Why withholding sex does not produce higher quality men

Why withholding sex does not produce higher quality men

Does withholding sex actually work in weeding out which partner is best? The answer is no.

Here is what all these broken hearted women dont understand. As a ladies man I have many women in my phone. I fuck the women who put out right away and then I go on dates and wait on the girls who dont. Then a month or whenever later I sleep with the prudes who waited when they are ready and comfortable.

Do I lie to them? Do I pretend to be an innocent church going man? No. I just be a blunt bad boy. I very clearly tell them I want to fuck them. They say something like "I want to get to know you better first." Then I sleep with a fuck buddy for friend with benefits and enjoy myself going on sexless dates with prudes who "want to wait". haha. They eventually get to the point where they like me and don't care anymore. They sleep with me anyway. Honestly? I think they sleep with me because I dont beg for sex. They think it is because I am being a nice and polite guy but in reality it is because I am getting plenty of sex throughout my week anyway.

The point I am trying to make is this. The "Bad boy" is walking around sleeping with women regardless of whether he gets sex from you or not. He will just be sweet and charming to you during the day and be blowing some other girl's back out by night. The idea that you are not putting out because you can detect bad boy better is absolutely hilarious! It actually makes me laugh.

Am I a true bad boy? I would not say that. I think I am a good guy. My intention is a long term relationship. So my intentions are not just sex. But men can certainly get it from other women regardless of whether some girl has some waiting on sex policy.

I have seen women do it too. I can't tell you how many times women have called me up and said "I went on a date today. He was kind weird. You want to come over and have sex now?"

Why withholding sex does not produce higher quality men
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  • Anonymous
    This isn't surprising to me. Although I personally don't support, I don't blame you. You have women who sleep around in their limited youth with the non relationship material guys. They get baggage, broken hearts, kids, etc. Then when their time is almost up, they want to fake a nice personality and act prude (ironic). Now they want to settle down and give what leftover they have to their husband (whom is supposed to be the best, the person they are with for life). They want to "wait" with that guy and lie about their innocence all the while the guy has to buy dinner, go through so many hoops, go through so much baggage and deal with xyz. Nevermind marriage and all the foolishness that we see in many marriages today.

    Imagine if a new restaurant just opened up and they had an all day all you can eat buffet. It's initially free and people decide to eat there. You have some people who want to eat there, leave tips or even pay because they are grateful and they don't want to take advantage. But they are told they have to wait or come again later since they aren't ready yet. Fast forward to night time where the leftover food is cold, the place is a mess and the severs are moody and mediocre.

    Now the restaurant decides to call you or you visit the area to see that they want to sell the food now but at a premium to cover the loss in the day time. They lie,, saying they only had a few customers or they just opened. Oh, and you only get two plates of food at best.

    Who in their right mind would even tolerate the disrespect?

    The poster is merely fighting fire with fire and you see that the ladies don't like it. What comes around goes around like karma.

    I really do feel bad for the women who haven't been in relationships, have waited all their lives and slightly for the ones who genuinely want to do the right thing. They'll have to continue to wait and seek.

    This is a cycle and what the poster above is continuing the cycle but he like most are caught in it. Cause and effect. If people want to theoretically solve this, they must tale accountability, put aside their selfishness be honest and do the right thing.

    The amount of quality men out there diminishes day by day as the world gets worse and worse. You have even a lesser chance to have him as you get older. Many have put them as backburners, used them (whether it be emotionally, favors, etc), strung them along, etc.

    The quality man will have integrity, character (which is built over a period of time, developed through life and work and also taught/influenced with right upbringing) and all of the quality traits.

    Men and women generally can tell who is whom. Whether they are quality or not. I have less sympathy for women than men in this regard but still...

    You want a quality guy, you should be a quality girl (not trying to fake being nice to settle down, get stability and have kids).
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  • Juxtapose
    "I very clearly tell them I want to fuck them. They say something like "I want to get to know you better first." Then I sleep with a fuck buddy for friend with benefits and enjoy myself going on sexless dates with prudes who "want to wait". haha. They eventually get to the point where they like me and don't care anymore. They sleep with me anyway"

    Prudes need to learn my man lol. Good shit.
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    • neesa

      Bruh you're over 30 grow up lol

    • Juxtapose

      Nah, I'm happy with how I am. Thanks for the concern though.

    • Apope16

      Its not about playing a game. It is being wise and smart about women in the dating game. Its about not being taken advantage of. SHe isn't having sex with you because you are such a "nice guy" and she wants to "take things slow". haha. No. She goes on a nice sweet date with you and then she goes and gets her back blown out by Chad with the tattoos or a guy who is lady smart.

      What @neesa fails to understand is that I am "chad" in this situation. I am preaching truth. This is what women tell me. As a matter of fact. I have had women tell me about their dates coming up. They ask me for advice. Then afterward they come to me to have sex. Most of them dont have sex with the loser "nice" guy who was too polite to make a move. The whole thing is hilarious what ladies tell me.

