More Reasons Men are Not Having Sex Today


More Reasons Men are Not Having Sex Today.

Okay, I know some of you guys get offended and catty but please try to act like adults. It doesn't have your name on it so save the rants please.

More Reasons Men are Not Having Sex Today

The moment anyone gets disrespectful I stop reading. It just makes you look bitter and combative for no reason. It's simply a generalized view point not a personal attack on yours.


The War on Depression isn’t Sexy Sadly.

More Reasons Men are Not Having Sex Today

Millennials are more medicated than past generations, especially when it comes to anti-depressants. Did you know that young adults today are using these drugs at earlier and for far longer periods of time than ever before? It's pretty well known at this point that anti-depressants (particularly Prozac and other SSRIs) have sexual side effects.

"Namely they tend to reduce sexual desire and inhibit sexual arousal."

You Are Too Weak

More Reasons Men are Not Having Sex Today

That’s right; the first and most important reason is you guys weakness. You do not have the balls needed for sex to happen. You fear rejection and this stops you from interacting with hundreds of potential chicks. You have problems grasping the true reality of the situation the more chicks you approach; the more you get rejected BUT ALSO the more you get laid.

You’ve Got A Massive Complex

More Reasons Men are Not Having Sex Today

You strongly believe that your crooked teeth or bad skin is the reason you haven’t gotten laid in 6 months. Unless you’ve been on the news because that complex makes you look like a monstrosity, you fail to realize that most people really don’t care what you look like. We care about how a guy treats us.

You Are Desperate For Female Attention

More Reasons Men are Not Having Sex Today

You rarely get the chance to be in the presence of a woman and when you do, you do the dumbest s**t possible. You lean in when you’re talking to her, you text/call her 10x time more often than she does, you freak out when she doesn’t immediately text/calls you back, you ask for permission, you show these sings of neediness, you lose her. I'm sorry that's just the truth.


More Reasons Men are Not Having Sex Today

You Don’t Care About The Way You Look
You believe that a man is not a woman and thus he should not spend some time in front of the mirror to “fix himself up”.


You think guys that do their hair and dress well are gay but yet, you seem to miss the fact that they are always leaving the venue with a girl.

#WowGirlRocks #WowGirl30q
#WowGirlRocks #WowGirl30q



More Reasons Men are Not Having Sex Today
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Most Helpful Guys

  • coachTanthony
    Oh boy!

    Drugs definitely tend to reduce sexual desire and inhibit sexual arousal and in a young man that certainly isn't good.

    One other thing that I didn't have growing up that these young men do have... is PORN... and lot's of it.

    Porn will desensitize the shit out of a man to the point where being with a woman just isn't pleasurable. They have been brain washed to the point that they think "real women" will do shit they see in porn videos and when they don't they can't even get hard.

    So what do we do about this? if you’re looking for that one thing that will solve all your problems, you won’t find it here...not in this comment. Men need to Reboot and Rewire and that takes time. Good Take Wow!
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    • No self-respecting parents would hand over to their kids a laptop without at least taking their kids places. My parents often took me to Toronto Argonauts (CFL Football) games and camping (with computer access being completely absent 10 years ago). I, nonetheless, agree with these sentiments myself! Too many young boys have too much access to pornography! If it isn't that, they're being told it's the cool thing to want gender reassignment surgery! There's a double standard favoring women, though. Young boys like Desmond is Amazing are sexualized in the media (think about Good Morning America, for example) with glee while those same people would be crying foul if women are dressed up in drag in the exact same way!

    • I still go camping without any electronics! It is a cognitive drain using electronics incessantly! Besides, it's a major turnoff for women watching some guy obsess over an instagram post!

    • Yep yep

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  • RolandCuthbert
    Well, if there is anyone to get these group of guys to listen. It would be you.
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Most Helpful Girls

  • MzAsh
    Great mytake!

