What Are Masculine Traits?

What Are Masculine Traits?



After many troubling conversations with a lot of guys here. I began to notice a pattern. So I wanted to create a thread to address a few things.

Apparently, many men at GaG cannot figure out how to define their masculinity independent of women. This creates a huge problem when it comes to understanding women's issues.

Because guys think, they are men only because of their relation to where women are in their lives and/or the amount of power they think women wield, etc. They can't even articulate what they think a man is supposed to stand for. They cannot voice an opinion on what traits and qualities go into being masculine.

Because of that, they can't seem to articulate goals and objectives they want to work towards as men. They can't clearly define the obstacles in their path. The only answer they can give is to blame feminism for their lack of power or for their inability to embrace their manhood. Which is quite disturbing.

So here is my list. Please understand. I am talking about men. Not boys, not jerks, etc.

1. Men treat everyone with respect.

What Are Masculine Traits?

Because of that we are respected.

2. Men are leaders, we are decision making engines.

3. Men move forward constantly. We plan and build.

4. Men are protectors and defenders of their family, friends, and community.

What Are Masculine Traits?

We also protect those who cannot protect themselves.

5. Men are proud...but stubborn much of the time.

6. Men cherish intelligence, reason, and logical thinking.

7. Men are not whiners nor complainers.

We usually just grin and bear it. Even when we are in great physical/emotional pain.

8. Men are serious people, but we can still laugh and have fun.

9. Men love to compete with each other.

10. Men do not like being forced to change.

But if change is reasonable, we will accept it.

11. Men are dependable. We are the rock in our relationships.

What Are Masculine Traits?

12. Men can fight for years with depression.

And then a simple smile from a woman can brighten our entire day.

13. Men don't give up. Our stubbornness drives us.

14. Men like sex.

What Are Masculine Traits?

Yes women, we are extremely attracted to your physical sexiness in all kinds wonderful, strange and bizarre ways. We are visual when it comes to sex. That's just the way it is.

15. Men do the dirty work.

We make the hard decisions. We do the the things no one else wants to because they are necessary.

16. Men think strategically.

We see problems as challenges to be overcome. They are opportunities!

17. Men are not the greatest students.

We don't really "learn" from others very well.

18. Men are not ashamed of being men.

What Are Masculine Traits?

We are not ashamed that we are sexually attracted to women. We are not ashamed of some of the bad traits we have. We can deal with the fact that we are not perfect and we try to become better human beings.

19. Men mature as they age.

They become wiser and less impulsive.

20. Men do not treat the people who are important to them just like everyone else.

This is especially important for women. If you are with a man who does not treat you like you are his most special person. Then you are not his most special person. Nor will you ever be. It is that simple.

21. Men are simple creatures.

We think + or -, left or right. We are binary. Even if that runs contrary to natural law.

22. Men are realists, but not so much that we become pessimists.

23. Men are visionary. We aspire to do great things.

I will allow anonymous for this take. So many folks have problems voicing their opinions on posts that are somewhat "controversial".

What Are Masculine Traits?



What Are Masculine Traits?
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  • Onlythisone
    Great write up! I think women have the same issue with defining femininity. It's easier to see what you like and try to emulate it than it is to define something without drawing from anywhere.

    Now only a man can choose what defines manhood for himself, but it seems that masculinity throughout culture has been defined by a man's ability to set guidelines and rules. His structure for his own existence.

    By contrast femininity seems to be more illusive but more defined by how you treat others than by personal barriers, being gentle and kind, happy. But I think there is a disconnect for women because femininity is so elusive that sometimes it's easier to say "oh I like that masculine trait, I'll be that"
    Is this still revelant?
    • This is absolutely brilliant comment. That's the whole point. Men have to define what a maleness means for ourselves. We have to figure that out on our own. We may not all agree on every trait. But you have to begin with some type of idea.

      I think one of the problems with our discussions about equality between the sexes is that many men have thought of their maleness in relation to what they think feminine traits are. That is just problematic.

      It is funny, your last comment is exactly what I would say about men. That's why so many men get offended about feminism. Women who are strong and empowered, somehow have stolen their strength and power, because both sexes could not possibly embody these traits.

