The kinds of guys that give the good dudes a bad name

The kinds of guys that give the good dudes a bad name

1. Guys who call each other 'bro', or say 'no homo'

2. Guys who graduated, but still live in that high-school frame of mind

3. Guys who grunt at the gym

4. Guys who agree that chivalery is dead

5. Guys who can't remember any details about their 'girlfriends'

6. Guys who think women should all wear thongs and heels - all the time

7. Guys who think that the best way of hitting on a girl is to be a complete jackass

8. Guys who don't call or text back

9. Guys who think it's totally fine to adjust 'themselves' in front of someone they just met

10. Guys who take their girlfriends to a cosmetic or plastic procedure (that the guy has requested)

11. Guys who say that they never cry

12. Guys who constntly belittle their ex girlfriends

13. Guys who tell their girlfriends to change outfits

The kinds of guys that give the good dudes a bad name
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  • Kylesar
    1) What exactly is wrong with this?
    2) You've been in high school for 4 years straight. You don't just lose that mentality after sleeping off graduation day
    3) What does this even mean? This is a literal part of working out
    4) Chivalry IS dead. Both sexes killed it
    5) Depends on the details in question. If I slave away at a job, don't expect me to remember every minute detail about your life
    6) No guy wants this
    7) Ultimately, the girls fall for the jackasses. Nice guys finish last. Guys wouldn't consistently use those tricks if women didn't constantly fall for it
    8) If I'm known to be busy at certain times, expect that
    9) Sorry, but if I'm not comfortable, I can guarantee that you won't be with me
    10) Agreed, but it's the girls choice in the end
    11) I haven't. It's not that I don't WANT to, as much as I don't care about much enough to
    12) Everyone belittles their ex. Women do it too. Idon't talk about my ex because my girlfriend likes to get jealous
    13) A contextual point

    All in all, this seems to be something written in complete ignorance, lack of realism and devoid of a logical basis
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  • lonerider
    I doubt that the author is 27 years old. It looks like being written by a 10~13 years old girl who just started to 'date'. Let me guess, you think that girls are all angels sent from heaven.. are perfect and never hurt any guy. It's just the guys who are assholes, right?
    • Obviously you haven't seen the same MyTake about women. =)

      I'd advise you to let out your frustrations on someone else... but I'm sure you're doing that already.

    • lonerider

      ohh, so calling out on bs is being frustrated? Let me tell you logically how wrong you are

    • lonerider

      1. "1. Guys who call each other 'bro'"
      The fuck is wrong with that?

      2. what the hell do you even mean by that?

      4. yes, it is dead. feminism killed it. Look at the women who insult men for chivalrous acts. My parents always taught me to be chivalrous but present day women make me cringe at their reactions.

      6. there are men like that? seriously? nobody's that stupid.

      7. ever hit on a girl? no, right? trust me, but it works. dont ask me why. I used to be very polite and chivalrous and never got any interest reciprocated romantically. I be an asshole to them and now the same girls crave for my attention. I dont know why, but it works. And since it works, people keep doing that.

      11. yeah, so? we are not so expressive. being ourselves is wrong now, huh? the hell is wrong with you?

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  • Phoenix98
    Actually grunting at the gym is what your supposed to do, it is an actual biological response to the stress and weight put on the body, and you are supposed to grunt in order to exert every bit of power you have to lift it back up. And when lifting something extraordinarily heavy it is actually almost impossible to not make some kind of noise.

    Source: studying to be a professional trainer.

    Seriously though some of these things are kind of stupid and a bit ridiculous.
    • I was just refering to those who do it to get attention and it's obvious their weights aren't even that heavy. (I have to stop thinking that everything is implied... xD)

      I know - meant to be a bit sarcastic. Seems like the guys didn't get that. Yet another instance of things being implied.

    • Phoenix98

      Well it is the internet lol these things happen no worries though.

  • Octavius
    "11. Guys who say that they never cry"

    Can't we be accepting of those that do cry without having to shame those that don't? Otherwise it's zero difference between this behavior and those that make fun of those that cry.
  • Righttobeararms83
    1. for a while I was calling guys bra like dog the bounty hunter I guess there are fads that go around. I know gay guys that use no homo and other phrases that might be seen as anti gay if they were straight, one gay friend when asked told me just because he was queer doesn't mean I should treat him like a woman.
    2. I dont get that maybe you mean college as if you are instantly a different person. I was an adult at age fifthteen and took the long way around.
    3. you have to grunt at the gym
    4. thank god when you look up what chivalry actually was, we have a new thing now called equality.
    5. We all can forget things especially when put on the spot.
    6. If I was dictator for life thongs yes, high heels no. I find high heels as kinda ridiculous torture device.
    7. Back in my single days projecting my self as a bad boy type and being a jackass I had a decent enough success rate for one night stands.
    8. Call or text back what like straight away? What if I dont like the girl having got to know her and u dont want to hurt her feelings by telling her that the problem is her no me and id rather her think I was an asshole.
    9. Hey underwear can be uncomfortable unless adjusted.
    10. Im with you there
    11. I say that but my wife knows the truth
    12. Some guys can be hurt by a faithless woman, I know what thats like but a guy should get over it and move on.
    13. I tell my wife to wear something more reveling with more cleavage all the time but unfortunately processing free will she never listens despite my constant nagging.
    • So apart from the narcissism of no10 whats the big deal you can still be a great guy with the rest of your issues

  • the_rake
    1. Guys who call each other 'bro', or say 'no homo'


    2. Guys who graduated, but still live in that high-school frame of mind

    don't know what the 'high-school frame of mind' is.

