More Reasons Men are Not Having Sex Today

More Reasons Men are Not Having Sex Today.

Okay, I know some of you guys get offended and catty but please try to act like adults. It doesn't have your name on it so save the rants please.

More Reasons Men are Not Having Sex Today

The moment anyone gets disrespectful I stop reading. It just makes you look bitter and combative for no reason. It's simply a generalized view point not a personal attack on yours.


The War on Depression isn’t Sexy Sadly.

More Reasons Men are Not Having Sex Today

Millennials are more medicated than past generations, especially when it comes to anti-depressants. Did you know that young adults today are using these drugs at earlier and for far longer periods of time than ever before? It's pretty well known at this point that anti-depressants (particularly Prozac and other SSRIs) have sexual side effects.

"Namely they tend to reduce sexual desire and inhibit sexual arousal."

You Are Too Weak

More Reasons Men are Not Having Sex Today

That’s right; the first and most important reason is you guys weakness. You do not have the balls needed for sex to happen. You fear rejection and this stops you from interacting with hundreds of potential chicks. You have problems grasping the true reality of the situation the more chicks you approach; the more you get rejected BUT ALSO the more you get laid.

You’ve Got A Massive Complex

More Reasons Men are Not Having Sex Today

You strongly believe that your crooked teeth or bad skin is the reason you haven’t gotten laid in 6 months. Unless you’ve been on the news because that complex makes you look like a monstrosity, you fail to realize that most people really don’t care what you look like. We care about how a guy treats us.

You Are Desperate For Female Attention

More Reasons Men are Not Having Sex Today

You rarely get the chance to be in the presence of a woman and when you do, you do the dumbest s**t possible. You lean in when you’re talking to her, you text/call her 10x time more often than she does, you freak out when she doesn’t immediately text/calls you back, you ask for permission, you show these sings of neediness, you lose her. I'm sorry that's just the truth.


More Reasons Men are Not Having Sex Today

You Don’t Care About The Way You Look
You believe that a man is not a woman and thus he should not spend some time in front of the mirror to “fix himself up”.


You think guys that do their hair and dress well are gay but yet, you seem to miss the fact that they are always leaving the venue with a girl.

#WowGirlRocks #WowGirl30q
#WowGirlRocks #WowGirl30q



More Reasons Men are Not Having Sex Today
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Most Helpful Guys

  • coachTanthony
    Oh boy!

    Drugs definitely tend to reduce sexual desire and inhibit sexual arousal and in a young man that certainly isn't good.

    One other thing that I didn't have growing up that these young men do have... is PORN... and lot's of it.

    Porn will desensitize the shit out of a man to the point where being with a woman just isn't pleasurable. They have been brain washed to the point that they think "real women" will do shit they see in porn videos and when they don't they can't even get hard.

    So what do we do about this? if you’re looking for that one thing that will solve all your problems, you won’t find it here...not in this comment. Men need to Reboot and Rewire and that takes time. Good Take Wow!
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    • No self-respecting parents would hand over to their kids a laptop without at least taking their kids places. My parents often took me to Toronto Argonauts (CFL Football) games and camping (with computer access being completely absent 10 years ago). I, nonetheless, agree with these sentiments myself! Too many young boys have too much access to pornography! If it isn't that, they're being told it's the cool thing to want gender reassignment surgery! There's a double standard favoring women, though. Young boys like Desmond is Amazing are sexualized in the media (think about Good Morning America, for example) with glee while those same people would be crying foul if women are dressed up in drag in the exact same way!

    • I still go camping without any electronics! It is a cognitive drain using electronics incessantly! Besides, it's a major turnoff for women watching some guy obsess over an instagram post!

    • Yep yep

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  • RolandCuthbert
    Well, if there is anyone to get these group of guys to listen. It would be you.
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Most Helpful Girls

  • MzAsh
    Great mytake!

    To put it simply, many men just aren’t qualifying themselves properly. They’ll call themselves nice guys and throw a complete fit when rejected. Women are wise to filter strategically to ensure the right guy and that she won’t be taken advantage.
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    • Chase7777

      When looking at domestic abuse stats it sure doesn't seem like women know how to pick the right guy.

    • MzAsh

      That’s why I go on about strict dating strategy.

    • Thank you my friend

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  • BlackRoseFairy
    Good writing! You make some good points, no matter if some guys are offended by them or not.
    Have you considered a blog or something?
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    • No Hollywood isn't calling lol

    • I try being honest

    • Lol! I'm sure you'd impress them 😉
      thanks for MHO! ❤️

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  • AiahZ
    These are gross generalizations that could in different contexts be made of us women, too. There are other reasons more and more men are having less sex today that researchers have done actual studies on and which keep coming up in many other studies. I get that this place is supposed to be a fun opinions site, but if anyone is seriously interested in understanding why BOTH women and men are less sexually involved today than in earlier generations, you can Google Scholar the question. The reasons some scholars are finding are fascinating and involve things like the effects of increasing joblessness among teens (boys and girls), the changing reversed gender ratios in both education and the work force, the effects of decades of court rulings against men and fathers in divorce court and custody proceedings for children, and, in some states, the fact that over 95% of people in prison because they can't afford the size of their child support bills are men. Men aren't any stupider than women. Sex and marriage are increasingly massively risky for men--and they're realizing this.