    • I think it comes from having a lack of respectable role models boys that don't have father's tend to default to images of men in power, without ever seeing what respect is how can someone gauge it's value.

      Without these ideas of what good people look like it has devolved into "well I like toy trucks I must be a boy" "well I like playing dressup better I must be a girl" people have confused hobbies with gender because the guidelines have been so removed.

      I think this started long before my generation and was purposefully enacted. Every coin is two sided, along with the movement against men that got speed in the 80's (though I think the free love period was the first sign) there was an image of women that was portrayed. It was the perfect marketing scheme, portray men as useless and that women have to do everything. Forcing women into the workforce made it reality, they now had to raise kids house and money, the gov made it cheaper to get rid of a man than keep him. Divide and conquer.

    • Well, I guess that is about right. We have whole generations of men who are raised by women. Boys don't have a solid role models of men to depend on. So most are pushed to media images, which is a horrible place to look.

      But yeah, I kind of agree with most of what you say.

      Thanks for posting!

  • ElissaDido
    You basically listed everything I find attractive in a man!
    Is this still revelant?
    • This take was one of the most confused takes in the history of takes.

      People were here actually debating the very existence of masculine traits.

      But thanks for that post.

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  • ShadezMcgee
    Great MyTake, man. A lot of what you said rings true and sometimes I find it hard to explain to others what defines masculinity and there are times where I wonder if I am truly acting like I should (referencing some of the points you made here).

    This only reinforced my belief that I am masculine. Well simplified and enough to drive the point home.
    • It was so weird to actually be debating with other men that they have to define what it means to be masculine. Even if it is only for themselves.

  • The-Weeknd-0
    I will mount #feminism and make her submit. I am a male.

    Who runs the world? Not girls.

    Trump, Donld Trump. That's who runs the world.

    Nice MyTake by the wsy.
  • Kiran04
    Men are also stoic. We separate emotion and reason so we can make informed decisions based on facts, not feelings.

    Men are action oriented. We don't sit around thinking how great our lives would be with something. We go and find or make that something.

    Men our tough. We can take a hit and keep coming, keep our soft spots hidden, and fight through the pain instead of surrendering to it.
    • Agreed. I think there are points in my listing similar to yours. Feel free to list more.


    • Volvagia


    • @Volvagia So do you have any traits you would like to list?

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  • Volvagia
    you shoulda titled this mytake as "what men should be and act like according to me"
    • Yes, that is exactly what the title is. Now it is your turn.

      So what do you think men should be like and act like?


    • Volvagia

      that's not what the title is. I dont care for how/what men should be/act like. If ur an adult with cock, balls and ur sex chromosomes are XY then congrats cuz ur a man.

    • Madam, that is basically the title. I ask what are masculine traits of everyone who is visiting here. You don't what a man is or should be. So if you are not a lesbian, you might be in for a very difficult life.

      But good luck!

      Thanks for your input!

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  • sketchy
    Bullshit. Everything listed is equally applicable to women.
    Masculine traits are things like leaving the toilet seat up, falling asleep immediately after sex, or refusing to ask for directions when lost.
    • Equally applicable? Like wanting to have sex with a woman and looking at women and being turned on by them?

      Where do they get these guys?

    • sketchy

      You know what I mean. Just replace every occurrence of the word "men" with "women", and vice versa, and every one of those statements remains equally valid (since we seem to be ignoring non-heteros here anyway).

    • No, I don't know what you mean. I don't sit around feminist groups and shout out. . ."but men can do that tooooo!"


      That's hilarious now that I think about it.

      I don't care what feminists think womanhood is or is about. I don't care if they think some traits are uniquely feminine.

      I ain't a woman. I worry about male stuff. And if I state some trait that some people think is shared by some other group. That's cool. Men don't own traits. We are in this thread, trying to figure out what maleness means. . . and how we can be become better men.

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  • amel23
    That doesn't sound like men that sounds like being a confident human being
    • And we are not confident human beings?

    • amel23

      R men human beings or no

    • I know what and who men are. I am one.

      You folks seem to get offended because I state what I think are masculine traits. . . as though I claimed men have exclusive ownership over these traits. We could share some with transsexuals. . . that doesn't make them men. Neither does that make us transsexuals. So if you disagree with the list. . . state some traits you think embodies manhood.