    3. Guys who grunt at the gym

    nothing wrong with this: a little grunt gives your lifts more power.

    4. Guys who agree that chivalery is dead

    chivalry certainly should be dead.

    5. Guys who can't remember any details about their 'girlfriends'


    6. Guys who think women should all wear thongs and heels - all the time


    7. Guys who think that the best way of hitting on a girl is to be a complete jackass

    well girls don't give much attention to nice or polite men.

    8. Guys who don't call or text back

    probably scared of seeming 'needy'.

    9. Guys who think it's totally fine to adjust 'themselves' in front of someone they just met


    10. Guys who take their girlfriends to a cosmetic or plastic procedure (that the guy has requested)

    yeah, the douche factor depends here on how extreme the procedure is.

    11. Guys who say that they never cry


    12. Guys who constntly belittle their ex girlfriends

    this one I can agree with

    13. Guys who tell their girlfriends to change outfits

    making a suggestion what will make the girl look better is not so bad.
  • Joc4Position
    1. There's nothing wrong with saying bro. What's bad about that? There are females that call each other bitches/sluts. Which you think is worst?

    I also don't see what's wrong with saying no homo, so long it's not like overboard. Like if every single thing that comes out your mouth is no homo then it's like

    2. I wouldn't want to live in that HS frame of mine after graduation. Many people (male and female) do it though. That's them and their life. Not for me though.

    3. Grunting is letting out air. It's exhaling. Breathing is important for weight lifting. It gives your muscles oxygen. So grunting is necessary. I've noticed I can lift much more if I let out a grunt here or there as opposed to holding my breath to keep from doing it. You clearly don't life weights or if you do you're not lifting heavy enough.

    4. Chivalry is dead for the most part. Are there still some guys who do it? Yeah, but ultimately times change. Do you want to be treated equally or be treated differently? Yeah answer that lol.

    5. I challenge the female to remember details about her boyfriend too then.

    6. I've never met a guy (that I know of) who wants women to wear heels and thongs all the time. That made little sense to me.

    7. What guy thinks that's a good idea?

    8. Well there are a million reasons as to why a guy (or girl for that matter) wouldn't call or text back. That doesn't make them a "bad dude".

    9. Sometimes you can't help it. I've gotten my stuff.. uh.. caught in a situation and I had to fix it immediately because I was in pain. If you think I'm going to pick pain over your approved decency then you've got me and probably most guys wrong.

    10. Well it's ultimately her decision, so no matter what he does it's up to her to decide if she wants it or not. In any case that's rather douchey.

    11. Some guys don't. Since adulthood I've never really cried cried myself. I've teared up, but never just flat out cried (since adulthood).

    12. It's usually always ugly with exs. Females are the same way. Ex GFs. Ex wives. It's usually not pretty, and understandably so.

    13. This is very situational. In some situations I can understand it as being douchey and in other ways it's not.
    • *If you think I'm going to pick pain for your approved decency then you've got me and probably most guys wrong.

  • Chief16
  • poopedmypantsagain
    There are always people of the same gender that will give others a bad name or just call people every word in the book and try to break their spirit.. but hey if one does not worry about that sort of stuff.. like I do.. I could care less what others think of me, their gender or other's. or anything else
  • galloway875
    A few issues:
    First it is near impossible to not grunt sometimes when you are lifting something really heavy. Some noise will come out inadvertently. Second, I haven't cried in a long time, I don't go around advertising it, but I don't think it "gives good guys a bad name", it's just not my thing. Third, I don't try to adjust myself in front of people I just met, I try to be as discreet as possible, but you have no idea how fast a pinch or an itch can come on down there.
  • Other_Tommy_Wiseau
    1- no
    2- sure...
    3- do you even lift (bro)? grunting helps with breathing...
    4- 7- sure
    8- i just suck at both of those :/. and most of the women i know are way worse about that
    9- that's not always an option
    10- sure
    11- i just don't... i don't get the big deal
    12- sure
    13- sure
  • Jose_R
    8. Guys who don't call or text back

    Women do this to guys they don't find attractive but needed them in some capacity in the past. Why can't guys do it to girls they just wanted to bust a nut in and move on?
  • OpenWine
    At least it was short so I am able to read it. Why would they give good guys a bad rep? I mean everyone "everygirl" has a different mindset set uppon how much influence her past lovers affected on her and in which direction it went.

    So afterall girls have to decide by themselves which guy is good to date and who is poison
  • UtopianLobotomy
    A guy who grunts at the gym? Are you serious? A creep who is not even lifting that much and then looks around to see who was watching him, sure.