    Love to my bruthas.
    • Chase7777

      The girl is an idiot, just look at the stupid pics she always makes.

    • roland77

      @Chase7777 Yup. #NoWowGirl maybe? ;-)

    • kim45456

      There are enough shitty takes with generalizations and hate on women

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  • hellionthesagereborn
    1. Yes its true millennials are more medicated then other generations. Its also true that the largest consumer of anti depressants are women so that's probably not affecting men, at least with their libidos. Also since on the topic of drugs, do you think that hormonal birth control may have an impact on how WOMEN behave and act? I mean no one is surprised by the side affects of steroids on men (male hormone manipulation) but every one acts as if the hormonal birth controls (female hormone manipulation) some how has no impact on a woman (despite studies showing substantial alterations to behavior). So yeah I can see some affect but the majority of this would affect women not men.

    2. Why are they afraid to approach? I mean along with this situation is the rise of several things, one being single motherhood and a dramatic reduction in male role models, an increase in false allegations of sexual harasment and rape (about 40% are provably false), and an increase in the negative propaganda that constantly attacks masculine behavior and treats men as always oppressive and aggressive and violent etc. etc. All of these things are driven by women by the way. So yeah, this is definitely an issue but again, it started with women as this was not an issue previously yet when women started doing these things we start seeing this behavior.

    3. I'd disagree with you on the not caring about looks but yes its true they are not the only factor and men being obsessed with those little things (and women too) will definitely reduce your attractiveness to women. Though I don't see this as being more common then before.

    4. Sure, women are notorious for not taking an insecure man seriously but again, I don't see this happening more frequently then at other periods of time (perhaps it is and its due to the rise of social media?).

    5. Okay, true, but why would this be more common now then before?

    Overall as per usual, this comes off as you just bashing men to bash men and not actually taking the time to consider that perhaps women are as likely a factor as the men are. Honestly not very inciteful and not particularly useful as you ignore women's part in this, over state the issues and provide no real solution to anything.
  • ThisIsMyOpinion
    I think the victim mentality is afecting way to many guys today! They ate to weak to fight their battles. So they feel like victims and fall in depresion. After that its the medication... See? A snowball that starts with weakness.
    • Thank you

    • roland77

      Generally said, being weak, means a male can cry unashamed, is no bad thing at all. Why do must male show only being strong? That is #feminism3.0 #bullshit ! And yeah, these type of people are most dangerous to our society, they spread false information and rightfully got convicted for such false statements. Yep, here in #Germany is a feminist (3rd generation) being convicted for making false accusations in Internet on her boss.

    • @ThisIsMyOpinion I'm glad you liked it

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  • OlderAndWiser
    “Millennials are more medicated than past generations.” Yes, I believe that. However, I don’t think the problem is true clinical depression but more likely dysthymia triggered by a decrease in social interactions. You guys need to put the cell phones and tablets down and start talking to each other.

    ‘Guys are too weak.’ More guys are growing up in homes without a father and they do not have the role model they need. When they develop an interest in girls, they hide behind texting rather than actually talking to them. Yes, you get rejected some, but you get over it, and sometimes you get “lucky!”

    “You’ve Got A Massive Complex” Yes, as society has been influenced by liberalism, it has become more acceptable to find excuses for your failures rather than accepting responsibility. This is counterproductive for our culture.

    “You Are Desperate For Female Attention.” Many of the guys on G@G certainly fit that description!

    “Looks” Again, liberalism has been a bad influence. “No one should ever be judged for anything and it is always cool to do whatever you want as long as you don’t kill somebody else.” Wrong. You will be judged your entire life and you will be better prepared if you learn to deal with it when you are very young.

    Good analysis!
    • roland77

      Almost nothing to add. Except: porn has worsen over the years, being more hardcore than ever before. Don't believe me? Just go to brazzers or other shitty sites! Anal sex is shown us as normal (vaginal) sex which it is not. It requires a tons of preparation and really deep trust into each other, else it is painful. Or don't you think she feels no pain when he slams in with is (always shown wrong) #long penis into her #anus? Yeah, that is painful and pain goes all the way down into her psyche, no matter if she "agrees" to or not.

