What Guys Say Vs What They Mean


Hey GaGers!

Oh boy, so after much time and careful preparation [😂], I decided to go ahead and create the guy version of myTake, What Girls Say VS What They Mean! #incaseyoumissed it :P

I’m not gonna lie you guys, I was much more cautious about writing this one because I know how some of you are with women writing ‘on their behalf’, so to speak. Like I love how every time I write a myTake about women, guys are so on board lol, then when I write a myTake about men, some start ranting like “OMG YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT US”. -.-

ANYWAY, Just remember that again, this take is a self-proclaimed COLLECTION of light hearted #generalisations and is supposed to be fun and not at all offensive. =]

What Guys Say VS What They Mean. 💭😏😈😍😎😴👅🍑

In my opinion, I'd say that for the most part, guys are much more straightforward with how they feel than girls, because a lot of y’all simply like to get to the damn point. You feel something, you say it. However, I’m sure you must have said something and meant something else at times though, like come on :P

A number of people [yes, guys] have made YouTube videos about this kind of thing. Check em out! I used a bit more online inspo with this one. All my own thoughts however.

--> To the guys: I hope you can relate to at least one of these and find some kinda humour in it.
--> To the ladies: Please don't take this as a guide for every time a guy says one of these things. Whether he means it or not should really come down to your judgment. =]

Ok so here we go!

What Guys Say Vs What They Mean


  • "Your friends are so cool!"


  • "Wanna hang out sometime?"

    Wanna go somewhere that creates a number of romantic opportunities that will lead to sex sometime? 😏🌹

  • "You’re pretty=]"

    I wanna do many many naughty things to you. 😈👅

  • "You wanna come to my place later?"

    Let's have some sexy time. ;)

  • "I really like you."

    I swear I can feel a rejection coming lol. Fml. Why do I do this? 😫 #maybeshesworthit #maybeitsmaybelline

  • "It’s not you, it’s me."

    I swear if you don’t reply to this with some kind of loving comment telling me to stay… 🔫😠

  • "I think we should take a break."

    I think we’re done forever. 🔚

  • "Can I get your number?"

    I’m so cool right now. 😎📱

  • "Sure, I'll call you."

    *wipes number off phone*… she's not that great.

  • "I’m bored."


  • "I’m SO bored."

    💭SexSexSexSexSexSexSexSexSexSexSexSexSexSexx 💭😏😈👅👉🏽👌🏽

  • "I’m hungry."

    Hungry, horny, potato potata, hakuna matata. *scratches butt, goes to fridge*

  • "I’m STARVING."


  • "I'm not mad."

    Consider this a kind warning to leave me alone.

  • "Leave me alone."

    Seriously, I just need some space. 🙇🏽

  • "Yeah babe, looks good."

    We would never leave this damn store if I said anything else. -.-

  • "You’re right."

    I’d just like you to think I crushed my pride, but what I really want is for you to shut up.

  • "Whatever."


  • When a girl asks him about what he wants in a woman:

    "Gosh, I look for all kinds of things from women in a relationship."

    Hmm let’s see. Really nice eyes, soft lips, oo nice hair, some REALLY nice boobs, a squishy butt. mmmm…. *mental blank* what was the question? 😶

  • "Yeah mum my room is fine!" -.-

    DO NOT ENTER. 🙅🏽⛔️

  • When people ask him about relationships/marriage:

    “I’m not really looking for a relationship right now."

    Women don’t really like me. 😔

  • To a girl:

    “I'm not looking for anything right now."

    This is the nicest possible way I can think of to let you know I really don’t want this to go ahead between us. :/

  • "Pfft, who needs instructions?"

    I know I can do this on my own… maybe if I just read one step…. NO, NO. You are not a weakling! You can do this!

  • "I was just joking."

    I totally wasn’t joking. Lel. 🙊

  • "Are you done?"

    You finished whining and crying? I don’t have time for this. 😒

  • "Can we talk about this later?"

    Hopefully you forget, because I’m over talking bout the same shit over and over and over and…. 😴

  • "She’s just a friend."

    So we may or may not be screwing around, but do you need to know? I don’t think so!

  • "I’m not like most guys."

    Apparently this line gets you all emotional and stuff so *shrugs*

  • "It’s a guy thing."

    You won’t understand this stuff, don’t bother. ✋🏽

  • "Yeah I’m pretty much single."

    Yeah I’m pretty much depressed/living my life!

  • "I got this one babe."

    Oh man I’m going broke. Women are expensive af. 💸


    Offering to pay or split at this point would be awesome too you know.

  • "You need anything?"

    Please not pads. Anything but pads. 😟

  • "Yeah you look good baby have some confidence!"