    To put it simply, many men just aren’t qualifying themselves properly. They’ll call themselves nice guys and throw a complete fit when rejected. Women are wise to filter strategically to ensure the right guy and that she won’t be taken advantage.
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    • Chase7777

      When looking at domestic abuse stats it sure doesn't seem like women know how to pick the right guy.

    • MzAsh

      That’s why I go on about strict dating strategy.

    • Wowgirl30q

      Thank you my friend

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  • BlackRoseFairy
    Good writing! You make some good points, no matter if some guys are offended by them or not.
    Have you considered a blog or something?
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    • Wowgirl30q

      No Hollywood isn't calling lol

    • Wowgirl30q

      I try being honest

    • Lol! I'm sure you'd impress them 😉
      thanks for MHO! ❤️

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  • Or maybe I just never meet any females anymore. Tonight I went into a bar - 100% male. No, it wasn't a gay bar. Where I work, 85% male. The 15% is 100% married.
  • Kdude010
    Wow just imagine if a man made the same page detailing female behavior...
    • Wowgirl30q


    • Kdude010

      Women will definitely lose their shit lol

    • Wowgirl30q

      It would get some views I bet😉

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  • arabgoddess
    Everyone look out for Roland77 who's trolling the Posts and comments as usual 🙄🙄
  • Aiko_E_Lara
    Next up. Millions of reasons why women are not getting money today.
  • Liam_Hayden
    Great Take! Also, and I say this a lot because I counsel guys on it, porn addiction gives a lot of guys absurd views on how the average woman should look and behave.
    • roland77

      2 idiots down-voted, I up-voted because porn is unrealistic and painful often to the woman. Or how do you think she feels being slammed into her anus like nothing else and with almost no lubricant (saliva is no lube!)? Yes, painful!

    • roland77

      @Liam_Hayden And #porn kills a lot #endorphins on both genders. So your #desire into #sex goes down when to much porn is #consumed (yes, consumed).

    • @roland77 Good points. Looks like I hurt for the feelings of a few porn addicts.

  • skeetskeetskeet
    You forgot one big one... dont get arrested... not even a shamwow will dry a pussy out that quick... as a matter of fact she'll probably never call you again haha
  • ThisAndThat
    I don't worry nor care about rejection I'm strictly a MGTOW monk. But aside from that, LOL you totally contradicted yourself, just saying.

    We care about how a guy treats us.

    You Don’t Care About The Way You Look.
  • Fuentes
    I don't have this issue at all i fuck them all if they wanna fuck my dick work out here
  • Really? I mean you just gotta say so and we can cancel any report category regarding antifeminist posts. Or do you see any posts like "Why women belong into the kitchen only"?
    • roland77

      You forgot the child-making and for-sex-only stereotyping...

    • @roland77 Even when re-reading all this, I still miss the "you just don't want it" part.

  • I think that the 'looks' part and the 'massive complex' part contradict each other but aside from that I agree.
  • MackToday
    This could all be true for all I know. I'm not a millennial and they're a different breed.
  • Anpu23
    I'll give you two more that you missed, they are too desperate, and they think women are like guys... and go about things all backwards.
    • All add another : the skyrocketing suicide rate in young men and historical lows in college graduations. I mean don't guys know that unemployed corpses make for poor dates?

  • ToastyTimothy1828
    Women are increasingly aggressive behind the wheel of a car in western countries, hence higher insurance rates for women... #WowGirlRockz
  • Alearu
    You can blame porn, blame the drugs or just the lack of masculinity (well what can we do? Masculinity is frowned upon and so is the lack of it)
    But all of that is only one side of the coin.
    To be honest most women aren't worth chasing and working for... plenty of shitty women (same as plenty of shitty men) with high standards that bring most men to simply give up. I've tried my luck so many times with women and relationships that I've started to lose hope even tho I was successful, knew all the rules and what not but still once the hope is lost you simply don't try. Thank god I was able to find my SO before losing it all.
    • Alearu

      I don't come to diss or to blame, doesn't matter what your gender you can still be shit or amazing.
      But there plenty of more reason that man are not having sex.