  • Sensmind
    Quite reasonable observations one note why is it just today not all time (apart from the increased use of prescribed drugs) all the others can happen during any time, I think, what it may be is more pronounced by loud commenting on the internet about WHY?, WHY?, WHY? the person is not getting laid.
    The solution - I have a bit of catch all response to very negative internet activity, if you spent as much energy being constructive as you are being negative right now imagine what could happen?
    Quick notes on your points ::
    (1) As a veteran of some mental health treatment like an addict who has just started their programs if you are on enough medication to inhibit sex dive or interfere with performance (I was and know how much it takes) - Just maybe looking for love/sex should not be your main priority but GETTING YOURSELF to a place where it could be is. Getting to that place not only helps your possible love life but a lot of other parts of your life and could reduce your dosage or even take you off medication.
    (2) The weakness/complex/looks are confidence - Liking/Loving yourself is a good start to helping others like/love you - As Wow infers you are not a movie idol, a stunning personality, fabulously rich all those fantasy ticks on a girls list, you are just a combination of looks/personality/spirit that make you me, there is probably people in this world who think you are a great guy so why is it such a far fetched conclusion that you will meet a girl who likes all of you enough for something to happen who knows even lead to dating, a relationship.
    (3) Desperation - That is just 101 - That comes with experience and if your confidence grows a la point 2, the desperation should fade. For a second think of the scenario, think you are on an interview panel and guy 1 comes flings himself on the table wailing "I NEED THIS JOB" , Guy 2 comes in and sits calmly " I would like this job a lot. I could see myself doing these things in the job. I feel I am a good fit for this company" - Who gets the job.
    Just one last thing I don't think Wow is being rude or mean on GaG - I feel she is well intentioned trying to prod people along maybe it seems a bit brusque at times but to me it is always well intentioned, I think she has a lovely heart.
  • Draxxi
    Well, for the most part, I agree. Fear of rejection, though, is a beast unto itself. Most, not all, girls will never have to suffer this because there are an endless amount of dudes who will literally fuck anything that has a pussy. For a portion of guys, on the other hand, it's a seemingly impossible uphill battle. Let's face it, the way society is today, guys are constantly beaten down and bashed all over the media to the point just existing makes you feel wrong in your skin, and no one should feel that way just for being born male. On top of that, society sets these ever increasing expectations that men need to be and act a certain way, strong, healthy, sexy, successful. This simply isn't easy and not everyone is built the same or has the best circumstances, and with mens mental health being the taboo subject it is, that's another tally against them. Maybe instead of just blaming men for not being capable or willing to go through the insane amount of work it takes just to be accepted let alone accepted by women, maybe women should try to understand that the odds are stacked ever in the favor women when it comes to sex and sexuality coming easily. I won't take away from the fact that women have been sexually repressed and objectified, because that is a battle of its own, but when it comes to two people on an even playing field of dating and relationships, women hold all the cards.
  • LesterJester
    Once again, like your last take, you contradicted your arguments.

    First you say girls don't care how guys looks, so long as they're treated right... And then you say guys are failing because of their looks.

    You it's a problem when we're focused on our looks because most don't care, and then complain that we don't care about how we look.

    So which is it?

    Look, to put this bluntly, you trying to tell us guys what's wrong with us and explain what you think is going on in our heads is like a guy telling you what you think and how you should look and act.

    You don't know crap about what goes on in our heads anymore than we know what goes on in yours. All you know is what we openly say and then you base everything else on assumptions.

    And I can tell you right now that none of the above is going to help anybody with anything. Even if some guy decided to follow everything you dictated to the letter, it's not going to improve anything.

    All this is, is an excuse for you to vent the things you find annoying about the male gender, and then try and save face by demanding guys not to counter your arguments or to not take your ignorant generalisations as an attack.

    Seriously, what's the point about antidepressants anyways? Everybody knows they have various side effects, yet many people, both men and women, have legitimate reasons they're prescribed to them.

    And it's not like someone is going to read what you said and go, "Oh geez, I better quit taking them."

    Because getting off them isn't so damn simple and cutting them off cold Turkey is seriously dangerous.

    The reason why men are having less sex is because they're sick of all the drama and having girls tell them how they should act and think, using contradictory demands.

    We have to deal with females complaining that we act too macho and manly while not showing many emotions or empathy or sharing our feelings. Now that more guys are, they still get shit on by people like you who (from your last take on this topic) attack them for not being manly enough and being dainty little princesses.

    Maybe you should stop tossing all the problems on us guys with your limited and ignorant point of views. Maybe the problem is with women and that most guys just can't be bothered dealing with all this crap anymore.
  • brennanhuff
    True in many ways, but if a guy and his friends don't go out as much as they used to do. How does a guy meet and talk to many women to do this mass approaching like you said? The numbers game right? I understand it's a numbers game, but that seems moreso like in a club and bar where women many not like being approached by some guys, but I think women probably expect to be approached at such places. Bars are places to socialize after all.

    I see women all over, but it just feels weird to like cold approach a woman outside a bar to me even though I've heard and gotten the vibe I'm a pretty handsome guy just from various people and having pretty, some hot and average ones too check me out a decent number of times throughout my life and the years. Seems to happen a decent amount at the gym when I'm lifting actually. I'm pretty witty and funny too, but I'm like maybe too self conscious about how a woman feels being cold approach as in, it that too forward, is that creepy, etc?

