How to achieve a natural high; anytime, anywhere, every day


how to achieve a natural high; anytime, anywhere, every day

I woke up today feeling good and ready to take on the day, so I figured I'd start the day by sharing a tool with you guys that I will implement thoughout my day.

Being in the military has not only given me a great sense of accomplishment by defending my country, but it's also given me many tools to succeed after my service.

One of the first lessons I've learned upon joining the military. And that is: You get a natural high from doing things you want to do, but you doubt yourself.

My first week in the army we did stamina training. Our commander said "tonight we're gonna run 5 kilometers. I don't care what shape you're in, nobody stops until you puke, faint, or die". And for those who don't know 5km is 3 miles. Now that is A LOT for people who don't run.

Most of the guys weren't runners, so we were very nervous. We knew that we were soldiers now, we can't just stop, we're not running on a track for fun this was the real deal. I ran and ran and ran until I saw tunnellvision, like i saw black fuzzy rings around my eyes. I saw stars. I also stopped 3/4 of the way and grabbed onto a tree to catch my breath because my body physically could not run like that. But after 10 seconds I kept going until I finished with my commander running behind me screaming "PICK UP THE FUCKING PACE, RUN RUN RUN"... I finished among the last.

BUT.. I finished. I pushed myself to the very end no matter what obstacles I endured throughout way. When I finished, I was on a natural high. I was terrified for this run but i finished.. I felt amazing.

I think about that moment nearly every single day and implement it into my actions.

Now that I no longer have a military commander, I am my own. If my logic tells me there's something I need to do, but my emotions don't want to do it, I listen to my logic. If my logic tells me I should go up to that beautiful girl at the bar, I do it. If my logic tells me I need to wake up early on a Saturday cause there is a million things I need to do, I do it. If my logic is telling me get off your ass and go work out, I do it. Shit, even if my logic tells me get off your ass and do your laundry, I do it.

I don't know how many of you have served in the armed forces, but try to imagine what it's like having a commander who runs on your side. Now, go be your own commander.

How to achieve a natural high; anytime, anywhere, every day
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  • Fearless_banana

    Lol you sound like a fucking boot. I bet you stand parade rest waiting in line at disneyland. If you were Marine Corps and came into the fleet talking like this you'd get fucking slayed to no end lol.

    • golani

      i was in the IDF lol... you were/are a marine? tell me how difficult your 12 week training camp was LOL

    • golani

      did they deploy you anywhere else but the kitchen? hahahah

    • Boot camp wasn't much. SOI was much harder. I was 2nd LAR.

  • Anonymous

    Ah I would save myself so much heart ache is I listened to logic and not my heart

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