  • madgoat
    I can't imagine why anyone would be offended or catty with this week balanced rant.
  • ronaldo75
    Holy Christ you're fucking ignorant. Stupid bitches like you are the reason men aren't chasing sex these days the way they used to. My dear LORD women today are psuedo-intellectuals.
  • usernamesk
    Somebody should make a mytake on why girl can't keep a guy.

    Those two mytake would be good for the two gender.
  • Desconhecida
    I agree with most of the reasons. Most of men here might not have the same insight but you are spot on!
    Great take girl!
  • GoodGuyBreakingBad
    Thank you for sharing a wonderful MyTake , Yes i truly agree on everything you mention
    Just like that thirsty guy who was involved with that marathon race , he smacked a girl whose age 23 on her behind , now that is no way for a Man to treat a Woman he is a thirsty piece of shit who should burn in hell , not only does he have a Wife and Kids he is youth Minster for Teens , if i was Father not so sure i would want him to be Minister my Teen in any Teen Youth Groups. Thank You , All My Blessings 😇🙏
  • ChaoticVortex
    You opinion is based on mind sets. I haven't had sex in... ever? I'm a virgin. I'm 23. And I'm okay with that. Some guys who truly dont care think this way cause of mindsets. You also contradicted yourself. At first is his we treat you then it's our looks. It or mindset to think a certain way. We dont care about our looks cause to many girls base our personality off of our looks. I dont see body for women, I see heart soul and mentality. So dont subject us to the same thing. Sure he dresses up. But he could be an asshole. Where as that some what over weight guy with a beard and sweatpants, takes care of his self and keeps himself clean and treats everyone around him with the utmost respect. Its mindsets. Perception. Look at all of us not just the ones you favor over others.
  • Tdieseler
    You make a lot of valid points but i can't help but notice the bias... you make it sound like its only men that should initiate sex... what does weakness have to do with anything? Sure drugs and other crap or porn can ruin libido... but thats not the point here...
    In this Take you say that many men are desperate for female attention which i totally agree with... like its getting really bad what men will do for attention... then there are guys like me that dont give two shits about if a female pays me attention or not... but im labelled as angry, bitter, heartbroken, misogynistic... etc...

    Your take is good... but you should probably stick with the female side of things... because just like no man can understand what females go through... no female can understand what males go through as well. Though you make valid points... the underlying message is the same..."Men should make all the effort... and women just lay back and pick and choose"...
  • crazy8000
    Pretty much goes both ways.
    Have lost count on how many I have stumbled in to that fucked it up for themselves by doing those thing's to get anything here.
  • Miristheiss
    Based on what?
    "Men are having less sex", where is that premise coming from?
  • es20490446e
  • cheapshotbob
    all these points are well taken i like them but i have been single for 28 year for the simple fact im not one to get some STD from a lady who goes for a pretty smile and clear skin..
    and im not talking about the generalization of men or women i just find it really annoying now a days because in all my years being single i have not seen one good example of a relationship that lasted longer than a month unless there over 30 the rest is more like a game of hard to get which i dont do games.

    and while the post might be true for most guys i go against the grain
    and i have actual standards and one of them is the girl must be drug free.
    and she has to say more than 1 syllable in a text or conversation and not talk like she is in a rap video lol
  • Yeah. Other than the depression meds and stuff (which is true) your points sound like the stereotypical sitcom where a guy is helping another guy with ways to get laid and they are true.
  • loveslongnails
    I wondering what made you want to do this take? And yes, you rock, and I missed you!
    • I got down voted by two guys. I wonder which part they voted down... that I questioned the take, or that Wowgirl rocks !!! I don't know, but I found it funny.