    If I did, it wouldn't be me coming up to her, but if she was in the same aisle as me and I simply ask a question about something, kind of like I would anyone. I think you have to treat it like as not in trying to get a number but genuine small talk, trying to know someone and I think you're less likely to seem as a creep or forward. See I don't question that like if talking to a girl at work or class, etc. It just seems women would be more receptive of being asked out from like a guy they find cute that is at some mutual function as them, whether work, classroom, co-ed sports league, volunteer stuff. But as far as quantity, you're more likely to see more women just at a mall, but there's that tricky cold approach thing I said to where you can play the bigger numbers game that way, but it feels trickier to if it's what women like or are comfortable with vs like places they expect to be approached (bar) or mutual meetings (classroom, work, volunteer, sports leagues, etc). I think guys can be their worst enemy, I have as I have anxiety, but when I'm comfortable and talking with someone, I"m very outgoing, with witty quips and funny and flirt pretty well.
  • Optymistyk
    I'm not so much afraid of rejection as tired of getting rejected. I take a lot of time to groom myself and look my best, and then I get rejected 9 times out of 10. Cold approaching woman after woman like a desperate is not much fun and it's exhausting. Simply not worth the effort for a fling.
    • Yeah it just feels so beneath you, doesn't it? Like, why the hell do girls even have such disproportionate power in the dating scene in the first place, and why the hell should I contribute to perpetuating their power even further?

      Fuck it. If guys set the bar so low for girls that having a relationship or just getting laid--full stop--is good enough to be worth catering to all the girl's terms and demands, why would any reasonable, self-respecting guy play against that kind of stacked deck and furthermore expect to view his partnerships as anything equal?

    • Optymistyk

      @DonCachondo well I don't usually think of it that way but I do agree women have all the power in the sex market. But I generally don't mind that. What I do mind is how much effort it takes for what usually ends up a one-time ordeal. And how it's exhausting and not fun. If it was more like 4 out of 5 then maybe. But 9 out of 10 is just absurd

    • I agree. The process isn't fun whatsoever, and it mostly results in disappointment. Men who spend all day chasing women must either be extraordinarily lucky to find it entertaining enough in their minds to justify it OR have literally nothing better to do with their lives.

  • men and women both... with the rise of social media, we have seen for the first time in many generations that under 25s do less drugs, drink less, go out less and have less casual sex as social media just makes people less sociable... even online dating that is supposed to act as a way to be introduced has become nothing more than a pen pal sext fest for most users...
  • HikerDude
    Drugs have something to do with it, but not just the prescription variety. Weed is not known to enhance sex drive. Weed usage enhances the desire for Taco Bell and more weed. But there are other factors at work as well.

    Obesity is a big one, both for guys and girls alike. There are so many overweight people who have effectively taken themselves out of the market. There are a lot of fat guys out there who are resigned to their fate, and there are a lot of fat girls out there who no guy really wants. I know this post is focused on guys, but be honest, there are a ton of girls today who are overweight to the point that most single guys would pass And yes, there are guys who have a fetish for overweight girls, but that's the exception, not the rule.

    The other issue not discussed here is self-involvement. Most people today are so focused on their own lives that they have a hard time or are uninterested in connecting with others. This is just as true of girls as it is of guys. Girls use social media as a dopamine dispenser, every like on a photo serving as another pulse on the IV drip. Guys are just as up their own asses as well. That's why everyone has tons of online "friends," yet loneliness is a bigger issue than ever. Everyone acts like they're too busy to even have conversations or make time for other people today. That's why we're so politically disconnected as well. Most people don't even know anyone who shares opposing political views to their own.

    Ultimately, though, porn is probably the number one reason. Why go through the trouble required for sex when you can sit at home and get off to better looking girls that you could ever hope to meet in real life? Reality has no chance against fantasies that are a only mouse-click away.
  • Jamie05rhs
    "You fear rejection and this stops you from interacting with hundreds of potential chicks. You have problems grasping the true reality of the situation the more chicks you approach; the more you get rejected BUT ALSO the more you get laid."

    WowGirl, my friend... With all due respect -- and pardon the French -- you just don't f'ing understand. For those of us who are genuine, it is NOT a numbers game! I am a one-woman man. When I find someone I like, I want HER and her only. So no, I'm not going to ask out 100 girls until I find one who says yes. Because I find that to be very disingenuous and fake. That's not how I roll. (Also, I'm not trying to get "laid", but I digress...)

    Also, what the hell is wrong with asking for permission? I'm a gentleman. I have manners. If that's a crime, then just lock me up now.
    • Nitnit2585


    • Jamie05rhs

      @Nitnit2585 Seriously what?

    • Nitnit2585

      Usually I mean to admire someone when I say "seriously", it actually means something like : your Ideas are very interesting to me and I'm eager to know more. Anyway
      you said you are a one woman man and I feel you are a unique personality, i don't know if I'm right or not but I have always felt that loyal people always have a high level of self respect

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  • red_knight
    I love this.. May I add 1 more thing?

    Guys you need to have your own cash, don't expect her to have half or Dutch in...

    Smile ffs... I'm so sick of the cold-hearted dead inside personality...

    • AiahZ

      Wait, why should a guy who's on a date with a woman NOT expect the woman to share the financial responsibility? What happened to equality?

    • red_knight

      @AiahZ if you love someone, you put in max effort planning out everything to the final detail...

    • red_knight

      @AiahZ I don't know about you people but where I am... You're expected to sort it out.. When the bill comes is when people remember toilets and calls, hence I always go prepared. Not the type to Ask for dutching or my own portion I find that rude if you're treating someone

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  • FreshOutaIdeas
    Yup. Weakness is the biggest factor for me, the incessant use of pharmaceutical drugs is about further dumbing down the already disenfranchised youth, males and females alike in that instance.