      You don't see me in some feminist thread telling feminists what it means to be a woman do you?

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  • Especially true: 1, 14, 21

    Sex 👩😍

    6, 10, 18, 22

    To some degree true:
    2, 3, 4, 8, 9, 13, 20, 23

    Also I would strictly advise to beware of toxic masculinity. It is highly destructive and invisibly poisonous!!!
    • Toxic feminism exists too. I don't think we have to worry about ourselves more or less than women worry about themselves.

    • Unit1

      I agree.
      Especially with toxic feminism aka feminazism. Seems like there are plenty enough of those, who got corrupted by toxic feminism-nazism. Yuck!
      But you know... I'd say just be a man and be who you are ^^

  • englisc
    I agree that Jack Donovan hit the nail on the head with his definition of masculinity. Have you read his book "The Way Of Men"? If not I highly recommend it. I don't think anybody could argue against the idea that a man is more masculine if he's strong, courageous, competent ans honourable.

    I agree with you on women not being able to define masculinity. I always say that a woman trying to tell you how to be a man is like a vegan trying to tell you how best to cook a steak. They're clueless. They don't deserve a seat at the table when discussing masculinity.

    I find it really strange how so many women, especially here on GAG, seem to want to encourage men to be less masculine and more soft. In real life most women don't want an effeminate man.

    Even then I see a lot of women my age with sons the same age as my sons, and they treat them like they're little girls. They're obsessed with it too - buying them dolls, prams, girl toys. The most common question we're asked is what we would do if we caught our boys playing with make up or wearing a dress, and when we say we wouldn't allow it they tell us that's terrible. I don't get it at all. They're setting their sons up for failure.

    As for the "men" who complain about feminism, most of them are pussies. They have a feminist mindset and tend to be obsessed with gender equality themselves. Their beef with feminism has more to do with feminists being hypocritical when it comes to equality, basically choosing equality when it suits them and not when it doesn't.

    Basically these guys want a seat at the grievance table. You'll see these guys complain that nobody will take them seriously as victims and they want to play victim olympics with the feminists. They often complaon abiut the same shit feminists complain about, especially the standards of supposedly "toxic" masculinity and being expected to be a "real man". They're just as obsessed with encouraging men to be okay with being weak, emotional, crying, feeling sorry for themselves. They're completely unmasculine, that's why you won't get a proper answer from them.
    • Yeah, I was quite surprised when I started this thread. Most of the guys here approached me and argued about the fact that masculine traits every existed. It was just weird. Then to see thread after thread, day after day about Feminism. Its like why even be concerned about it. Focus on what makes you a man, what are you proud of, what you would like to improve.

      But they can't do that.

      Makes me worry about the future.

  • SuperMan89s
    Why you put these hashtags : #feminism #womensissues
    Men don't give a shit about feminism or women issues !
    We rather deal with it individually !!!
    And that's the best real man trait !!!
    Don't define yourself by others.
    • Where were you during the 500 or so mytakes and questions started by men to complain about feminism?

      That's why I included those tags. I wanted to bring those men here.

    • Feminism doesn't help you to be masculine !

    • I guess you are not able to grasp the point. Because you keep repeating my point.

      Right, that is exactly what the take is about. The take is about stating what you think masculinity is. . . then seeking to embody those traits.

      Feminism was not mentioned once. And was only listed as a hashtag because of the men who continually talk about how feminism makes them like they are not men anymore.

      You can keep repeating it. . . pretending that is not what the take is about.

      I guess you have you way. . .

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  • IsenhowerJ
    Great take. I have to say that it made a lot of sense. It is tough to define masculinity and i think you did a good job defining it.
    • I don't know if I did a good job. But I am glad you think so. I just wanted to get everyone to think about what they think masculinity entails. Thanks for your comment!

  • Water_Bottle
    Some of these are redundant and few humans have even half of these. Strategic thinkers? There would be no need for a Suicidal Security system if humans were strategic long-term thinkers.

    So many flaws.
    • So many flaws? Why not take a crack at talking about masculinity. Unlike you, I won't try to poke holes in what you think being a man is.