  • cth96190
    I can think of two reasons.
    1. Most young women want shitbag bad boys. Decent young men need not apply. It takes a while, but decent males get the message eventually and stop trying. Some girls can be especially vicious in the way that they reject an approach.
    2. It has become legally too dangerous to approach or interact with a female. In the USA, there is Title IX that encourages false allegations that can end a young man's life before it begins. Throughout the world there is #MeToo, which as the same effect. In Britain, men are being sent to prison because they approached a female on the street.
  • Apope16
    Oh. The quality guys would rather not waste their money and watch porn.
  • lenlenxyz
    Well on a more positive note, there's less chances of catching STI (STD)'s and it just means that the guy is more willing to groom themselves into finding that committed partner for the long term. Most of the older guys I've been have a more older view on women and how some (not all) view us as (not to degrade myself as a woman) sexual pleasures. But at the same time, I do see that these guys just like anyone else in the world are just wanting to find true love (if it does exist). And I think that's what many of us are striving for for the most part. I could be wrong on all of this, but it's just how everyone really interprets the situation.
  • CasaNorba
    I agree with you on the fact that we men are having less sex nowadays. however, your reasons are totally wrong and very condescending. at least the majority.

    the reason why most of us no longer show interest in sex nowadays is that we

    - figured out sex isn't worth as much as porn and rap music says
    - feel that we don't need to live up to your's or any other demanding bimbos expectations
    - don't want to be hit with false rape allegations, paternity fraud, etc
    - want to waste our money on more meaningful things.
    - don't want drama in our lives.
  • SentientBrick
    You invited me to share a opinion but this issue is so complex I cannot properly reply without "ranting" or being long winded. Also the way you worded your post makes it seem like your putting down men, not inviting a conversation or debate on the subject. FYI the corpses of men that didn't seek help nor take antidepressants for depression isn't very sexy either. In fact they lose their capacity for sex completely.

    Let me know when you want to have a real conversation. I'm interested to have one.
  • YHL6965
    "You show these sings of neediness, you lose her." Can you elaborate on the topic?

    As for my opinion on the topic, sex is one thing and love is another. Sure sex is cool, but I'm looking for love personally. I feel like putting all of this behind sex sets up a relationship that won't last if sex is your main concern here simply because sex is not the only thing that make a relationship. I personally don't care about "getting laid", I care about finding someone I love and that I can spend the rest of my life with.

    I also think that this is kind of a judgmental way of seeing things, like you are more trying to shame these men instead of teaching them so I'm not sure if it's really helpful to say these things if you phrase them like that.
  • BlacklightShade
    Men have it so tough these days.
    • We do?

    • Honestly, I have not noticed. I am speaking for myself of course.

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  • Justacatlady
    I like your hashtag 🐱
  • NineBreaker
    Everything in this take, and most of the opinions (Esp. MHO's) are, in my opinion, on point.

    I would like to add that some men are having less sex due to fear of the possibility of false rape or assault accusation. Thanks to the #MeToo movement, a lot of guys worry about being falsely accused of rape or sexual misconduct.

    The reason is that even if you were completely innocent, the very accusation is enough to destroy a man's life in every single way: You lose your job (and therefore your income), potentially your family, and your friends.
  • BobbyC65
    The only reason I'm not having sex is because I don't have a girlfriend I don't even have friend with benefit's to be sexual with. :(
  • driller1127
    Very true. can't argue with that. thank you for that i enjoyed it
  • sean1234
    I'm sorry but no for many.
    1ST off, I won't have sex till marriage and
    2ND off, most women will and are satanists like yourself and perhaps dont even realize it!

    3RDly, I NEED to be impressed. These days to say I'm not impressed with women is an extreme understatement. If you don't believe in God/Jesus, then I don't even want to talk to you, if you are a fake Christian who celebrates a Sunday Sabbath or celebrates a pagan self gratification 12/25 holiday, I want to talk to you even less.

    -I'm just tired of it. Lately I've been praying for the 2nd coming of Jesus. Things in this world are getting to bad, I don't think I want to raise kids in this world with no morals.
  • yourfavperson
    Whats up with the bullshit images in between? Its so distracted and doesn't add to the question.
  • danfarmbiy
    We are not have sex today because it takes 2 plus lol
    • roland77

      You mean penetration or oral activity. At least we have our hands? ;-) But to much #masturbation can make you feel lonely.

