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No woman will ever like me. Why?

I am an Introvert with Epilepsy

I am quiet and can fall at anytime. I am still a good liking guy who never smoked and drink. I am scared to talk to any new women because of my disability. I can't drive. I can walk fast, thanks for doing Yoga for three years now. Mediating keeps going on my alone path for doing things on my own. Living single for so long I can understand maybe I am supposed to live life by myself.

No woman will ever like me. Why?

The hardest part to ask a woman is REJECTION

Asking one out, I'd would be a Rejected fast. If on a many dates then telling a woman I am disabled, she'll SWOOSH me off her mind. I'll be hurt more than ever. I live downtown where women are beautiful or pretty. I always want to go out with one but can't.

No woman will ever like me. Why?

Being an Introvert though is okay

Think more, smarter too. I got my brain problem, so what. I am just to afraid to ask anymore. My age now, women are divorced or living far away. I live my life on a Yoga path that takes me thinking. Having fun too. I got my Escrima Sticks to practice with. A XBOX TOO.

No woman will ever like me. Why?
No woman will ever like me. Why?
No woman will ever like me. Why?
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Massageman

    It looks as though you have already decided on the BIG answer (no woman will ever like you) and you are just filling in the details (the reason).

    If no one ever meets you, right: they will never like you. They will never KNOW you, so how could they know if they WOULD like you.

    Henry Ford once said, "Whether you think you can, or think you can't, you're right!"
    Get out of the quagmire that says you can't!
    Failure is NOT the opposite of success- it is PART of success!

    Perhaps joining an epilepsy support group will expose you to people who are sensitive to the needs of others with seizure disorders.

    Don't give up before you start. We will be praying for you.

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Most Helpful Girl

  • Lady_Frost

    "I am an Introvert with Epilepsy"

    So find your strengths and work on them to make them stronger to make up for your disadvantages. Nothing wrong with doing that. The last thing you (don't) want is keeping a low self esteem.

    "The hardest part to ask a woman is REJECTION"

    Start expecting rejections but never give up and you'll be good to go. Got rejected again? That's very normal. Move on to the next one until one says yes. And expect more rejections. Again, do NOT give up or this is it.
    You won't be disappointed.

    "Being an Introvert though is okay"

    Nobody said otherwise. Or did they?

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What Girls & Guys Said

  • Misstany

    I’m sure girls do like you, but because you are a introverted and shy it may seem like that you aren’t very charismatic... when this may not be the truth

    Perhaps try online dating as it may give you the confidence you need to continue to approach girls... you sound like a great guy so you just need to keep putting yourself out there, you’ll find a girl that’s understanding of your situation

  • Sam_Potter456

    You're disability is not the problem it because you are insecure and lack confidence. If you don't let it show that you feel insecure because of your disability. Trust me, a girl will give you a chance. Confidence and taking care of your self is the key.

  • Liam_Hayden

    "The hardest part to ask a woman is REJECTION"

    Rejection is a normal part of life. The secret is to get rejected by 9 but ask 10.

  • likemeyou

    In my opinion, Nobody is Perfect, everyone has issues in life!!
    but maybe you thinking to much about your issue s, And what are the other people say or thinking about that? For real love it doesn't matter if your issue s!! Real love come from the heart if really want this girl dont think about your problem, go out with her let her now that she is speciall And that you like her and believe in yourself for you know is she your wife with the good things and bad things don't worry believe in yourself and don't give up!!!

  • jirwin7979

    i know your pain man i am an introvert shy and on ssi girls hate me

  • Lol your so dumb

    • Not you asker i thought i was commenting on under 18 anons comment

  • GhettoGirl

    Jesus puuleazze someone give him a bullet.

  • Maybe you are afraid she will reject you.

  • DovahKittyLady

    I believe you will find someone right for you!

  • John_Doesnt

    Because you don't have money and a huge dick.

  • Anonymous

    It's okay, I know how you feel. I'm a woman and women don't like me either. I hang out with dudes a lot. Chicks anger me.

  • Anonymous

    Quit being desperate and crying about it Jesus Christ. I’ve been single for life but I’m not crying about it. Guys put women way too high on the pedestal it’s why men are falling behind in the world

    • You been single for life yet your under 18, dont be a jerk like that saying quit crying about it. This is obviously hurting this person deeply. So try to be nicer