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  • btbc92
    Buddy. You just want sex. And your past trauma is proving that and how you treat the 30+ women you can't keep but had to date. They very much do produce higher quality men. You are just sadly not what they call a quality man. You've had yet to even know what one is. No. Your intention is sex. Period. It's not just, it JUST IS. And it's something you refuse to admit because, in the end, you're a sex addict. And you need psychological help. I said this before. You're not a ladies' man. Your a victim and an addict who refuses to get help, play with women's minds, don't care about them. but then play the victim when nobody cares about you. This whole thing is just you seeking attention and your crying for help. You better get some help. You're just not going to find it here on GaG let alone women, unless she is a trained professional who isn't going to fall for your 'ladies man' charms.

    "They sleep with me anyway." Because they have no self-worth. They lack a self. Even you. You lack a self so you try to find your identity by having sex. "Does withholding sex actually work in weeding out which partner is best? The answer is no." As a virgin almost 30, I can safely tell you this is a BS answer who is upset that no woman in her right mind is going to. Because the ones who sleep with you AREN'T in their rights minds.
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    • Apope16

      Im in a relationship now.

    • UnicaMujer

      That poor woman.

    • @UnicaMujer ๐Ÿ’€๐Ÿ’€๐Ÿ’€๐Ÿ’€

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  • RP_Blackburn
    Hm so if a woman doesn't want to bang you on the first date she's a prude? Just, nobody should have any physical or sexual boundaries, or else they are holding out on you? It couldn't possibly be that they want to get to know you more just because they aren't comfortable crossing that line of intimacy with a stranger?

    This has really added to my view of men. Do you think all women would be willing to have sex on the first date if they were just smart and read this mytake?
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    • Apope16

      Prude is a term as an example to simply difference. I personally dont think one is prude in that circumstance.

    • Historically and currently a definite negative term. If you didn't mean it as one you may want to consider swapping it for something more neutral. But do what you want, it seems like you did intend it.

      Also you didn't answer anything, so just briefly, if you don't mind:
      is any physical/sexual boundary held by a woman an example of mistakenly withholding sex from a man, caused by the delusion that it will weed out the bad ones?

    • skel47

      Ithis its neith of these opinions why it happens its because often woman give and men take in the sexual exchange if that makes sense, and because of that they hold the power in whether something happens or not. If men were more self devoted and women had to chase i think it would probably be the same. Men are from mars and women venus, sex just isn't important to most women.

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  • errorgoodnameunfound
    What does this have to do with withholding sex?

    This sounds exactly like your last 10 takes.

    I even have a title suggestion for your next one:

    I think you should also consider running a certified manwhore association. :D
  • Alyssa11
    But then you come across a strong minded woman who wonโ€™t sleep with you and ends up breaking your heart. Donโ€™t tell me itโ€™s not true, we all know it is lol.
    • Apope16

      Abundance mentality. There are many fish in the sea. If she goes on dates with me for several months and doesn't want anything more... she isn't "principled" or "a woman of standards". No. That is a woman who is playing games as well and just going on friendzone dates for attention.

      I have slept with women myself who come to my place for a date and tell me that they sleep with me to get their fill but refuse to sleep with the guy they "really" want to be with. In other words, the best kept secret is that there are women who refuse to put out for husband material beta male guys but after they go on dates with those losers they just come to me for crazy sex. I am just telling the truth here. Honestly? If I wanted to I could ask such a girl to date me and they would be willing to.

    • Alyssa11

      Yeah that wouldnโ€™t work with me for example lol.

  • Hogwheels
    Stop posting this shit. Its not about making a man better. Its about weeding out the terrible men who won't last long in a relationship without sex.
    • Apope16

      You dont get it do you? The whole point of the article is that the goal that these ladies have is a complete and total failure. It does not do that.

      I also would add that women do the same thing in reverse. There are women who come to me just for sex and then play goodie two shoe games with the "long term" date guy. In other words, if you are dating a girl for several weeks and she isn't having sex with you. It most likely isn't because she is "principled".. no no.. dont be naive. SHe is getting her back blown out by another guy. YOu are just her side piece friendzone boyfriend who wines and dines her for attention. Then after several weeks of no sex she will say "there just isn't a spark" or "it feels like we are just friends..." hahaha!

  • PrudentGuy
    Hey dude, so happy for to have understood the aliens from Venus! 😄😄😄

    IT guy? Or in the event industry? If yes, PM.