    • roland77

      Also having a depression can cause us (and females, too) to have no sex [desire].

    • danfarmbiy

      Well I must be depressed, all I do is masturbate

  • it's not like that i don't have any of these still i am virgin
  • OG956
    Just 1 question: What's the point of these points? Cause reason why I don't have a sex is just cause I don't care about sex. That's all.
  • StickStickity13
    I think something like 10%-20% of men are sexually attractive to women. This is probably the main reason
  • AllThatSweetJazz
    Okay, but lets at least recognise that's not a reasonable request.
  • KashNickels
    I only read the bold text waiting to spot on that applied to me, but then just had to give a thumbs up and send to my girlfriend.
  • Good myTake @Wowgirl30q!
  • i never had sex with a girl because i never tried to
  • IHateBeingaMan
    is there evidence supporting the fact that guys, men, are having less sex today?
    • roland77

      I guess not. :-) Masturbation is by the way a sexual activity and it becomes nicer when your (currently distanced) girlfriend can watch you doing it and also go on rubbing her breast nipples for you. Just saying, not admitting it. :-)

    • @roland77 ya, some people are saying that the incel community is on the rise

  • Redalert3
    Cellphones tablets gaming Internet and porn you name it lack of social skills
  • JackClaxton
    It's just too much trouble, and too expensive.

    Just use your hand. No hassle at all. And it's free.
  • BigJake
    You missed the biggest reason in this take: sex has been so devalued and demystified that guys don't really care about it that much anymore. Guys today are exposed to porn and sexual content from a very early age, and casual sex is common starting in junior high schools. Sex is available and for sale everywhere, both on dating apps and online marketplaces. The combination of masturbation and so much exposure to sexual content defuses the sexual frustration that would otherwise spur guys to go looking for it. The upshot is that guys--like girls--really only want to put in the effort for exceptional members of the other sex.
    • What about guys that still never had sex or a relationship before?

  • Daniel3035
    LMAO this is written by a a 5 year old.
    Millennials are more medicated than past generations you'll find out why soon.
    You fear rejection and this stops you from interacting ummmmm? Sorry? =
    If your busy just say so.
    We care about how a guy treats us. = I encourage you to looks back at the link above. We care about how women treat us and when every time we ask you on a date we get treated badly ie the link above we won't ask you out it has nothing to do with fear of rejection. In fact why don't you ask us out if your not afraid?
    You show these sings of neediness, you lose her. Agreed not many of us reach that opportunity because of the above^.
    You Don’t Care About The Way You Look = Agreed some men don't but most of us do. You think I don't clean my face shave use moisturiser etc.
  • fred_durst
    or the guy is just extremely broke
    well it just cost 50 us dollar to hire escort in here , for 90 minutes
  • jadoe
    Wow.. you hit the nail on the head with this one.. thanks for saying what we all haven't 👍
  • DanOh2018
    Not sure really. I have lots of sex. Unless I'm like sick or something.
    • DanOh2018

      I'm sure being on antidepressants isn't doing most Men any favors sexually. It's a difficult era jn which to maintain a healthy outlook.

  • Well I can’t have sex at all... medical issue at 22
  • To be fair I act like a dumbass around cute guys
    • Wowgirl30q

      Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh !!! 😂😂😂

    • I think one time or two times... about the only two time I went out. I kept looking at the singer so much that even the main singer looked at me. N yes it look like I was flirting when I wasn’t

    • I am literally so embarrassed. Also it was a small thing so yeah...

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  • nice Wowz!!
    • Wowgirl30q

      Thanks pretty have you seen your 1828 guy? Some guy on here named himself in honor of you.. different 🙂

    • Yeah I noticed that lol

      Tim the Toaster haha

      Good lad but yeah... interesting as you noticed

  • sekisui
    I just wanted a virgin with good values like loyalty.
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