A Case Study On How Society Makes A Douchebag


The best example would be Zyzz

Aziz Sergeyevich Shavershian was a young high school kid, hidden from the world, unknown to the society and living the life

He had a girlfriend. She was shallow like most of you, would compare skinny aziz to all buff men and constantly make him feel bad about himself. She made his life miserable, friends made his life miserable by calling him names. This is when complexes came in, he started to lift, good, being fit is amazing, however society's pressure on perfection led him to use improper means such as steroids and growth hormones to boost his progress. Getting ripped opened up a whole new life to him, he looked way beyond what he had ever imagined. He wasn't the skinny unknown kid anymore, he was ZYZZ, a handsome man with a ripped body and of course girls came on to him. This world that wasn't part of his before made him narcissistic, his main goal in life was to have sex. Hell, bbased on his videos, he wasn't even doing it for the gratification, he was doing it simply for validation from the world, being one among the crowd wasn't good enough anymore. His achievements were related to the number of girls he fucked and the innumerable girls he would tell to buzz off and uplift his own ego.

This ultimately led him to take obsession to a point wherein he couldnt live without steroids, soon the bohemian lifestyle got him to do drugs, he had and still has innumerable fans, he is basically the god of mediocre men now. This led him to have a rather unfortunate death in a sauna in thailand at a young age of 22. Now many might call him a legacy, but he was clearly a product of society based stupidity.

My point is think twice before introducing unnecessary complexes in anyone over anything, we dont want many more zyzz' and their unfortunate ends. The eggs of zyzz have already been laid, go on sluthate.com or puahate to know what i am talking about.

Dont go about pulling people down to uplift your own ego, you can really shatter someones life by doing that.

A Case Study On How Society Makes A Douchebag
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