Reasons Masculine Men Are Better


Reasons Masculine Men Are Better

Reasons Masculine Men Are Better

In the past decade, the nice, effeminate man has been elevated above what he should be. When did a man who acts like a women become better than a Real Man who actually acts like a man? Here are five reasons Masculine Men are better than Soft Fragile Boys.

1. They Won't Judge Your Small Imperfections

Reasons Masculine Men Are Better

Their sexuality functions on a more animalistic level, so they don’t assess you with their rationality or analytical skills, but with their guts and instincts.

Nice dandyish men are different. Since they care too much about their own appearance, they judge women the same way they judge themselves: through an artistic, ideal kind of beauty, the type that amazes a man’s left brain but leaves him more or less sexually aroused.

Reasons Masculine Men Are Better

Effeminate men prefer cute over sexy. With their refined attention to details, they will mind if you didn’t draw your lines on your eyebrows correctly, notice if you’re carrying 5 extra pounds and be disgusted if your butt jiggles when you walk.

2. They Only Have Feelings At The Right Place And Time

Reasons Masculine Men Are Better

They are laid back unemotional beings, and if a problem arises, they will deal with it and solve it on the spot, forgotten and forgiven a few minutes later.

Reasons Masculine Men Are Better

You might find the sissified men cute at first when you witness them crying at the movies, but they also passive-aggressively throw outfits after having held inside their grudges for weeks for reasons you will never understand. They will choose the perfect time for it: your birthday.

Reasons Masculine Men Are Better

3. They Take The Lead

They plan and organize the dates, and all you have to do is show up with your smile, relaxed and ready to have fun. Whereas effeminate men will ask you want you want to do, what restaurants you like and if their jeans make them look fat, effectively ruining the evening.

4. They Don’t Play Mind Games

Reasons Masculine Men Are Better

They will be upfront with their intention and let you know what they want right from the start, which makes them more honest.

Reasons Masculine Men Are Better

Oppositely, nice guys will put up an act, lying to you and befriending you in a slimy attempt at making their way inside your legs. When they realize you won’t let them in, their precious feelings are crushed, they call you an abusing bitch and make you responsible for all their troubles.

5. Our Bodies Even Know They Are Better

Reasons Masculine Men Are Better

A woman prefers a more masculine man when she is fertile and looking for a fling rather than a mate for life, according to a new study. The finding suggests the value that women place on masculinity changes with context and with women's reproductive cycles and immediate goals.

Thanks everyone so much for reading..

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Reasons Masculine Men Are Better
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  • OddBeMe
    I'm sure their conversation is just top notch...
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    • WowwGirl

      Ass 😂
      You may be right

    • OddBeMe

      “So... uh... you like working out”
      “Oh me too bro!”

    • You forgot the 'Do you even lift bro?''

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  • bamesjond0069
    Great list!
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    • WowwGirl

      Thanks thought of you lol

    • bones0271

      Why did this comment get so many dislikes

    • SlavBoi

      @bones0271 fembois started a crusade against masculine men

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  • JustAHumanHere
    Here's your 'list' from a realistic point of view:
    1. They won't judge your small imperfections. Ugh are you kidding me? Have you met straight masc men. I've never been judged by anyone but big ridiculous 'manly' men. They're incredibly rude and has irrational standards created by their image of what a woman should be.

    2. They only have feelings at the right place and time. Yeah I'm sure that's what they said when the rape statistics came out. Second of all I would never, ever want a man who can't communicate or pretends he doesn't have emotions. If that's what I wanted then I'd fuck a toaster, do i want to fuck a toaster? No? For fucks sakes cry, it's healthy, feel what ever the hell you want to feel because your a human being.

    3. They take the lead. Yeah that's why there's so many single moms out there and kids without dads right? My macho dad is a drunken alcaholic, while my hardworking mother carried the damn family emotionally, mentally, and financially. So much for a real man huh? Second of all no one wants a man to take the lead, their not your leaders, there your partners, and a partner should be equal. No one is more important than the other one. This isn't the 19 hundreds. My gosh.