    There is another big aspect to this weakness in young "men" too; the crabs in a bucket mentality. You see, with weakness, comes a whole raft of other socio-psychological ills that breeds in character structures of these failed specimens.

    The unbelievable jealousy-fuelled anger, hatred and spite any right-minded young men face today is borderline surreal. Mediocre people hate people better than themselves, and boy does it show more than ever today. As other commenters have said, modern man needs a reboot - and I think the harsh reality is that there is simply a lot of genetic wastage in the millennial generation, that needs to be wiped away...
    • @FreshOutaIdeas i appreciate your input thank you sir 🙂

    • BigJake

      "The unbelievable jealousy-fuelled anger, hatred and spite any right-minded young men face today is borderline surreal. Mediocre people hate people better than themselves, and boy does it show more than ever today."

      This is so true. I can't believe the level of narcissistic rage so many guys express toward guys who are doing better than them, much of it based on unrealistic assessments of their own social status. I played varsity sports in college and never struggled to get dates, and I had guys who looked like they hadn't picked up a weight in their lives or even started shaving wonder how I dated an attractive girl when they couldn't. It was unbelievable to me. I think a lot of people today are just raised to believe that their proverbial shit doesn't stink, that they deserve as much as anyone else, even if they've done nothing to earn it.

    • @Wowgirl30q
      No problem!

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  • TremorJay
    Remember that about twice as many women reproduce compared to men. There's a lot of research that still needs to be done to understand that statistic, but try as you might, you may just be inferior. Roughly speaking, we can estimate that 80% of women reproduce with 40% of men. The information comes from the 2007-2010 census and ancestry reports.

    Natural selection is a bitch
    • That's because less than 40% of men are worthy of reproducing.

  • rjroy3
    Get what you meant. But

    "you fail to realize that most people really don’t care what you look like. We care about how a guy treats us."


    " You believe that a man is not a woman and thus he should not spend some time in front of the mirror to “fix himself up”." ----- "you seem to miss the fact that they are always leaving the venue with a girl."

    ... wait a minute. Lol

    I don't disagree. Totally get what you're saying. Just pointing out this is an obvious dichotomy. You're saying to care about your appearance, but that girls don't care about your appearance, but also that girls care about your appearance because they're leaving with the guys you call gay who do put care into their appearance.

    That's a confusing back and forth even for me who knew what you meant. Yes, looks matter and no they're not everything. But yes girls do care about your appearance. It's just a matter of how much and within the full package of you. So don't fixate on just your looks, thinking that will get you a girl.
  • The #Metoo shit and men getting convicted of rape despite there being zero evidence obviously isn't going to encourage men to approach and be confident. Feminists trying to paint masculinity as inherently violent and racist has encouraged men to be more passive and dare I say "politically correct", and women's standards are often completely disproportionate to what they bring to the table. A wise man once said, "if you're the problem, you're the solution" and since this all started with women, both parties will have to work towards a solution.
    • there, finally someone who is on the right track. it really has nothing to do with us. our behaviour is a consequence of the environment. the problem is the current social and legal environment

  • davids88
    You forget to mention that lots of women have unusually high standards. Even the average looking ones want guys way out of their league.
    • You're wrong. I'm not very good looking at all. Over weight, hair is leaving me... But I have no problem finding a partner for sex.

  • whatisthisapp
    I think this is really accurate. I get annoyed by the guys that care so much about if some girl replies immediately or wants to see her constantly. It's fucking annoying to date someone that smothers you like that. I feel like it's people with low self esteem that act in such a way as well. I work with a guy and he is always talking about wanting to find some girl to hook up with and when some girl flirts with him I will say hey dude I think she is flirting with you and he will sometimes realize it too but says that he just doesn't want to put in the effort. It kills me because he acts all depressed that he can't get a girlfriend or a friends with benefits but he doesn't want to put any effort into even engaging in a conversation.
    • Thats MOST guys problems. They are lazy

    • @whatisthisapp why thank you sir

    • scooogy

      @BrownBratzDoll Lazy? Okay, just FYI: That cone-shaped thing down there doesn't move in and out with every taken breath which would hurt with every move NOT being performed INSIDE a woman's oh so holy vagina. You women should first look in the mirror and then hopefully get WHY YOU USE VIBRATORS.

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  • JackSmy
    Wowgirl30q Just your thoughts, and trying to offend and make guys hate you? I understand irrational posts, like this, and just saying, something that implies that ALL men are like this, but try a little harder and be more offensive, OK?
    I know you can do better! Be MORE offensive, OK? LOL, your post seemed like an angry tirade from some lady that got burned by a few bad guys. Sorry you are so bitter!
  • chris_987
    Women say these things to guys they don’t know but, if was your brother or your dad you would say that stuff
    • Yes to anyone

    • chris_987

      I doubt it, if men aren’t haven’t sex it’s because women don’t rely on us for survival like they used too

    • I would but I'm a minority I know

  • I think more men are on anti depressants because more men are actually coming forward and getting treatment for depression versus relying on alcohol and other things to numb their pain. If it holds a man back from having sex then he's on the wrong medication.

