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Cheaters, Fakers and Troublemakers: GaG edition


Hey folks! How’s life? Hope y’all are doing good 😊

I’ve been wanting to share a MyTake for quite a while now, but I was not sure of which topic to choose from. But well, thank goodness, I was able to pick one.

Now, back to the topic at hand. What exactly do I mean by the title? Who are the troublemakers of G@G? Hint: it’s one word and they live under a bridge. TROLLS!

Yeah.. not this kind. I’m talking about the human kind
Yeah.. not this kind. I’m talking about the human kind

The little joys of being on G@G includes encountering a few trolls every now and then. I joined G@G when I was going through a really tough time in my life around 6 months ago. I was a newbie and I was exploring G@G. It was fun, and really addictive. This site was too good to be true.. until.. BOOM enter a handful of trolls! I was baffled by the number of trolls and pedophiles on this site. Goodness me, it honestly hit me like a ton of fucking bricks! But alas, I was too addicted to leave this site, and I was lucky enough make some really good friends who always have my back.

Now, let’s delve a little deeper into this topic.

What do these “troublemakers” want?

It’s simple. They want your attention. Yes, you read it right. Such a simple thing as attention. They’re using you. They want you get all riled up and argue with them. Me, being a newbie on G@G, I didn’t know that and fought with plenty of these trolls. Over the course of time, I’ve found that they are manipulative, obsessive and highly calculated. If you give them your attention, they stick to you like a leech. Remember, they are ALWAYS observing you. It’s important that you be really careful and do not reveal any personal information about yourself whenever you’re answering questions.

I wish they come with a warning label like this one
I wish they come with a warning label like this one

There are a few more points that I want to cover. I’ve noticed that, many of them have some sort of a “sob story.” It is nothing but a facade. They want to gain your sympathy. They prey on your weaknesses. I know that all this is a little dark, but I feel like you should know this. Whenever these trolls make any controversial or rude remarks, IGNORE, BLOCK AND REPORT. They will try to get personal. Heck, I have even gotten death threats on here, but pay them no mind. Or maybe tag any Moderator who is active. Do not feed these “troublemakers”. You can also identify them when someone’s account is private when they are only at XPER 1 or 2. Isn’t it a little suspicious? Of course, I’m not saying that everyone whose accounts are private and are in XPER 1 or 2 are trolls, but just be careful and look out for them. Most of these trolls start out as “normal” and end up trolling at least one person within a week or two. Most of them have been on here for a long time on and off(their accounts get nuked by Mods often) but they keep coming back.

Sometimes they may also create a fake account, try to befriend you, ask you invasive questions, gather information and use it against you. Please beware of people who ask you invasive or strange questions on G@G through DMs. You NEED NOT give anyone any personal information whatsoever. If you feel like anyone is harassing you, please report them to the Mods and block them as soon as possible.
Even if you feel like losing your mind when these “troublemakers” get on your nerves, remember, you are better than this. It’s a lost battle. DO NOT LET THEM WIN. Ignore them. Do not answer troll questions. I do realize that most of you already know this, but I am dying of boredom and just wanted to write something, lol.

I will write another MyTake on the “Cheaters and Fakers” part soon. Stay tuned, G@Gers!

NOTE: Constructive criticism is highly appreciated. However, I do NOT tolerate rude people. If you are going to be rude, kindly please don’t waste my time and yours by reading this. Or commenting. Thanks

Cheaters, Fakers and Troublemakers: GaG edition
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  • Mynameisbobby
    Nice mytake!! And I'm glad you stuck it out! You're right there are a lot of pedophiles on here. My brother is 13 and wanted to post a shirtless picture of himself on here. I wouldn't let him. I posted a shirtless picture of myself on here when I joined back when I was 13 and the pedophiles all came out at once. So I learned my lesson and won't let him post one of himself on here. He was mad at me at first but my uncle talked to him about it and he's all good now. I really enjoyed reading this and thanks for sharing!!
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    • tatianamay

      Thank you very much for opining on my MyTake! I really appreciate it 😊

      Oh yeah, tons of them! I get creepy DMs every single day and I toss them out into the block bin. It’s a tough job.