    4. They don't play mind games. Uh, excuse me, have you dated straight men? Their the damn poster children for mind games. All fem guys or normal guys I know don't do this. At all. Nor do any of my gay friends. This is littrely the natural breeding ground for masc men. Have you been in a gym or a nightclub or a damn college campus? All they do is play mind games to get off so they can move on to the next notch in their belts.

    5. Our bodies even know they are better. Wow. Didn't realise men can now tell women what their bodies wants while their fertile. Was this written by a boomer posing as a caveman? Pretty sure that's up to the woman to decide. I do not want a lover who tries to show me his dominance and only cares about himself in bed. My body do not want that. My body wants someone to fuck me like they mean it, my pleasure means something to, masc alpha male men don't do that, men with feelings do. Men with fucking emotions do. I want rough passionate sex where we both get off and have an amazing time. You don't get that with supposed macho wannabe Alpha males.

    I think people who says these things hasn't been in the real world. It's also incredibly dated to try and tell a man what he should and shouldn't be because of ridiculous propaganda. This is so sad, that some men (mostly old ones) still thinks this. Men is so much more than this. Their more complex and amazing than this. Don't degrade them to a damn stereotype.
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  • Drakkith
    Good god, what trash barge capsized and put this pathetic pile of sewage here.

    I can't even begin to explain how bad this is. Like, it should be illegal for something this bad to wash up on the virtual shore. On top of generalizing a multitude of things (and badly at that), the author of this list appears to think that men are either one category or the other, attributes things to masculine or non-masculine men that, in reality, everyone has, and thinks that asking what they want for dinner puts too much strain on their fragile brain.

    Seriously, if you can't handle the stress of deciding where to eat, where to go, or what to do, then put the training wheels back on your tricycle and stop chewing gum while you walk, because your brain might not be able to handle that level of complexity. Have someone wire a monitor to you, because you might actually forget to breathe.

    This is so bad that I thought it was written by a wannabe alpha-cuck (who doesn't understand that the alpha/beta thing is bullshit) trying to acquire more internet points to spend at the vending machine in self-esteem land by stroking the fragile egos of all the men who think that being an asshole and not having to try at dating is a good personality trait.

    I'm submitting this article to science in an attempt to understand how something so bad could have made it into reality. Wish me luck on my Nobel prize.
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    • This reaponse is the best thing I read today.

    • RyanK9b

      Weird that I learned in my psychology class about alpha, beta, gamma.. people in a society. But I guess internet guy knows it better

    • gotc147

      Beta boy is mad 🤣

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  • thegirlwonder
    I mean, to each her own. I prefer men somewhere in between. Fully developed adults.

    While I won't deny an attraction to a degree of masculinity, I don't like the emotionally stunted thing. I want a grown man, not a little boy playing a role and running away from his feelings. And to be honest, women of a certain caliber who are looking for depth in their connection and understanding of their partner are not looking for one-dimensional caricatures of men who "only have emotions when I find it convenient." I can't imagine any man with real self-awareness and self-esteem finding it flattering that you can't be bothered with huge parts of who he is as a person. Gag, and not in the fun way.

    But then maybe the women who go well with these types of men are the opposite caricatures of femininity, right? That's not me anyway. I have a very feminine appearance, but I don't fit stereotypes of femininity in my personality. I'm logical in my thinking, assertive, challenging, kind of loud, etc. I'm not a wilting emotional flower who just can't even, so I'm not looking for brute strength, big man dude with no feelings to pick me up over his shoulder to the cave. So there's that, apart from my distaste for the sexist idea that men should beat their emotions into submission. I've involved with guys like this. Sexual chemistry through the roof, but you're begging them to actually be present and communicate. I guess if you don't really care about his feelings, that's not an issue though.
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    • Its true. I'm only interested in ultra feminine women.

    • @bamesjond0069

      Makes sense, I suppose. Enjoy!

    • "you're begging them to actually be present and communicate. I guess if you don't really care about his feelings, that's not an issue though."