    "Bro" really sister?
  • Wet_Cats
    1. I don't do that.
    2. Girls do that too
    3. I'll grunt if I want to. Do you even lift?
    4. Chivalry is dead and women killed it
    5. Who gives a fuck
    6. I don't think that. I'd rather her wear nothing.
    7. Maybe if girls stopped dating assholes then guys wouldn't think that's how they have to actto get a girl.
    8. Girls do the same dumb shit. They're actually worse. "playing hard to get"
    9. I'll adjust myself if I want to.
    10. ?
    11. ?
    12. Like women don't belittle their exs
    13. ?
    • Nana103

      I worry about your kind...

  • Byakuyarko
    Girls who give other girls a bad name:
    -girls who use their looks to get what they want
    -girls who badmouth their own friends over trivial misunderstandings
    -That one awesome girl with an unending train of douchey boyfriends, each one she insists on introducing to her other friends
    -girls who like fifty shades of grey
    -that one cute looking evil bitch who purposefully keeps giving me incorrect answers during exams while copying stuff from me.
    -That one trampy looking skank who keeps messaging me asking to "hangout" only the minute after she breaks up with her umpteenth current douchey boyfriend.
  • ArtDent
    If you had a penis, you'd have to adjust occasionally on the spot. Women adjust themselves constantly also.
  • Scrambledagain
    Well those guys get women. The "good guys" don't. So if those bad dudes give good dudes a bad name, I would want a bad bloody name.
  • Tromba
    I will say only this, the woman in the picture under the title looks like her hair was gnawed off by an angry ferret.
  • benthurber
    Have to disagree on grunting at the gym and conditionally on thongs.

    Grunting: To have actual strength gains, you have to move something heavy. Like, it's-everything-you've-got heavy. Grunting, yelling, etc helps, and it's virtually impossible to not make noise when your core stabilizing muscles are squeezing your abdominal cavity so hard.

    Thongs: Yes, if it's during her cycle or she's having digestive trouble, rock the regular panties. However, they're darn sexy (as well as other lingerie options) and I've gotten reports from several women that they prefer them for comfort and lack of VPL. The trick is finding the right fit, apparently.
  • Riverock
    I'm none of these though I occasionaly wonder about 4 and 7.
  • MichaelJoseph89
    Nice guys always finish last. I've learned that being a douche at the club is okay because it makes you sound confident. Insecure women are pretty willing to give it up at that point.
  • Helpfulanon
    whats wrong with "bro" and "no homo"? then, girls that tell each other they are beautiful are wrong to do so too
  • timbergag
    2a. Guys who graduated, but still live in that college frame of mind.
  • DizzyAster
    If this makes dudes bad, then every guy is the devil. good job.
  • PizzaGuy22
    I do #2 because college is shit and will never be as good as senior year of High School
  • fulloflife
    Yeah... guys who don't text or call back and guys that are ghetto.
  • ted22
    I'm guilty of number 1 (bro) and the jury is out on number 5, but I'm trying
  • xxcchhllaauu
    let's see I'm black. I vary between bro and man I don't say no honor I think it's offensive. I haven't graduated high school. I'll grunt at the gym if said weight deserves grunting or blow air out my mouth. I believe chivalry is dead it died when chicks started calling dudes thirsty way b4 that actually any deed could for any reason could be called being thirsty.6 doesn't apply to me. 7 same. 8 funny part if a chick gave me her number I doubt I'd call back text I don't know 9 no 10 no 11 no 12 I don't know 13 no
  • SunsetRose
    These are all so true 😂
  • dominiquois
    There's WAY worse ones trust me.
    • Haha I know... This was supposed to be a bit sarcastic and fun... Seems it didn't come off that way, though. xD

    • No, they were good haha.
      I guess I'm thinking worse case scenario :(

  • Privilege
    Wait. What's wrong with "bro"?
  • koko124
    This is pretty gay

    No homo
    U good?
  • Weirdguy24
    But chivalry IS dead.
    • Nana103

      Your totally right he is but I swear I didn't mean to kill him... IT WAS ON ACCIDENT! He took my nugget.

  • TwentySomething
    You're pissed at your boyfriend, aren't you?
  • FilthyPervert
    The fuck is wrong with 10?
    • lumos

      It's wrong because what is he even doing with her in the first place if he feels like she needs to change physically? Unless it's something she has already expressed that she wants to change, he has no right to expect her to want to change her body to the point of going through medical procedures. He might as well just find a girlfriend who matches his physical standards, instead of expecting someone who doesn't match them to change herself. And not only that, but it's a huge knock to a person's self-esteem to essentially tell them "your body isn't good enough for me, I'd rather see you in a fake body than your current, natural body". Encouraging someone to lose a bit of weight is one thing since it's healthy and you can do that naturally. Demanding someone to shove lumps of silicone into their chest is another...

    • @lumos "Unless it's something she has already expressed that she wants to change." I assumed that was a given, if she wasn't wanting to go through the procedure that would be illegal to blackmail her to do.

    • lumos

      Not really blackmailing, more along the lines of "hey babe I want you to get fake tits" which is still rude.

  • lopflodin
    i wish i cried more often sometimes its nice