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A response to "Men expect too much from women. You wanna know why your expectations are ruining your chance of dating?"

Since this user blocks anyone who disagrees with her and likes to hate on men....

here is a response to

Men expect too much from women. You wanna know why your expectations are ruining your chance of dating?

Women expect endless shit from men, men just want you to not be fat or crazy. NOTHING ELSE!

A response to

Women want men to be the "provider" but also want the "equality" bullshit that only benefits them.

You want a guy who will be subservient to your bullshit and you use sex as a reward or a prize for good behavior.

You even nailed it when you said men have to look good and have money... yet you likely wear a mask of makeup and I guarantee you will never work as hard or make as much money as most men you are with, since most women refuse to date down.

So you literally only provide sex? So, What else are you worth?

You call men trash and use MGTOW references to try and shame males for not wanting to deal with female games and bullshit shit tests... which gives a perfect example of the maturity level expected of a female like yourself.

If women don't want men putting them down for age and weight, then maybe, just maybe, women should stop waiting until they hit the wall and their looks go to shit before they decide they "want a real man".

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Men die of a heart attack and stroke more than women because men do 99% of ALL hard jobs. Their lives are more stressful, and more is expected of them as providers and protectors. It's easy to be a condescending asshole when you live in a bubble of safety created by the men you are talking shit about.

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If you don't want men judging you on weight (something you can change)... don't judge men on height (which they can't change), bank account, job, status, power, looks, longevity, etc.

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Also let's remember that you are part of the group that gets endless societal help, funding, groups, etc. To help your already catered life be even easier.

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So before you attack men for your false idea of what we "expect" from you... look in that mirror you keep talking about. Your high horse will wait.
A response to "Men expect too much from women. You wanna know why your expectations are ruining your chance of dating?"
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  • sageevalentine

    Sad to say that I disagree, I expect the same from a potential man than I do for myself:
    education, ambition, good looks, takes care of their body, funny, adventurous, well cultured and travelled... etc.

    I don't agree that all men pick women only on looks, if so, there would far more plastic surgery going on around the world. If you mean that men sometimes can be overlooked and not appreciated as they should be... I believe that. I've seen some fathers who work very hard for their family and get very little appreciation in return. Yet, as far as I've noticed, these families tend to be trash overall (rude but necessary).

    My only problem in relation to men and looks, is that maybe they don't understand the effort put into it. I work pretty hard, going to the gym and eating well and looking after my hair. I get some ungrateful comments from men about how I'm superficial and too focused on my looks, where in actual fact, I'm one of the smartest in my class. But I think these are just assumptions from people I don't really know anyway so I don't care.

    I do agree with her point no 3. Sometimes both genders have way too high expectations. In this world, we have leagues, it separates rich from poor and a 3 from a 7. In fact, if we presume that 90% of single people are looking for a date, then there's always a date out there for you, you expectations are probably just too high.

    The ultimate truth is, shit people will marry shit people. A woman who didn't finish school, get's blackout drunk every weekend and is already looking frumpy at age 30 can't expect to marry a good looking, high earning man. The same way a grumpy, wrinkled poor man can't expect to marry a hot, smart girl.

    Don't complain, such is life.

    • Those are some hilarious glasses you have on if you truly think we're not being judged based on and by these criteria.

      I never even thought about what people worked as before i considered them close friends or relationship partners. We don't care, cause it's superficial materialistic stuff. It doesn't make u happy, but a partner you genuinely love can make u happy for the same reason friends can.

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    • @sageevalentine

      Yea of course the rich guys always end up with top tier girls. Cause girls can do hypergamy if they have the looks for it.

      A guy can't, unless he gets a sugermomma and there is a lot more sugardaddys than vice versa.

      And i'm not even American, i'm Austrian (Hey neighbour) and if it wasn't for me being a very masculine dude by nature and tall i would have to pay attention to my looks a lot more if i wanted to date girls that are hot for me.

      And i've been with girls that are cute and a little more chubby, girls are just in a position where they can always choose no matter the guy unless he is miles beyond her status.

    • i agree with you in most of what u said im exactly the same. I care about my self work out eat well and stuff some people have way too high expectation for other people and they never look at theirselves which is bad and they will probably never reach their expectancy.

Most Helpful Guys

  • Uru_DS

    Hey man look, I agree with almost everything you've said, really. But as much as I'd like to say this isn't a society that oppresses women, it is.
    It depends on only one thing, where you live. Now clearly you're either from the states or some developed country. But you can't speak for the majority of the world just because things in your country are different.
    I didn't read the whole thing sorry for that but I see where you're coming from and I think it's laughable too, but only in a few countries. And the women in those countries are now acting crazy, hiding under feminism. And elsewhere where it actually is needed, they aren't able to do much.
    Just wanted to point this out, and thank you for this much needed eye opener to the priveleged.

    • Ok so let me rephrase it as to not confuse 1st world (EVERY western society) with shit 3rd world countries.
      When myself (or almost anyone for that matter) says "society", it's generally assumed that no one is talking about garbage 3rd world where bronzed-aged nonsense is still believed.

      Shit 3rd world countries are just that, shit. They don't represent actual society in any way.
      Most of the world is developed and it's in all those places where women are the most priviledged and protected group of humans to ever exist.

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    • Uru_DS

      Just saw you selected this as most helpful, thanks.

    • Uru_DS

      One point I forgot to mention - I'm not a misandrist and neither am I a feminist.
      I just simply believe that life is unfair to both genders in different ways.