    FOR THE BAZILLIONTH TIME, you are beautiful! The top/jeans/dress/bra/etc. looks amazing! Can we pleeeeaseee just buy it and get the hell out of here?! Oh, and we need to check your eyes while we’re here too, I don't know how you don’t see what I do. ❤️

  • "Of course I love you."

    I really do. With all my heart. ❤️ I’m not gonna sit here going all Shakespeare on you though. It's just not how I express myself. Please don’t keep feeling that you need to ask for reassurance of my feelings.

  • "I miss you."

    I wanna hold you in my arms right now and tell you how much you mean to me. 💏

  • "You’re such a good friend."


  • "It’s pretty hot out huh?"

    Mm mmm and so are you ;) ☀️ sooo wasss yo name pretty guuurrlll? 😏

  • "What do you do?"

    Just subtly enquiring about your status in society. 💰

  • "How much do you lift?"

    I bet I can lift more. 💪🏽

  • "What? Oh man, not again."

    *adjusts pants* … 😐😑

  • "I hate women. I’m over it."

    I LOVE women so much that I can't stand it when they don’t love me. WHAT AM I DOING WRONG? 😭❤️

  • "I’m fine with you having guy friends."

    As long as you ain't fcxking around with anyone but me, we’re good.


    I really really would rather you just pretend I'm the only man in your life.

  • "You drive stick?"

    Are you cool? Because in MY worldview, only cool people drive stick tbh. 😎🚗💨

  • "K."

    I’m not even going to justify all that you’ve just said with any kind of response, and to top it off, I want to see you get a little angry, so I’m going to use ‘K’, just because I know how much that pisses you off. what now?

  • "What's wrong babe?"

    OHHHH LORD NOT THIS AGAIN. I gotta get a bag of chips and some soda in case we're here for another 9 hours like last time. 💀

  • "I’m not hiding anything from you oh my gosh. -.-"

    WOMAN U CRAZY AF… going through my phone and shit. Is this a relationship or perpetual interrogation? 😡👮🏽


    Okay… I know. You ain’t stupid. And I'm sorry… I just can’t tell you. I haven’t worked up the courage yet. I just need time, and I need you to believe this right now till I figure out what I'm gonna do. 😔💔

  • "Yes dear."

    Ugh, im so whipped that I don’t even care anymore. This is what gets me sex anyway. LOVE! 😆😆😆❤️❤️❤️

  • "Well you know what they say, Happy Wife, Happy Life! *looks at her lovingly*"

    Seriously though, we [yes I get dragged into it] enter a parallel universe that seems to resemble hell when she isn't happy. To all men listening, KEEP HER HAPPY OR DIE. 🔥

  • "They were… nice."

    Ah… I feel like your parents don’t like me.




    Are you adopted by any chance?

  • "I’m in love with you."


  • "This should do."

    Damn, shirt got a stain on it. Whatever, it’s the only somewhat clean one I’ve got. 👕

  • "Hey there good lookin ;) "

    My reflection is the only person who compliments me! 😭👨🏽

  • "My ego is NOT high, don’t even talk about my ego."

    Heck im the humblest person on the planet 🙌🏽 how dare you.

  • "Am I into what?"

    What the hell is a thigh gap?

  • Girl did you know there are 21 letters in the alphabet? Oh wait, I missed 5. U, R, A, Q, T. ;) "

    I LOVE that girls actually fall for this crap lol! I'm too good. 😂

  • "I’ll be 10 minutes!"

    *arrives in 7 minutes* ⏰

  • "I’m studying!"

    Human anatomy and the reproductive system. Some sites are incredibly educational you know. Did I mention I like biology and chemistry? 🔬

  • "Wait, that’s not what I meant."

    Oh damn… what'd I do? her facial expression doesn’t look too happy. AVERT DEATH. REWIND, REPHRASE! 😰

  • "Excuse me, is that your protein shake?"

    *plans wedding* 💍

Lol, well there it is. Of course, a lot, if not all of these are stereotypically driven, but that's the main source of humour in all this. Hope u enjoyed, thanks for reading! x

What Guys Say Vs What They Mean


What Guys Say Vs What They Mean
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  • onlimee88

    This was funny! However, I feel like the responses are more so what a FEMALE thinks a guy means when he says "X" vs from an actual male POV. Then again, it was posted by a female haha

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  • Joc4Position

    "this take is a self-proclaimed COLLECTION of light hearted #generalisations"

    So I don't understand. Should we or should we not "generalise"? I guess it's only okay if you do it. 👌👌👌 Gotcha. 👍👍👍


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  • Sexualchrist

    About 3 or 4 of them are correct. The rest are things I wouldn't even say or if I did that's just exactly what I would mean.
    Maybe some guys are a bit more subliminal than me but when I say something I usually mean exactly what I said hence why I chose the words.