    On the desperate men part I've seen it but I think some kindness from women might help things in the real world. I don't mean a woman has to reciprocate if she doesn't feel something for a man but she can let him down easy unless he's a stalker.
  • All you have to do to get sex is just go out enough and you will get sex if you just say "hi" and be friendly to some chick.

    Now, I can't promise you she will be pretty. 😆
  • startingfitness
    The real reason why men are getting less sex is that women are too empowered and are at an unnatural advantage over men in modern western society.

    normally men have our sexual strategy where we try to " sow our seeds" so to speak. which means we basically shoot our shot at as many women as we can , in order to get lucky with one ( or more if you are successful.
    women have their own sexual strategy where they try to get a very high value mate. so , in its essence, its quantity vs quality. its not black and white though, men still can have standards ( and most do) and women can like more than one man ( most women don't stay obsessed with their teenage crush for the rest of their life).

    all of this is normal, and it usually should balance each other out in a healthy society. keypoint being healthy society.
    western society today, is far from healthy. it is actively rigged against men in almost every way.
    women have been empovered to the point past equality where socially a woman is valued more than a man.
    a woman's problems are taken more seriously, her complains are heard by more ears, and plenty of people are interested in helping or "saving" them.
    women are less likely to be homeless, jobless, or without a partner. so im not making these things up.
    more importantly, the legal system is entirely in favour of women. not only do women get lesser sentences for the same crime, but they also have laws made which can be used against men unfairly without repercussions. and im not even gonna start on how unfair the legal system is.

    all this being said, you can see the effect it has on women today and their attitudes. women don't need men anymore to survive. most men can't add any significant value to a woman's life, except for giving her children. and the legal system allows her to have children and take them away from her man, so technically she only needs him to make children , she can get rid off him after.
    this type of unnatural, extreme power imbalance plays into their sexual strategy. so now, women only feel real attraction to a small percentage of men. the 80/20 rule only applies to dating because of these extreme circumstances. if women actually relied on men and needed men ( as they should in nature) more men would have had a chance.
    this is the reason men get less sex today, despite living in the post-sexual liberation era.
    some men do get a lot of sex, but its not the majority.
    and all the points mentioned here are simply consequences of my point.
    • 1) depression- depression is so high in men, particularly young men because they feel that they don't have a purpose in life, that they are not needed and not necessary. a lot of young people today have identity issues, but a lot more men than women have depression and commit suicide because they are more likely to feel unloved , unwanted and unnecessary.

      2) weakness- if laws weren't in favour of women and men weren't in danger of having our reputation ruined, more men would ask women out directly. its not that men are weak, its that women have used the legal system to strip us of our power and make us weak.

      3) complex- we wouldn't have a complex if women didn't have such high standards, women have more options than ever before , and therefore you also have higher expectations and standards than ever before. obviously this will affect men and make us more self conscious. 60 years ago barely any man went to the gym and grooming was pretty much limited to the face. that doesn't cut it today.

      4) Desperation - men would not be desperate if it wasn't for the power imbalance. if men had more power and more women took us seriously then there would not be a need to be so desperate. some men could still be desperate, but you would not have a huge percentage of men being at the whim of women.

      5) Looks - once again women wouldn't put so much emphasis on looks if men had more power. back in the day ( and still in many parts of the world) a man's job and reputation would always come before looks. however nowadays more and more women are prioritizing looks over other qualities.

      while the men have to deal with this, the ladies may chill back and find it funny or amusing, but at the end of the day, you lose as well. an extreme imbalance negatively affects everyone and it is proven that women in the 50s being happier than women today. although its not as bad as it is for men, most women aren't as happy as they can be.

    • MzAsh

      Ok but really, what can be done about this? Take women’s rights away? Not happening.

    • @MzAsh most importantly, the laws need to change and the divorce court needs to be more equal. So the man will gain back power in the family.
      Secondly, laws regarding harrasment , particularly sexual harassment need to be more clearly defined. It should not be possible for a woman to simply accise a man of sexual harrassment without any evidence. This will restore social power to men.

      And thirdly, and this is mostly personal opinion, the broadcasting of sex needs to stop.
      Porn, sex ads, sex magazines, nude scenes, sex scenes in movies etc all need to be banned and outlawed. Sex sells and thats why marketing uses sex to sell their products and make money. Its a cheap and easy trick. But we downplay the effect it has on society. Sex is an activity which happens in the terms of women. I. E. Women decide and men ask. In business terms this makes women the sellers and men the buyers. However its also not an open market, the seller has the option to refuse the buyer. What the sex market does in this case is overprize sex to an insane amount because of all the sex marketing everywhere.
      So the buyer (men) percueve it as having much higher value than it actually does. This also gives a lot of power to women.
      So this should also be rectified. in my opinion, but a lot of people will disagree with me on this one.

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  • razelove
    I notice this is written by a woman and does not bring up the culture of otaku, and also NEETS who are not seeking and do not particulary want women in their lives, but prefer the virtual experience.

    Having said that, I think the only one I'm guilty of on the list is desperation when the puppy love starts.
  • I think you missed the biggest issue.

    Prevalence of porn, big dicks and sex associated with porn.

    We all know how often there are dick size questions, and why do you think that's an issue?

