars

What's the worst date you ever had?


My first. I didn't love her, but tbought there might be potential. I knew we had no future by the end of the date, but I kissed her anyway, even though I didn't want to. Things went downhill from there and I eventually married her.

What percentage of men will give oral sex to a woman?


Maybe 50%. When I was a teenager and young adult my black friends made fun of me for doing it and swore they'd never do it. But it's only fair I think.


Totally 100%

I would do it for free anytime

If you knew you could cheat and not get caught would you?


i cheat on video games often and never get caught

oh wait...


I want you to dominate me and spit in my face all night you are a goddess I love you. Please I need American citizenship.I love you too and wouldn't cheat.

Do you have a fear of commitment?


I fear committing to another idiot with unbased phobias.


Do you consider yourself to be attractive to the opposite sex?


Me... Nooooo
I am not
I am attractive to both genders sadly... 🤣🤣



I'm beautiful


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