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  • lonerider

    One of the extremely rare take about guys by a girl which isn't man hating and propoganda-oriented and by some misandrist. Light humour is always appreciated and although a bit exaggerated.. most of the points were very true. A very nice take overall. Keep going :)

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    • well awesome, thanks for finding the humour in it. glad u liked it :)

  • dartmaul15

    "You’re right."

    I’d just like you to think I crushed my pride, but what I really want is for you to shut up.

    And that' when my sids entered high altitude orbit. Seriously, this whole take is so spot on in 90% of the cases. Sure, some of the more stereotypical respnses doesn't always apply (especially the excessive focus on sex. Or am i just weird?), but overall this one is GOLDEN!

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  • ObscuredBeyond

    Here's what I say versus what I mean:

    "You made your point..." = "I get it, okay? Stop it with the hysteria already!"

    "I'd like your number, if you're cool with that..." = "Are we even friends at all, or do you just like smiling at me for no reason? A little actual communication would be nice. And you know we can't do that when we're on the clock!"

    "Find me on Facebook later." = "I wanna know what you're into, so I know if I'm wasting my time or not. I don't like being left in suspense or with riddles."

    "Well, you're definitely passionate about that fandom!" = "This gal is so nerdy, even I am having second thoughts!" or "She's... really kinda perverted..."

    "I just wanted to borrow your plunger" = "I'm never buying a plunger at Dollar Tree again! Yes, you're cute; but I'm too shy to hit on you when I barely know you. And this would be a bad time anyway."

    "Long time no word. How've you been, lovely?" = "I care about you. But I'm also dying of loneliness here, so any response would be great."

    "I've been working on [insert project name here]." = "I've been working on this project that I've been inspired to do. But I would gladly make time for you right now too. It's not like I have a deadline for the project."

    "You're not mad, are you?" = "PLEASE, don't go psychotic on me like the last girl did! Dammit!!!"

    Maybe one day I will find true love. Right now, my dating life is hell.

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  • AleDeEurope

    After the first 3 I thought it was all gonna be around sex, thank goodness it wasn't xD

    I can relate to some of those, especially the "I'm not mad" one xD I rarely get mad, but when I say just that, you better stay at least 5 miles away from me hahaha

    Nice take, funny, and relatable on some points.

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  • BlueCoyote

    I think whether people (guys) find these examples of yours accurate heavily depends on what type of guy they are. The more guyish a guy is (the more stereotypically masculine his gender identity is), the more he will probably agree with you. I, on the hand, am a relatively feminine guy, which is why I don't agree with many of them. For example I couldn't care less than to buy pads for my girlfriend. I really don't understand why some guys find it embarrassing. Seems a little childish to me. However, there are some that I agree with. I especially like the first few ones. It's true that I've said "you're cute" to girls and actually meant "omg I wanna rip down your jeans, bend you over this desk and fuck you really hard". But of course I couldn't say that. And I think HERE we get to the huge difference between girls saying something different than what they mean and guys doing the same.
    When women say something different than what they mean, they usually believe it's exactly the same thing. I've had my girlfriend tell me this so many times: "come on, it's exactly what I said!" Women BELIEVE that they mean A and say A. To them, it makes total sense even if it doesn't to the men. And the fact that men don't get it confuses women.
    With guys, it's very different. When guys say something different than what they mean, they don't do it because their mind works in very twisted ways (like for women), they do it ON PURPOSE. In other words: guys mean A and say B and KNOW they're not the same thing. However, they feel pressured to say something different than what they mean. For example I can't just go up to girls and ask if they wanna fuck me. If I did, I'd be a very lonely man very quickly. It just doesn't work in our society. That is why I'm forced to invent some stupid cover code and say "you look very pretty :-)" I know girls like that stuff and it's the only way for me to reach my goal, so that is why I say it. I don't think women do this so much. When girls say different things than what they mean, they usually don't do it deliberately, they just do it because their mind works in mysterious ways.

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  • golani

    "Wanna hang out sometime?"
    Wanna go somewhere that creates a number of romantic opportunities that will lead to sex sometime?

    LOLLLL 100% ACCURATE, BUT... keep in mind that sometimes men actually mean what they say more than women. so while "wanna hang out sometime" DOES actually mean what you said, could it also mean "i actually like you, i want to spend time with you because i enjoy it, and i would also love to have sex with you"

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    • i knoooww omg i know, i already mentioned that. but thank you. i honestly saw all these male opinions coming.

    • true, but why not just say I like you instead of wanna hangout sometime?