    Guys are insecure unless they KNOW they have a big dick, likely comparable to the size of a pornstars.
  • AreWeHuman
    Probably afraid to be accused of rape. Some woman out there can be crazy throwing false accusations left and right. Also a lot of woman get an emotional attachment with a man because he had sex with her. (I'm obviously not speaking for women but this is the impression I get)

    I Enjoyed reading your article.

    Me personally I'm not having sex with anyone because I'm saving myself for marriage. That's my reason.
  • Juxtapose
    Sex isn't really all that important frankly. It's really nice, but I don't see the big deal if a lot of people can't get it.
    • roland77

      To bad for you. Wanna go behind the reason for your lower sex-drive? Maybe high porn consumption, maybe wrong parenting (my parents don't need sex, they will always teach me wrong about, so I stopped listening to them, good to fight confluences BTW).

    • Juxtapose

      @roland77 I already said it's "really nice". I've had sex with men and women and it felt good, especially doggystyle with a woman who can work her kegals.

      But it's not as important as people make it out to be. I can go throughout my day-to-day and just rub one out when the urge arises without suffering it all.

      I just don't have any fuck buddies right now and it's not the end of the world. Masturbation is more than enough if need be, I can make myself feel fantastic several times a day.

    • roland77

      @Juxtapose #Polygamy is one of the things I cannot do. I don't share my partner. No offense to you, of course. It is that my girlfriend and I are both #monogamous. For one thing I miss to much is #Cunnilingus...

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  • Anoniemus
    I completely agree. Also 67% of Generation Z are reportedly lonely compared to 56% of Millennials. I feel this has to do with excessive social media use and underdeveloped communication skills since they are out of touch with others on the outside.
  • lewisvenable
    what exactly are mentally ill people supposed to do about the medication one? like "dam ma going cold turkey is making me vomit up my lungs and want to jump off a building but ur pussy mad tight"
    • roland77

      Er, pussies are not tight. Maybe the vaginal entrance is a bit, but a whole baby head and shoulders can fit through. And that since +100k years ago!

    • @roland77 Yeah with agonising pain and bleeding for the next six weeks

  • SydneySentinel
    Beautiful pictures ma'am!
    -Massive complex is so true. We do value looks to an extent, but definitely doesn't matter unless you're some kind of leper.

    Nice take.
  • Ellie-V
    Improvements on sex education, more focus on career developments, and the availability of porn has helped dial back the sex activities over the years and honestly, I think it’s a wonderful thing.
    • roland77

      What is wonderful, that you have lesser sex-drive thanks to unrealistic and often painful and abusive (read: poverty being abused) porn?

    • roland77

      @Ellie-V If that is true, then I cannot be with you as a girlfriend. Boy, am I glad that I found another lady who wants as much sex as I want.

    • Ellie-V

      I’d consider my sex drive as regular as most people. Don’t assume anything about me please and thank you. Congratulations on your lady

  • Ok i get all that but then why can't I get a date with @Wowgirl30q cause that's all that matters right? 😜😎
  • winterfox10
    I can agree about the depression thing, but the "fear" of rejection is a little bit more serious than you are making it out to be. I, personally, have had women destroy entire group friendships, cost me $10,000s over cute little "miscommunications."
    • roland77

      How come that it costs you $10k, if I may ask?

    • @roland77 Closer to $30,000, actually. The women destroyed business contacts that I'd been developing. They did irreparable damage to my business and reputation, which cost me active jobs, the total value of which was just under $30,000.

  • Phoenix98
    I choose to not have casual sex is because quite frankly I just don't want it, if I ever did want it I could get it.
  • NYCstreetPhotog
    Well said! I meet/see so many guys now-a-days that just don't get it! They ask me how I can just talk to women like I do. They think it's the way I dress, or the way I speak, but it's none of that, it's just confidence and pressence. The hardest thing about going up to talk to anyone, let alone a woman is getting out of your own way!
  • ShadowofRegret
    Good take! Also...

    "You think guys that do their hair and dress well are gay..."

    I've heard that one more times than I can count! Grooming is as important for men as it is for women, being a man does not mean not taking care of yourself, ladies deserve a partner who is clean too!😉
  • desserino
    "we don't care how you look like" immediately afterwards: looks
    • It's called hygiene

    • And self respect. Go to a gym take a bath😂

    • desserino

      So many more guys than girls go to the gym, girls would rather starve than move around

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  • WhiteSteve
    I can buy this. I think a lot of guys really take rejection too much to heart, and they get gun-shy about approaching women, and it just becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. You gotta be ready to die a thousand deaths out there, haha. The other ones are valid too. I think a lot of guys get a break and blow it too, with desperate for female attention thing, and they forget how to act and blow the deal. And dudes could absolutely do more, by and large, in terms of appearance. It’s not about looking like (insert heartthrob), it’s about putting yourself together well and looking like you give a shit and have self-respect. Too many times guys shy away from it and dismiss it as feminine. Ain’t nothing feminine about being fly😎
    • Thank you sir

    • roland77

      My 2nd ex-wife did say "No, you don't need to do that." when I asked her licking her pussy. Then later I convinced her with good intentions of giving her oral pleasure to her. It did go like this: "It is fine with me, just wash your pussy with water only and then I lick it for you.", me to her. She: "No, you don't need to do that." Me: "It is really fine with me, just wash it. I like the taste down there by the way." She: "No, really not needed." Me: "No? You don't have any fantasies being licked [as a #Filipina by a white guy]?" She: "Well, I do have..." Me: "Please, look deeply into your heart..." She: "Okay, I like to try it." Finally! :-D

      So my point here is of convincing them carefully and in respect of her emotions and giving her the right emotions of not being used but that she can really feel safe and comfortable with you. Also mentioning that I like her liquids to taste [and smell and see all of it closeup] may also help to improve your situation with her.