      The conversation is important, because we have to find out what being male is. . . independent of where women are in our experience.

    • This conversation is important, I agree, but what makes it so is not our considerations but the forging of an actual image. I've spoken and implored more than once for men to give up these shackles and embrace something with tangible elements.

      You want "decision machines"? You need an educated populace. Men are things that study philosophy and sciences alike and appreciate art. They're not defined by basal level considerations such as enjoying sex.

      This conversation is important because no one is looking ahead. Speak on manhood like you were teaching your son and something will come of it, you wouldn't tell your son "you'd better enjoy sex!" would you? Or "just be a decision machine!" without explaining how.

      But maybe I worry too much. I exist in a different continuum and am getting used to it.

    • You want to have this debate about what being a man is. That is rather immature don't you think? The issue is to get these young cats to stop thinking that being a man is having women in a positions of insignificance in your space. Because too many men think feminism is a threat to their masculinity.

      As for the sex thing, I for one, do not want my son to think it is wrong to look at women as sexual objects. He simply can't see them as only sexual objects. Nothing is wrong with him for getting that feeling when he sees a woman in a bikini. As long as he knows he still must be respectful and that woman is more than that. She may be someone's sister, their daughter or even mother. She might be a director in a firm, an entrepreneur, or mma fighter.

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  • Mr-Kabuki
    everytime someone describes masculine traits someone will always complain and say 'duh, wymons can do dat toou!"
    • Haha!

      Yeah. It like they feel insulted or something. It is funny, there are insecure men who spend time in feminist forums and thread whining about how women are doing this or that. And we are experiencing supposed feminists and "beta" males coming here whining about us.

      It is like these men's and women's rights activist both want the same thing. For us to be genderless.

      Weird stuff.

  • HamAndCheese
    Great post! I think you really hit the nail on the head with your choices! I think you may want to consider adding the element of self sufficiency.
    • Hey add as many as you wish. You can talk about more about what being a man means to you. Your role models and the men you looked up to as a child.

  • gobsmacked3
    #24 Men never use labels to try to convey an image/identity for we are self-assured in our own being

    I love your views- major Kudos
    • Thank you! And thanks for that add. I agree.

    • More, thank you. GAG for the most is so cringe-worthy with its views. Particularly from 'boys'. It is a bastion of hope seeing a genuine take underpinned by valid points. Hopefully, people embrace the wisdom. Though, I think I am being delusional by hoping for this :P when most have their heads so far up their asses

    • Thanks for that comment.

  • GracefulCharm
    Two things I disagree with in this post.

    1. There are things a man can not respect in another.

    These are things I don't respect in others:
    I don't respect pedophiles, I don't respect those who take advantage of others due to their position. I don't respect people who dont keep their promises. I don't respect people who hurt others for their own self gain.

    17. Men can learn good from others, it just depends on how good the teacher is. I've personally learned a lot from wise, old and powerful men in my life who I would call father figures.

    • Uhm, okay. Two are the only two edits you would make?

  • Chris_Humble
    I consider myself a manly man.
    While I respect your opinion I disagree with a few points you brought up.
    I disagree with:
    "2. Men are leaders, we are decision making engines."

    Not every man can be a leader and is a leader, the world isn't composed only of leaders. While leading is a desireable position for any man, leading itself isn't a necessary trait for being perceived as masculine/manly.
    "8. Men are serious people, but we can still laugh and have fun."
    Some manly men may a good amount of humour and joke around, this is just your personal opinion.
    "5. Men are proud... but stubborn much of the time."
    Again, that's just your personal opinion and not a defining trait.
    "10. Men do not like being forced to change."
    No one likes to be forced to change, so its doesn't define as masculine trait.
    "14. Men like sex."
    Every healthy person within a certain age likes to have sex, women too, so this doesn't define as manly trait.
    "17. Men are not the greatest students."
    I don't know how you came up with this, but I couldn't disagree more.
    "19. Men mature as they age."
    Anyone matures as they age. Time is the best teacher.
    "20. Men do not treat the people who are important to them just like everyone else."
    again... this applies to any normal person, regardless of sex.
    "21. Men are simple creatures."
    Your personal opinion again.