      It’s better if he doesn’t post any pics of him on here at all. It’s very risky and he is quite young. Good thing you didn’t allow him! You’re a good brother 😊

    • Your very welcome ☺ I honestly enjoyed reading it. I can tell it was well thought out. Thanks I always look out for my little bro, if he sees me calling him "my little bro" he probably will be annoyed! He doesn't come on too much anyway. Only when he chats with a mutual friend of ours. I also check and see who follows him. Just in case.

    • tatianamay

      I’m so glad that you enjoyed this MyTake! This made me so happy 🤗

      Hahah aww!! That’s honestly so sweet of you! Both of you are lucky to have each other as brothers!

      Yeah, that’s good. It’s important that you keep an eye on who is following him.. there are so many hella creepy people on here. It’s best to stay safe!

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  • Anonymous
    I've been a TROLL once or twice because I am an Aquarian and enjoy stirring the proverbial pot to see how crazy the replies that are shared. My guilty forbidden treasure.

    As for your myTake it is very well spoken and I agree with it.

    For this posting I wanted to post this "anonymously" because I am in my trolling mood today.
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    • tatianamay

      Haha! I hate to admit this, but I’m guilty of trolling one or two people as well 😂😭😬

      I only troll people who catfish or post really stupid, troll-ish questions on GaG lmao.

      Thank you so much for talking out the time to read my MyTake and opining on it! I really appreciate it :)

      Haha that’s great! 😂

    • tatianamay


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  • ohshee
    Beautifully written and it is all the truth you have a very old soul and a very new soul and perspective and so many things I'm so many things and I absolutely enjoy reading it and you know I will always have your back but I enjoy the way that you handle yourself and take on these tiny trolls they all have a big nose they're so unhappy. I wish your post was kind of like salt salt and a snail

    You're the salt the trolls are the snail and soon as they started reading it they started melting you know like the wicked witch I'm Wizard of Oz that's what I see

    them doing melting like that. And for somebody your age write such a poetic View still keep their calm speak the truth and you've been doing this for the last past couple months or longer you taking it on yourself and I absolutely love it I'm glad you are who you are. That way you are an asset to the world you are an asset on gag. You are an asset to all of us. And I thank you for it because you're trying to teach older people how to communicate how to adjust how to be a part of something that is really cool can I think it's great so I think you keep up the good work because your words mean a lot more than just for trolls you're teaching them under the bed or how they should be and I think that's wonderful thanks again you are fantastic
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    • tatianamay

      Thank you so much fpr your kind words! 💜

    • ohshee

      Thank you for you being you

  • CasstheLass
    Wow I think all of this was really good ☺️❤️ I wish troublemakers would come with a big name label like the one in the picture 😂

    I actually set my profile to private way back but that’s only because I didn’t want to deal with trolls and sometimes there’s creepy older people around too 😩
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    • tatianamay

      Thank you so much, girly! I really appreciate it 🥰

      Haha I wish so too! But we can only hope 😔

      That’s great. It’s safer that way!

    • Aww you’re always welcome ☺️❤️ I thought it was really nice ☺️

  • exitseven
    I agree with this. The Anons really do not bring much to the table. Whenever I see an excessively sexual question I can almost be sure it is from a troll. I usually do not bother to answer. I usually like to know who I am conversing with.
    I have gotten PMs from a few ladies that once I told them I am not interesting in sexting they usually disappear. They were probably 300 pound guys with man buns anyway.
    Very good MyTake.
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  • Cherry234
    I really enjoyed reading your take. This is very entertaining. Some of these trolls on here are batshit crazy. I wish there was a way g@g could mentally or psychologically evaluate these people before they come on this site.
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  • ShaTTeredMasterpeace
    Love this! You know I don't hesitate to send people to the block party. They can have a good time there, away from me.
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    • tatianamay