    Otherwise, its a nice post. (Could misled INCELs though 😄😄😄). If you have time, write "Bad Guys guide to Good Girls Temple". May it be the next bestseller 😄😄😄
  • Bella9191
    Women do understand this. Just they like to be the victim a lot and pretend to be naive because it makes them feel better than the shame of admitting they fell for a guy who played them. She feels stupid. So she rather say to people omg I had no idea he was like this. Than to say, I knew he was like this, and was too lonely or too whatever to break up with them or too desperate that I intentionally ignored red flags.
    Women know.
  • FatherJack
    Men are bashed enough generally as it is , and viewed negatively by a large percentage of , probably most women... thanks for adding to that , especially as I am the father of 2 daughters , one adult , one teen. The feminists will see this as " See !! We're RIGHT !! " ammunition... great job !!
  • PBandJ_Nerd
    Is it fine for me to ask why you think women who are just not ready and comfortable to have sex yet are prudes? Because a prude is someone who's repulsed by sex and nudity. Not being ready yet isn't the same as finding it repulsive.
  • Blindguyplaying
    Didn't women try this before during prohibition and I think the group of women who started that only had 3% of women's support. Whereas when prohibition was on the way out. Another group of women that was against prohibition was bigger than the prohibition women's group and they said they were against that no sex slogan.
  • Mmgoodtoast
    If your intention is a long term relationship, why are you still sleeping around with many women?
    • Apope16

      That is the whole point of dating. The best kept secret for women is that is exactly what they do in the dating app world. They date multiple guys to see who is the best fit for them. Still.. you seem more critical of me than the devestating and tragic blow I have given to the whole concept of waiting to "test" men or to see if a guy is "high quality".

  • misanthropistkev
    First off I would like to say this man is a reverend and should be teaching young boys all over this great wisdom because that is exactly what I do oml 😂😂 were kindred spirits broski fr respect 💯 I wanna find something real too though but most women are awful might as well fuck em PERIOD
    I agree that withholding sex is stupid. Other than that I got bored reading this.

    A high quality man is that because he just is. But having sex just because he wants to is not good either.

    A sexual relationship comes about organically if 2 people are honest in their approaches. It may happen within hours or it may take months. It's not a decisive game, it's a natural and incredibly enjoyable thing.
  • Nazgol
    Sounds like you're proud of yourself for your behavior & how you are. That's a shame, really. Nothing good about it
    • Nazgol

      And if there was a thumbs down option I would have pressed many times for this "take"

    • yofuknutz

      Fact it has come to this says a lot about our society cannot argue the point no more it is what it is

    • Nazgol

      @yofuknutz what?

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  • 19magic
    So if they ask if you're seeing other girls you'll say yes? You did say you don't lie after all
  • Barbaric
    I don't think that this is a good thing at all, but this is the way the modern dating world really works. It's more important for men to understand these things than women. You won't change women's minds at all.

    I've been telling guys for ages about the way it works for women. The last point you made is important to understand. Because a lot of guys think the same way. They thin that the girl who makes them wait is automatically a quality woman, and a girl who has quick sex with a guy is automatically "easy". The majority of women will do either depending on the guy.
  • Wewladdy
    Why are your posts so cringe dude
    • Apope16

      Because the real world is very cringe. In 10 years you will realize that the girls your age are not innocent flowers. They are sleeping around and swiping on dating apps. If she is not sleeping with you early on she is either not into you or getting it from Antwan on a different dating app. Im trying to help you

    • Wewladdy

      I'm well aware most women are whores, but yikes!

  • UnicaMujer
    I canโ€™t tell if this is satire. Itโ€™s pretty funny nonetheless.
  • Laciandmaci
    I prefer waiting, along with having my partner wait till marriage!
  • bamesjond0069
    This is the dumbest thing i think I've read on here in awhile.

    1. Withholding sex and waiting for sex are not the same thing. I think you're talking about waiting but you called it Withholding.

    2. Waiting to have sex does get higher quality men, guys who want a quick fuck aren't going to wait. I agree waiting like 2 or 3 dates why bother? Girls should be waiting like 6 months or more.

    3. You make no distinction between girls that wait for everyone because casual sex is wrong vs girls that only make YOU wait because they are slut game players who dont respect you. Two totally different kinds of girls.
  • neesa
    Ew what did I just read...
  • thimmslicc
    Withholding is for me. Not for you.
  • Whitemeatchicken
    Oh look a PUA. Itโ€™s called morals and standards.
  • Babygirl_S
    I'm glad you don't represent all guys 🌝
    • cth96190

      Yet, these are the men who most women pick.
      Decent men, who want to love and care for one special girl, are โ€˜boringโ€™ until the woman gets to about age 30.

  • art84
    What a load of garbage.
  • themythos
    Bro what are you talking about?
  • Anonymous
    So it's come to this.Why withholding sex does not produce higher quality men
  • Anonymous
    To be honest, nobody really wants to build a family with a girl/guy who F's other guys/girls while seeing him. It's a big red flag that indicates high probability of cheating in near future. But if we are talking about people who don't really care about getting married, kids and living family life, then I think you're correct. Interesting mytake though.
  • Anonymous
    Withholding sex produces anger, bitterness, resentment, breakups and divorces.

    Any woman who uses sex as a tool does not deserve a good man.
  • Anonymous
    At your age? Oh my, this is why I prefer the handsome young gentleman/fuck boys around my age, they love or lie more easy while being sexy youthful, something old men like you will never have, your the low quality one. Imagine telling a young women a 23 yr old man is less hotter than a 33 year old. Illogical, old men who think their fuckboys need to have a reality check, why would girls like me waste our limited youth on you when men in their 20s are sizzling in everyway.
    • Smoothing

      Sizzling! ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