  • selfesteemguy

    Women has no right to bitch around since all the heavy things are done by men. This is why they can't want "equality" either. It always be like that. Men will always do the hardest things and women will always claim that they deserve best of everything. They simply can f*ck off.

    • Uru_DS

      Giving birth is hardest thing anyone can ever do. Raising a child and maintaining a household is the second toughest according to me.
      That's physical and mental, so no men do not do the hardest things, women do.
      Men do a majority of hard work, yes agreed. Women can't ask for equality there cause it's not meant for them, but saying they can fuck off is just plain and simple dumb, arrogant and shows low self esteem by the way.
      Do this, go say this to your mom. Let's see how heavy you can really handle.

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    • @Uru_DS Indeed, he is putting women on a pedestal.

    • Uru_DS

      I'm not a feminist. I believe in true equality.
      And I quite frankly don't wanna bother explaining you the difference.
      Go carefully read and understand everything I said and if you still think I'm a feminist, you're dumber than you realise.
      I stated mostly facts, didn't take a side.

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  • TheUniqueOne96

    Nice response.

    I answered here take and broke down every single point and I look back earlier and my opinion is gone, lol - I literally didn't even get a response or anything, like trying to justify your opinion should be the bare minimum.

    • I just asked her about it on another one of her questions and she blocked me, lol.

    • I made a mistake in saying it was a MyTake, when it was actually a question (although I am sure I saw it in the MyTake section) but that's not the point. The point is, she pussied and I replied to her on another question asking about it and this is what I got. '@theuniqueone96 you need to get a life and some friends. no normal individual with a normal life and friends ponders over nonsense like this. get a life freak and that's not a mytake stupid weirdo. Now you're blocked.' I can't respond back now, because it's her question. Not the first man hating feminazi to block me on here.

    • Do you think men are the cause of the changes experienced in this generation of women? ↗ She deleted my replies too, even though all I did was ask her about why she deleted it. Typical angry feminazi.

  • mistixs

    "Men die of a heart attack and stroke more than women because men do 99% of ALL hard jobs." No it's because of hormones. Women become as likely as men too die of heart attacks after they pass menopause.

    • mistixs

      To* die

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    • mistixs

      @sadassad most men don't work in construction either

    • sadassad

      Yeah but men are the ones who work at constructions.

  • Oram52

    "Since this user blocks anyone who disagrees with her and likes to hate on men..."

    Blocked me as well. Guess she's tough talk but can't handle it in return xD

    • Like most idiotic misandrist children.
      Spew a shit lot of talk and then run away with her fingers in her ears before she hears the truth.

  • Edanurus

    As far as objectification goes I've always thought everyone does it just depends on how.

    Women are objectified as ornaments pretty to look at not much use but high worth.

    Men are objectified as tools, take a lot of battering and only have value as long as they have use, replaceable.

    • Uru_DS

      You get it man. Prefect description of objectification.

    • Boppy

      I'm starting to think objectification comes from selfishness and a lack of empathy in general.

  • NineBreaker

    I generally agree with you.


  • Someguynamedbob

    THIS!!! men are held too a way way way way way higher standard especially in dating, we gotta be perfect in every single way just to be considered an OPTION

  • JoseftheMan

    Being a human comes with challenges and hardships, and when those hardships are our own problem, we must face them. Men and women face problems for their gender, so is the problem really male or female privilege? I always say that rather than preaching feminism, we preach equality. Many women bash on men because of unfair stereotypes, and it's considered "feminism". Equality is what we strive for, and feminism does not represent that.

  • morrowlow

    @brittslitt you're an entitled little ass. men don't have to go MGTOW to think women like YOU are trash. you're just sore that guys don't want you so you blame them for having standards

  • Rangers

    Her and her misandrist friends will probably do everything they can to get this taken down, lmao. Great take

  • Passinggas

    The best part is LB that I fall into the 10% they pursue, but I still reject women for their privileged derived man-hate. So, I just use them up, and toss them.

  • bamesjond0069

    Yes but its mens fault. We all know most women are too emotional to primarily act in a logical fashion. So therefore its mens job to enforce logical action. STOP FUCKING WITH AND BEING NICE TO DUMB FAT OLD HOS. For real. I will proudly say to a woman she's too old and she should have came correct when she was younger. Im not afraid to say fat girls are ugly and they should go to the gym. And i have self control and dont fuck hos and give them attention. Now if y'all men did this too and werent too scared to shame hos and left them to only fat ugly wimpy men, then girls would straighten the fuck up fast.

  • themomo84

    I don't know the history of this question, so thanks for the post

  • HereIbe

    All I want, in the end, is the same putting up with my bullshit from her as she expects for me putting up with her bullshit.

  • Chthou95

    Yeah but still you'll get women who disagree with you when you listed statistical facts 🙄

  • Kiran_Yagami

    Men should expect more from women. A woman should enhance a man's life and make it more bearable and more pleasurable. If she can't do that, then she has no value. If you want to be valuable to a man, learn some domestic skills, be a good mother, be a good homemaker. If you aren't willing to do that, then you'd better be willing to bring in enough bacon yourself to pay for the hired help, because expecting him to do it while you kick back and relax is asinine. That's gunning for the top 1% of men, which ALL WOMEN ARE GUNNING FOR. If you aren't a perfect 10, you don't stand a chance. Don't want to be valued for just your looks? Get some value outside of your looks. Fucking duh. And "personality" ain't it.

  • ShadowofRegret

    Good take sir.

  • Secretgardenblood

    Good take

  • NerdInDenial

    That Tweet is hilarious

  • No_Sugarcoat

    That was entertaining and comforting to read.

  • l don't act like that