How to start a conversation with the boy you're crushing on


How to start a conversation with the boy you're crushing on

Ok ladies (and gents too) lets face it. While technology claims to connect us (and for the most part it does) it can disconnect us from how to have a real conversation in person with someone. Especially the dude you're crushing on.

The most common question that I tend to see on here is "How do I start a conversation with the guy I like?" So honey here's the secret. . .stop overthinking it. Conversation should flow naturally. To jump start this just pose a simple question like "what kind of music do you listen to?" People by nature love talking about themselves so asking them a question about, well, them indicates that you're intrested in them. AND DON'T FORGET to add your own input about yourself too. Conversations go both ways.

I hope this helped you all out there! Just remember its not as hard as you think. Just be nice to people and 99 percent of the time they'll like you for it! :)

How to start a conversation with the boy you're crushing on
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  • DarkHumorRUs

    1) go up to guy
    2) ask any question
    3) watch him turn red cause cute girl is talking to him

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  • Kirah

    Very nice take. Short and concise, and you hit the nail right on the head.

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  • Dtegesd123

    that's weird. Just going up to me and saying what kind of music do I listen to? , Just say hey, whats up.

  • Daynada

    You talk and talk and talk and talk. He ignores and ignores and ignores and ignores.

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  • James19

    Good take. Yeh it is not difficult at all.

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  • Anonymous

    Step 1. Be pretty
    Step 2. Get guy

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