      Its not natural for a man to be highly communicative about his feelings because for men they are only a small and mostly unimportant part of our life experience. Why can't you just respect that instead of you saying we are acting a role and are emotionally stunted. I have plenty of feelings, but whether im happy sad mad (isn't that all the emotions?) It doesn't change how i need to keep my responsibilities and do things i have to do.

      Hey from our perspective the average women is a freaking lunatic. Crying and emotional all the time. I dont even know how its possible to cry as much as a typical woman. A girl im dating hugged me after not seeing me for a week and was crying. Whhhhyyy? It seems institutional level crazy from my pov.

      The difference is i respect women and know they are different than men and its normal for them. You dont seem to respect men very much and want men to be like women. I already quoted you above but "I guess if you don't really care about his feelings, that's not an issue though." Your complaint seems to be more about your feelings. you're mad and upset about a man not having more feelings and spending more time discussing them with you. Why not let him deal with his feelings in the way he feels is best? I mean if you really cared about his feelings and weren't as selfish...

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  • YourFutureEx

    *lemme grab my keyboard and write why Masculine Men Are Better..*

    1. "Their sexuality functions on a more animalistic level, so they don’t assess you with their rationality or analytical skills, but with their guts and instincts."
    -So that he won't call me out on my bullshit attitude and just desire me for my big (AND NOT SAGGY boobs, this is just a little imperfection. How dare you pointing out my imperfection even though I write about imperfections of men on internet every week)

    2. "They are laid back unemotional beings"
    - Yes, my dildo doesn't have any feelings

    3. "... and all you have to do is show up with your smile, relaxed and ready to have fun"
    -Why did god even give me a brain? I hate thinking... like seriously. Personality is a foreign concept to me. I'm a beautiful flesh.

    Not going to roast the 4th point. It makes sense. But it's not a masculine trait to be honest. It's a "good human" trait. By calling it masculine, you're roasting the femininity by calling it dishonest.

    5. "A woman prefers a more masculine man when she is fertile and looking for a fling rather than a mate for life, according to a new study"
    -Because I want to open my legs to a wide variety of hunks without committing to any, that's my choice. (Because deep down I know that no guy will ever commit to me in the first place as I lack personality)
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  • Kaazsz
    All men can be masculine. It's just that society has taught us all that being a man is bad and evil. And we believe it so deeply that we reject masculinity.

    As I think more and more about it, I think it's all a result of a rejection of sexuality. Men are seen as evil sex crazed beasts. And when a man rejects that aspect of his nature, he becomes a feminine man.

    A quote from OP: "They will be upfront with their intention and let you know what they want right from the start, which makes them more honest."

    This is how guys get girls. By being honest. But most guys are afraid to be honest, because the actual honest truth, is that if you aren't that special girl who we want to settle down with and love, we just want to fuck you. We want to fuck you before we figure out if you're special or not. It's a requirement.

    Many men are afraid to be honest, because they think women hate us for the truth. And it's kind of true. Women DO hate us for the truth. But they fuck the guys who are honest anyways. So all you can do is be honest and get that pussy. Because being sneaky and trying to slip into her pants through evasive action doesn't work.

    The other truth is that women are 100% or more slutty than men are. And many men don't want it to be true. Many men hate when a woman is a slut. Mostly because he knows she's only a slut for a masculine man, and not him. That's why he is angry at women who are sluts. And so women hide the truth from us men, because they know and fear our anger of the truth. The truth being that women are dirty as fuck and down to get plowed at the drop of a hat by some masculine man. And that's the truth.

    And so these two truths result in a society that shames our real sexual desires. And I guess it just rolls down hill and fucks up every other aspect of your personality. Men become feminine sissy boys, and women become raging cunts. You never heard of the hen pecked husband? That is the result of sexual shame on both sexes in my opinion.

    Of course I could go on and on so I'll just stop here. Am I wrong? Will i get 100 thumbs down? Probably lol.
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    • Yaaten

      Yeah, that's a load of bullshit.