    Your traits aren't bad, but they have too much of a personal flavour as to be used as universal masculine recognizer.
    • Now, what defines a masculine for me:

      1. The ability to protect yourself and others.
      2. Facing dangers and taking risks, not running away when there is a need to fight.
      3. Staying calm and in control of your emotions at any moment.
      4. Now this one is big: While a manly man does do an effort to look clean and good his 'beauty' is not of concern to him, at all. A masculine man is not allowed to be vain, as this is core feminine trait. A masculine man strives to be strong - physically, emotionally, mentally, and intellectually above all.
      5. A manly man, doesn't take himself too serious and is no tryhard.
      6. a masculine man has boundaries and will react accordingly if others overstep them.
      7. A masculine man can say 'no'. He is no pushover.
      8. A masculine man is not lazy, he is trying his best to strive, work hard and get better.
      9. A masculine man is not a big talker, he walks the walk. this doesn't exclude that he may be a good talker.
      10. A masculine man is neither arrogant nor humble

    • but selfconfident.

    • The funny thing is that you can only tell me what masculine traits are not. You cannot tell me what masculine traits are.

      Of course, this is my personal opinion.

      What is your personal opinion? If you read the take, the issue is that many "men" here cannot talk about what traits they think go into manhood. Many here simply think they are defined by what they think women are supposed to be. . . or not be.

      Maybe men need to have conversations like these and so they can have some thoughtful discussion about what makes them masculine. . . independent of what makes women feminine.

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  • pickyourcliche
    "What are masculine traits" a fucking myth!
    Everyone should have traits like respecting people for people and not using them. I don't like sex so I guess I'm not a real man, hey? This isn't a bad list of "what makes a person respectable and decent" but it's bullshit to suggest any of them are masculine qualities, and suggests that if someone isn't competitive and sexual he's not a real man. I've had enough of that in my life. Such expectations of "masculine" qualities leads to guys like me who doesn't share some of them feeling inadequate, and women who do share them being ostracised as manly. It's bullshit. Stop it.
  • lovelyhoneybones
    Not being a little bitch.

    You hit masculinity on the head though! Good job. :)
  • AllThatSweetJazz
    Firstly, by nature of being men, everything you said is necessary dependent on a comparison to women.

    Second, I don't think there's anything wrong with defining masculinity in relation to women because that's the entire point of it, women do the same thing just dialed up to 11.

    The difference being that men *only* do it in direct comparison to women and otherwise would really have no issue with gender identity. To my mind they're generally more secure about it aside from *when wondering how women see them.* It's only to attract girls because girls care about that, otherwise guys wouldn't care.
    • I don't understand your first statement at all. Which trait is in my list is defined in relation to women.

      As yes, it is a bad thing to define yourself as a man based upon what you think women are supposed to be. That's how end up with men embodying non-masculine traits. As for women doing the same thing, that is another point I don't understand. Women do not do the same thing. Perhaps some women embody certain masculine traits. And that is the entire point. Just because some women like competition does not mean that all women are competitors or even want to be.

      American society is certainly weird. We can empower women to be independent and give them the incentive to define themselves.

      Yet, we can't do the same thing for men.

      And men pay the price for that.


    • "Which trait is in my list is defined in relation to women."
      Any trait in the list that has "men" in it.

      "That's how end up with men embodying non-masculine traits."
      Who gets to define them as non-masculine and is that even a problem if they are non-masculine?

      "women doing the same thing"
      They define themselves based on their femininity in contrast to masculinity, men do the reverse. It's basically the same thing.

      "Just because some women like competition does not mean that all women are competitors or even want to be."
      Women are just as competitive in their own way. There's nuance here. But whatever, not an important point, it doesn't matter either way.

      "We can empower women to be independent and give them the incentive to define themselves."
      That assume that it works out for the best.
      Plus how can men define themselves if you're trying to do it for them here?

      With the video, again I circle back to how are you defining it? Why is it implied that it's a bad thing to do if it's not

    • "Any trait in the list that has "men" in it."

      Again, that makes no sense. Your definition of male, simply becomes a creature who is not female. We are much more than that.

      "Who gets to define them as non-masculine and is that even a problem if they are non-masculine?"