      Aww thank you! This was so spontaneous haha. I just wrote this

      Lol yes, if they are pervy/creepy/trolls right into the block bin they go! 😂

      Thanks for taking out the time to read and opine on it. I really really appreciate it 🤍❤️

    • You're welcome! Keep writing! ❤

    • tatianamay

      Thank you ❤️

  • DonkeyDan
    Damn straight, them trolls are a nightmare, I love to troll a troll 🤣
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  • nawtee_me
    Cheaters and Fakes part, Stay tuned, I am on the edge of my seat now... woooops now I am on the floor with anticipation... I am glad you stuck around... ;)
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  • readyplayer001
    I still cannot believe adults are ridiculous enough to send someone death threats, even when you read it first hand. no one debates anymore right away its personal attacks, name calling etc like you said then block? the only time i have blocked is when someone was overly dramatic asking for an opinion over and over and well over you help them and 3 weeks later same issue that drug on for 3 weeks i work as a caregiver 12 hours a day so a lot of times instead of helping everyone it would be nice for someone to say hey how are you doing? do i ever expect it form supposed friends, never but it would be nice. and who has the time to make all these fake accounts? it amazes me the power or bored lazy mean people who could be out in the world doing something instead of making 45 fake accounts but well thats their life what can we do?

    kudos and well written my girl! cheers to you-
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    • tatianamay

      Thank you!

      And yep, it never ceases to amaze me how much time these trolls have on their hands to create so many fake accounts😂

  • loves2learn
    Yup! Nailed it. Do not feed the trolls. Good take @tatianamay ! :)
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  • Tstrbrainer
    Reading through thiss... the first thing that came to my mind is, "wow this girl has only been here for 6 months and she's a yoda while I've been here for a year or more. Smh
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  • GoodGuyBreakingBad
    Thank you for sharing your MyTake it was very well written 👼🙏
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  • legalboxers
    now this is the shit Im talking about! block when you need to!
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    • tatianamay

      Hahah heck yes! Imma block them from now on lmao

  • Better_off_here
    Yes i agree with you, we need to ignore the trolls and what they do feeding them and their idiot questions just hogs this site up. now this site would be much better as with all forums if trolls did not come on here and only serious users were here. all we can do it report these users and hope that people only use this site for what it is meant to do, to ask and learn.
  • Waldoe
    I am a troll... proud and loud... also my opinions matter (to me) who gets to decide what opinions are valid? all opinions are welcome, to my way of thinking... maybe I will see something that Opens my Mind
  • t-8900
    Yes the pedos are insane and honestly I'd like to pay them each a visit at their work (assuming these losers even have jobs) or their front door. I'll never get that chance sadly, to gather a lynch mob with pitchforks and torches to take down these freaks. But with the help of other gaggers this past week I was able to get 4 pedos removed from the site. So thanks to all who helped me with that if you see this post.

    As for you Ms. Tatinana, pull up a set because you're always gonna be welcome under the GaG roof. We've talked a few times and every encounter has been very pleasant. You're a smart girl with a brighter future ahead of her if you keep the faith and stay strong. Times are tough for you right now and I get that, been there too many times to count. But there is a greener pasture in your future, I see that. Stick to your school work, try avoid that bit of unpleasantness going on currently as much as you can, and aim for your goals. I got faith hun! I believe in you!
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  • Joeshamo
    Keep it up. You will get editor in no time.
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  • Blackcupcake
    lmfao… this is hilarious I love it!!!
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  • anon1903
    Quite simple, very effective. Thank you for taking it upon yourself to spread such awareness.
  • Dinosaursandanime65
    I’m the good kind of troll, right?
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  • Gwenhwyfar
    I agree with everything you said
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