    • Kaazsz


    • WowwGirl

      No he's good
      Above I got threatened he stood up for me pussies don't do that.

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  • sejla
    I'm not sure if those assumptions are correct. Some very masculine can be pretty judgy on occasion and in some ways less flexible in their thinking. Also, manipulation to get their own way is more of a character flaw not specific to one type of man.
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  • MzAsh
    I’m glad my man has a good mix of both masculine and feminine qualities. I have too much big dick energy on my own to be with another man who has the same. 😂
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    • WowwGirl

      Agree😂😂😂. Merry Christmas girly

  • doopayo
    Nah, I’d much rather have a man in a skirt than a man with no skirt and a shit load of toxic masculinity
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    • Toxic Masculinity doesn't exist. Individuals are toxic.

    • doopayo

      @Usernamej58 yes, you’re true to a certain extent but you’re misunderstanding what I said. Toxic masculinity doesn’t mean that “men are toxic” down bellow is a Wikipedia definition to clarify

      toxic masculinity is used in academic and media discussions of masculinity to refer to certain cultural norms that are associated with harm to society and to men themselves. Traditional stereotypes of men as socially dominant, along with related traits such as misogyny and homophobia, can be considered "toxic" due in part to their promotion of violence, including sexual assault and domestic violence.

      That’s what I was referring to, I’m fine with men that aren’t toxic in general and that have toxic masculinity.

    • The problem is that 'Toxic Masculinity' is a term made up by women who don't know the first thing about Masculinity and what it means to be a man. Men don't claim to understand femininity and certain don't cast aspersions on women in this way.

      Men have created such a safe and secure society where women have become emboldened enough to hate the very traits that makes society great.

      The traits associated with 'Toxic Masculinity' such as Aggression, Stoicism, Dominance, Violence etc are all things that made great men throughout history. It's the reason we have a complex society where women work well paid jobs that are ultimately useless unless the society around it exists. If civilisation were to end tomorrow, men with these traits would be the ones to survive and rebuild. The weak effeminate men would be the first to die and the women will abandon them for the stronger males they deemed 'Toxic' before.

      Your mistake is to think that men can be just like women: Emotional, Irrational, Nurturing, Passive and still be men.

      How would you like it if men started saying women should be tougher, not cry as much, and be logical and less empathetic?
      You wouldn't like that would you?

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  • AdithyaR
    Lost me at point number 2. It's been noticed so many times that men being forced to hide their emotions and act emotionless is one of the reasons a lot of them are depressed and suicidal.
    Like they're human and process emotions like a normal human. Now surely there is a proper way to express ones emotions and sometimes a right place as well. But I say if a bro wants to cry at a movie, let him, better than him living like an emotionless rock.
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    • That's our reality, bro. We either play the game or get left out. Especially in dating. Women in general don't like men who show emotional vulnerability. Plenty of men who end up with a cheating partner or get left out because she found a dude who happens to be more stoic.

    • AdithyaR

      That just makes me wanna stay single forever honestly. I'd rather stay alone than kill my emotions to be with someone.
      But I'm sute there are women out there who appreciate a man with emotions cause I don't see how staying with an emotionless person is gonna do any good on the long run.

    • You don't have to kill your emotions. That's impossible. What you can do is have emotional maturity. Being emotionally stable is more than enough to deal with women. There are women out there who like a man who shows vulnerability. Do keep in mind that they are in the minority and you've filtered out the majority of the female population and thus lots of women you may have been compatible with.

      I tell (young) men not to kill their emotions, but simply know how to control them. Either you control them, or someone else will control you through them. And that's not just in relationships. It also happens in the corporate world, family, friendships etc.