      I am a man. I am not trying to be everything. I am not trying to be a woman and I am quite happy with that. As for who gets to decide what is masculine. Believe it or not, men do.

      "They define themselves based on their femininity in contrast to masculinity, men do the reverse. It's basically the same thing."

      They absolutely do not. There are plenty of women who say they don't even need men in their lives.

      Here is your basic problem.

      I am not trying to define men. I am trying to get men to define themselves. I think you just need to re-read the take. . .

      maybe another dozen or times more. And stop trying to read into it. And you can stop with the passive aggressive approach. Just state what you mean.

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  • Tony_1693
    Men are not the greatest students? I beg to differ lmao. I'm very proud of my GPA bruh 🤓
    • I don't mean school necessarily. But hey feel free to disagree and to add your own list of traits as well.

      I just want you to think about what you manhood and how it is defined.

  • Jayson101
    None of these are bad traits. Men do not need to define themselves independent of women. You can define yourself independent of other people.
  • Frank-Iero
    Kindness and empathy are the most masculine traits I have
  • Andrasnc
    ''Masculine traits''? you mean stereotypes. "Men can fight for years with depression. And then a simple smile from a woman can brighten our entire day." "Men are simple creatures. We think + or -, left or right. We are binary. Even if that runs contrary to natural law." "Men do the dirty work. We make the hard decisions. We do the the things no one else wants to because they are necessary." so much BULLSHIT in so little space. what i understood is: men are programmable robots suppossed to have the same personality and act like the Terminator. I'm no sensitive man or anything but this list nauseated me.

    • Yawn. As it has been said time and again in the thread. If you don't like my list, share your own.

    • Anyone remember this mytake?

    • well, no one is forcing you to be a man.

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  • karahiri
    None of these qualities are strictly "male" lmao.
    • So? What difference does that make? We may share some traits with transsexuals. That doesn't make us less men.

      Don't be jealous. Just be confident in being a woman. Let men handle that man thing.

    • karahiri

      and what is the man thing that you handle so well? lmfao.

    • Well, we own just about everything so I think it is working out pretty well.


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  • Omega_brie
    masculinity is not caring about your masculinity
  • SketchForger
    Ur mom
  • Asad1ONE1
    Might as well label this "Human Traits"
  • ThisIsMyOpinion
    I loved this! Thank you bro!
  • Decentguy
    Awesome Take Man !
  • Deathraider
    Some of the traits are debatable, but not bad.
  • Nice job bro.
    • But look at the conversations I was having?

      Masculine traits do not exist?


      HCG. . . only at GaG would you hear such nonsense. The men here complain. But the minute you want to talk about being a man irrespective of women, too many here do not know what you are talking about.

      And you see how I do the women here on this subject. I dismiss them. They can't tell us how to be men. They can't give us any foundation for manhood.

    • The dudes on GAG are straight b***** who like women to pegged them... what you expect from these cucks?

  • Revolver_
    Interesting myTake
  • Anonymous
    Why is having a victim mentality frowned upon in men more than women?
    • I am glad you finally figured it out. Most males are GaG don't get it.

      It isn't a masculine trait.

    • Anonymous

      So it's a feminine trait then?

    • I am not a woman. I can't speak to what is feminine or what is not.

      I wrote about what is masculine.

      What do you think are masculine traits?

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  • Anonymous
    Nice take. Well said.

    The female responses here do a good job of demonstrating that there are two general buckets of women in the world... those who appreciate and admire masculinity, and those who are threatened by it and therefore try to deny there are any specific traits that characterize masculinity versus femininity. @Volvagia
  • Anonymous
    nice take
  • Anonymous
    I'm lost, maybe because I'm stressed at work and I'm not thinking clearly atm. But you say men blame feminism for not being able to embrace their manhood. Then you made a list to illustrate what a man is, the only Major Problem is... these are all the stuff feminist shit on men for and say is "toxic masculinity " so this Take makes no sense.
    • It makes absolute sense. Why do you care what feminists say about you?

      Does it hurt so much?

      If it does. . . maybe your problems are not about them. Got it?

    • Anonymous

      No because there are no feminist in my country lol.

      I was coming from a pov from a guy in the US/Canada/UK

    • So why are you here?

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