    • golani

      @thewanderingme for the same reason girls like flip their hair to get a guys attention instead of walking right up to him and saying hey i think ur cute

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  • 0112358

    Most I agree. A few I'd say:

    • "It’s not you, it’s me."

    Please no drama, please no drama

    • “I’m not really looking for a relationship right now."

    I'm not really looking to stop screwing other girls right now.

    • “I'm not looking for anything right now."
    Could be same as above, could be I'm not into you.

    • "I was just joking."
    I totally wasn’t joking. Lel.

    • "She’s just a friend."
    Could be yours, could also be 'she shot me down already'

    •"Yeah I’m pretty much single."
    Could be yours, could be 'There are a few girls I'm talking to (when we have sex) but none of them are serious

    • "What do you do?"
    How much do i need to pretend to care about your achievements so you think I'm not just after your ass?

    • "You drive stick?"
    *imagines girl driving his 'stick' '

    • "Yes dear."
    Your head is so far up your ass you can't even tell when I'm being sarcastic.

    • "Well you know what they say, Happy Wife, Happy Life! *looks at her lovingly*"
    She still occasionally has sex when happy, and I haven't noticed that my being a doormat has crushed her sex drive. I'm still chasing the cheese.

    •Girl did you know there are 21 letters in the alphabet? Oh wait, I missed 5. U, R, A, Q, T. "
    I chickened out on the real version of this, where I say there are 20. And if she says after the URAQT that's still only 25, I say 'yeah I was gonna give you the D later'

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  • ManOnFire

    I’m not gonna lie you guys, I was much more cautious about writing this one because I know how some of you are with women writing ‘on their behalf’, so to speak. Like I love how every time I write a myTake about women, guys are so on board lol, then when I write a myTake about men, some start ranting like “OMG YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT US”. -.- But that's the same thing females do! Lol! Anytime a guy makes a post about women he's a pig, but let a girl post about guys and even guys respect her.

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  • supernerd99

    That thing is retarded. It nowhere near describes me. As for honesty and straightfowardness I say what i feel, I don't twist my words and manipulate others. If it was a humorous attempt, it wasn't funny either. It was very unintelligent, uncreative, and repetitive. Sex, sex sex. Like this is the only thing the male animal that you present here wants... .

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    • whatever.

    • of course you are a whatever person. you dont have what it takes to look into men's true needs and desires and the depths of their heart. your perception of men speaks more about you than it does for men.

    • L_aauurraa

      It was supposed to be humorous, simmer please. Thanks

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  • lacorine197

    Lmfao, this is hilarious, The only thing I agree is that us guys are more straightforward than females, and even if it didn't show me that a female posted this, it's obvious in almost every answer is about sex and how hot a girl is, this is really how you think guys think? Damn, funny, really funny...

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    • saw the shitstorm coming. bring it.

    • Yep, just like your mytake, it is a shitstorm indeed. by the way not all guys think about sex all the time.

    • yes, continue to draw conclusions about my perception of men.

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  • serious

    Well I would say you are only partly right. There are many men who always mean what they say, they talk honestly and don't have double meaning in their words, sentences.

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  • Bluemax

    HILARIOUS! !!!

    And the stuff you said about having to hang around while women try on clothes is ONE MILLION PERCENT TRUE!!

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  • QooLipBite

    The one special quote I think is extremely notorious and I'm often the person who uses it, I think everyone regardless of gender can relate.

    "Lol I'm just kidding" 😂😂😂 biggest lies of my life.

    I tell you im kidding but in actual fact... I'm not really not, it's just to make you feel a little bit better and not cry.

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  • ConsultantIsBack

    You are so against the alpha thing but seem to think us guys are so animalistic lol, which is it?

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    • lol hence the stereotypical humour. my opinion isn't in this at all, only my thoughts on male stereotypes. chill.

    • Ouch, male stereotypes 😢😢💔💔

    • lol whatever, they exist. no point denying it.

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  • mr90skid

    ... gentleman, we have been compromised >:O
    Good game Anna good game

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  • ArtDent

    Some of these are funny and accurate, but you come off like all your male friends are one dimentional sex crazed cavemen who are interested in nothing else.

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    • Lol no they aren't, relax. I wasn't basing this off my friends to begin with.

    • ArtDent

      Yeah, your caveman like friends. :P

    • ArtDent

      And I slap a man that says "happy wife, happy life"... If he's a friend. Otherwise I shake my head and get away in case that pussification is contagious

  • Phoenix98

    Hahaha more or less true I'll admit, now excuse me I'm hungry, bored and studying.

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  • MyMintFrappe

    You should write a book on boys and then sell it. But first give me a free copy.

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