Why withholding sex does not produce higher quality men

Why withholding sex does not produce higher quality men

Does withholding sex actually work in weeding out which partner is best? The answer is no.

Here is what all these broken hearted women dont understand. As a ladies man I have many women in my phone. I fuck the women who put out right away and then I go on dates and wait on the girls who dont. Then a month or whenever later I sleep with the prudes who waited when they are ready and comfortable.

Do I lie to them? Do I pretend to be an innocent church going man? No. I just be a blunt bad boy. I very clearly tell them I want to fuck them. They say something like "I want to get to know you better first." Then I sleep with a fuck buddy for friend with benefits and enjoy myself going on sexless dates with prudes who "want to wait". haha. They eventually get to the point where they like me and don't care anymore. They sleep with me anyway. Honestly? I think they sleep with me because I dont beg for sex. They think it is because I am being a nice and polite guy but in reality it is because I am getting plenty of sex throughout my week anyway.

The point I am trying to make is this. The "Bad boy" is walking around sleeping with women regardless of whether he gets sex from you or not. He will just be sweet and charming to you during the day and be blowing some other girl's back out by night. The idea that you are not putting out because you can detect bad boy better is absolutely hilarious! It actually makes me laugh.

Am I a true bad boy? I would not say that. I think I am a good guy. My intention is a long term relationship. So my intentions are not just sex. But men can certainly get it from other women regardless of whether some girl has some waiting on sex policy.

I have seen women do it too. I can't tell you how many times women have called me up and said "I went on a date today. He was kind weird. You want to come over and have sex now?"

Why withholding sex does not produce higher quality men
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