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  • Lone_wolf122
    Barely a couple of good points and the rest is complete mediocre toxic crap and cringe..
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  • Fakenamington
    Based on how you look. You should take what you can get. But you do have the right to an opinion. So keep yourself in the kitchen, quit your job because you are lesser to men and shouldn't take jobs that a man could have, and make sure you crank out babies as that's a woman's bilogical purpose. If you can't do this or want other things you're definitely a lesser woman.
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  • Jake1415
    I wish there was a dislike button on these but, I guess not...
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  • guesswhoseback
    It must be great to have incredibly higher standards for the person you are dating than you have for yourself.
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    • You've described the problem in today's dating world. People want the top, but aren't one themselves. I think any person who has put the work is right to have high expectations. Like myself for example: I have worked hard on my body for years and always get compliments on how I've built it. I refuse to date fat girls and I believe I have the right to have that standard. Because I myself have lived up to it

    • @TruthBringer yep I did a long write up on this earlier. The only person you are entitled to is someone who is a reflection of yourself. 7s deserve 7s. 8s for 8s. So forth. It’s not all about looks but a total sum of looks, plus personality, social status, etc.

      But I got a feeling @WowwGirl has some very problematic princess syndrome going on. While I believe everybody has alpha vs beta moments (and some people are more driven than others) just oversimplifying everyone to a stupid ass label is a sign of low intelligence and/or entitlement.

      If she manages to “date up” as she feels entitled to then the so called “alpha” will just use for what he needs and quickly kick her to the curb.

      Quit the stupid standards and expectations @WowwGirl. It’s ultimately going to make you extremely miserable in life and you will miss out on so many opportunities for real meaningful relationships.

      You know the REAL reason I say this? Because once upon a time I felt entitled to a perfect woman too. As it turns out she doesn’t exist. Only the RIGHT woman exists. And right is rarely if ever perfect. But it’s still the write answer.

    • *right answer

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  • Twinrova
    I mean... really all you did here was just list off a bunch of bad qualities and say they're connected to feminine men some how, without any demonstration or evidence adduced in support of that implication. You did more of the same for masculine men, but instead of connecting them with negative qualities you connected them with good qualities. Are feminine men necessarily passive aggressive, for example? Where are you getting this stuff from? Lmao.
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  • Juxtapose
    I'm dating a femboy atm and someone like that is a better fit for me than a guy with a beard who is going to fist-bump me over sports and say "bro" a lot.

    And I must say that most women really like how I allow myself to be cute and I'm not ashamed of pretty things. It's masculine to walk your own path rather than let other people dictate what you do :)

    I'm not going to walk around in a dress or anything but I'm not going to change who I am to fit society.
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    • WowwGirl

      Awesome dude I hope you are happy 👍🙂

  • TruthBringer
    @wowwgirlSpitting facts once again.

    I'm quite surprised that there is no sight of the ladies who claim to love feminine and sensitive guys. Did you scare them off, Wowwgirl?
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    • No I'm sure there are a lot of us and we just dont just a fuck

    • @nerdybutlazy Yes there are a lot of 'you'. And most are ingenuine who say they want a nice and sensitive guy, but end up with some 'bad boy'. That's why I always take your words with a grain of salt.

    • WowwGirl

      You're great sir @TruthBringer

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  • Whtevernever
    I've seen a lot of nonsense of this site but this is incomparably nonsensical.
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  • cth96190
    The Feminists said that they wanted the sensitive dandies.
    Ignore what a woman says, watch with whom she goes home after the bar closes.
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  • Marvelousadventures
    That same hyper masculine man that doesn't care about a woman's feelings is the same one cheating on her with the first sexy-over-cute girl that walks past him when she's not around. That hyper masculine man that has problems with intimacy is the same one that can't commit to a woman. Or has control issues. If we're going to make blanket assumptions about what hyper masculinity means let's not forget all of the problems that are associated with that toxic masculinity. Domineering attitude. Poor emotional control. Infidelity. All things men are taught make them superior to other men and prove they aren't gay. It's all stupid. As for sexual arousal. Sexual appetite is chemical and varies from person to person. That is like the misconception that women have lower sexual appetites then men. They don't.
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  • Miristheiss
    Yes, masculine men and feminine women are better.
    Water is wet, grass is green.
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