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Toxic Masculinity Or Lack Of Masculinity

Toxic Masculinity Or Lack Of Masculinity

As you well know, my takes are always short and simple, depending on the topic and how much i actually want to say lol

There is no such thing as toxic masculinity when a man is an authentically masculine man.

Likewise, there is no such thing as toxic femininity when a woman is an authentically feminine woman.

Toxic masculinity is the new term for overt machismo and misogyny. Toxic femininity is misandry. The problem is that extremists in the feminism camp aren’t feminist at all, they are misandrist.

When as man knows who he is and what he is on this planet to do, treating people as unique equals, he exhibits a quiet confidence that puts the truly authentically-living people around him at ease.

He lives in strength and compassion and peace according to his own ability to do so. He considers the needs of others. He knows his limitations

Toxic Masculinity Or Lack Of Masculinity
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  • Sweatyotterr

    Agreed we need more masculinity the feminists just call us toxic to shame us

  • Lliam


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  • SkipStop

    👍 A man who understands. Embrace your masculinity. Do what you want. Be a man. You create your own definition of what it means to be a man. And strive for it. Boys will be boys. We all know it. There is lack of masculinity in young guys and boys because of misandry in modern society. We need to red pill our young boys asap. And sue schools for ruining our sons minds.

  • HungLikeAHorsefly

    What you described is literally the definition of toxic masculinity. This is only news to people who think "toxic masculinity" refers to all masculinity. That is, dumb people.

    Then again, that's most of GAG so good Take!

  • LukeLugh

    What actually is toxic masculinity? Where would one find it In day to day life? These notions of being a toxic person is don't make any sense. Regardless if you are female or male, the most toxic places are casual workplaces laced with venomous gossip, envy and domineering management/bullying. Most of this virtuelessness is actually perpetuated by women, not a supposedly toxic form of masculinity.

  • MostPaloney23

    Good definitions. Both healthy masculinity and femininity lift up yourself and others in different manners.

  • DWD94

    "toxic masculinity" is the reason civilization has progressed this far. If it weren't for 'toxic masculinity', our species would have died out long ago.

    • Imcmullan


    • Masculinity is the reason civilization has progressed this far. Toxic masculinity is the reason men commit suicide more often than women, and why we live with untreated mental illness for no reason at all.

    • DWD94

      Traits associated with toxic masculinity (recklessness, aggression, competitiveness, emotional unavailability, etc) are what kept civilization going. Men always get shit for being reckless. Doing reckless things such as doing the dangerous jobs nobody else wants to do, inventing aircraft, etc.

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  • GuidoThePizzaMaker

    So well said
    "There is no such thing as toxic masculinity when a man is an authentically masculine man."

  • JustWorthlessMe

    Exactly... the toxic "men" are just sexist man-babies,... not representations of actual men

  • Another masculinity myTake huh? These things are so damn ignorant about history. Masculinity changes constantly.
    You wanna be traditionally masculine? Then wear tons of mascara, nylons, high heels, frilly lace and make sure to have perfectly curled hair. And don't forget to be conservative about wanting sex, because "traditionally" women are the promiscuous ones.
    Toxic Masculinity Or Lack Of Masculinity
    Just look at his masculine lace, macho silk hat and manly high heels.

  • Browneye57

    Not bad. [thumbs up]

  • Anonymous

    Feminism IS toxic masculinity.

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