    • @roland77 I don't know you but thanks love a bitter man fan

  • Gatman34
    Too many guys are desperate as fuck and put women on pedestals just look at the pathetic guys in here who rate every girl a 10/10 and try to hit on every girl
  • Dolemite510
    You missed a section called “vaginas are black holes of bad mistakes and bad financial decisions” 😆
  • worldscolide
    something else you might look into... Every successive generation of men since world war 2 have had less testosterone... That one hormone is a major factor in mens desire to have sex, if it is low or missing that desire is not present, and it becomes difficult to even get it up if you get my meaning. I just have no idea why its happening or how to counter it.
  • jasco
    i do have one question tho is it wrong for someone to text someone long paragraphs if they just aren't good at texting in short text someone people just write or type a lot some people get nervous you say that because someone text a lot it a sign of bad or something now i could under if someone called u 20x yea thats annoying or just said the same thing over and over again and for everything else yea thats pretty much true
    • jasco

      also could you do one for women to it doesn't have to be why she's not getting laid but more in general really

  • aWes0MeNeSs
    I definitely agree about the medications. We definitely are an overmedicated society and those drugs often have a side effect of a low libido, and honestly many of them worsen or even cause depression (I was prescribed both antidepressants and anti anxiety medications during puberty when I was struggling with some pretty intense growing pains, and turned from a happy kid into a miserable, depressed zombie; I'm not the only one with this experience, either). Even antidepressants can have the opposite effect in some people. It makes sense that depressed people aren't really interested in sex, because with depression usually comes a lack of interest in anything, really.
  • You think guys that do their hair and dress well are gay but yet, you seem to miss the fact that they are always leaving the venue with a girl.

    Yikes! And here's me, who does both and still gets 0 dates within 12 months!
    • cth96190

      The author of the article needs to spend more time studing her fellow females.
      Young women want shitbags.
      After 30, they begin to want the type of men who she rejected when she was 20.
      After 30, they begin to moan ‘where did the good men go?’
      Their lack of self awareness is enormous.

  • great points under "desperate for female attention". Lots of guys have to learn... who else gonna teach them other than wowgirl... and there are major issues in our society in terms of social and mental health.

    Probably like no other time in history, guys have to learn and discover, probably because their fathers were absent without leave or raised by coodling mothers, or worse.

    don't forget about guys that just want good women, girlfriends. We don't all have that mentality.

    Somehow, I think the writeup is the female projecting onto men... why aren't you coming after us and winning us... up your game dammit? come get us. That's how I experienced it for a long time. Women are only goign to lower their standards so much.
  • finds-raus
    I don’t have problems to get laid actually. So I guess this article is not for me.
  • soleil2666
    You have a point (and probably a few/all of them),

    I just went through the thinking about why I am participating in this (online-only) jadedness, and realised it is only because it is there (and was to be seen first hand in Australia),

    Apart from that, men do simply get worked up and go on a crusade to 'wring a right' - in expecting the women will somehow cater to them (when, in essence, it goes much better if both are equally involved, or if she is catered to by him)
  • billyboy37
    holy shit, you hit all the right spots, i salute u and this post is so far underated. thank u... oh yea b4 i forget.. hey baby do u love hot scorpio italians? number 3 ya kno?
  • 9th_lyfe
    When I get bored I manipulate women into sex because they're so dumb you just tell them what they want to hear and they spread their legs like they're riding a horse. There's no women even good enough to be worth sticking with. Like literally y'all are the most unimpressive and worthless group of people. Make all the demands yet have nothing to show for yourself. Playing fucking Roblox is more entertaining than having sex with a dumb broad.
    • 9th_lyfe

      What I mean is women have no skills outside basic housework. Sometimes they can cook but that's up for debate in 2020. Can you change a tire? Can you function at all living on your own with no roommate or parents to help with: electric, water, bills, taxes, vehicles, tile, wood, painting, literally anything? You can lay in a bed, get fucked and inseminated, carry a baby, and let a baby suck your tits while you change its shit bag. Fr, completely useless outside that.

    • SpiritBear

      Lol, I know they say "don't feed the trolls" but I pity that no one bit your bait, so I'll give you the charity you obviously need to get a reaction. "Oh, women aren't like that actually at all, women is just as human as you with just slight variants, and blah blah blah." You can't be this offensive and actually mean it. Unless you're an Incel, which is sadder than if you were trolling. But yeah, I'm just here to try and give you the pity attention. Cya under a bridge if you're good enough to find one.

    • 9th_lyfe

      You're projecting buddy