Sexual assault is never the victim’s fault ever

Sexual assault is never the victim’s fault ever

Sexual assault is NEVER the girl’s fault. (When it happens to a female, likewise with a guy but I’ve seen many boys victim blaming)

It is NEVER EVER the victim’s fault. Putting an arm around someone you care about doesn’t mean you have consented to a finger down your pants.

Doesn’t matter what gender the person is! It’s a friend gesture and guys getting “confused” is their fault.

Stop using your penis as an excuse to touch girls in inappropriate ways. Grow the fuck up!

Sexual assault is never the victim’s fault ever
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  • Noshame21
    BULLSHITTTTTTT if you a HOE and choose to get drunk at a party and be a whore and then wake up feeling bad about or for yourself and call rape on the dude you were all for the night b4 in a drunken dripping wet stupor then well its ur fault. I had a friend back in college that i Witnessed 1st hand this happen to. He was even trying to be respectful and not mess around until they both got too drunk where after they fucked she went to puking and he held her hair after she threw up all over the dashboard and in the vents of his truck. He even took her home and the following morning and go hit in the mouth by her father that was mad and worried. But point is if you a hoe and doing it on purpose drunk or not then yes, yes it is your fault and you have no right to destroy an mans life and Reputation of your drunk ass bad decisions...
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    • kim45456

      Same for male whores

    • Noshame21

      @kim45456 your right absolutely but if a MAN looks at me and says he was raped im gonna laugh at him to his face and tell em to move on with that bs. js.

    • kim45456

      It is not funny

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  • CatFishWine
    Never the victim's fault, the perpetrator must own their behaviour and actions. Conscious or subconscious, it is about power, anger, entitlement, disrespect, humiliation. Victim blaming is excusing this behaviour projecting the negativity of the perpetrator onto their victim. Is it not bad enough that the victim was degraded, debased, dehumanised during the attack? That they have to undergo stigma, judgement and scrutiny by those around them. In the end the victims, these women who are called slut, whore, bitch, are someone's mother, sister, daughter, aunt so before judging a victim, first think of the females in your life and think are they "asking for it" too?
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  • diphylleiagrayi
    i'm grateful bcs never had this, but i only often get sexual harassment and it really pisses me off and in the end i often keep my distance from the guy on the road, i want to cut his penis if i can so there is no such thing as this case again. hahaha
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  • orangecherry
    I'm sorry but if I walk around flashing money and then get mugged... its not my fault (no one should ever be mugged and they should be able to walk around showing money as much as they want) but I didn't look after myself very good.
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    • Lucky1974

      Damn right you are. Huge swathes of women get hysterical and accuse good advice givers as ‘victim blaming’; is it really victim blaming if women are advised to not get drunk in public?, or dress modestly to minimise them being targeted? These silly girls just don’t want to accept that THEY alone are responsible for their personal safety and security.

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  • Lucky1974
    Is advising women to take measures to minimise the likely-hood of them being sexually assaulted ‘victim-blaming’?, or is such advice common-sense?, women in Britain regard such advice as being ‘victim-blaming’, that’s because they are IDIOTS. No one ever says that when they are advised by law-enforcement agencies to secure their home before leaving home as being ‘victim-blaming’ against burglars; therefore advising women to NOT get too drunk, or not wear too revealing clothes when going out to binge-drink is justifiable and common-sense. Take the following analogy: If you won a $50,000,000 lottery jackpot, you wouldn’t run out of your home waving your winning ticket declaring it to strangers in a public place, as in doing so you will be inviting a mugger to stab you and snatch your lottery ticket; in other words as adults our safety and security are OUR responsibility, WE have to take whatever preventive measures to minimise the likely-hood of us becoming targets for criminals; therefore advising women not to get too drunk, or advising them to dress reasonably modestly are common-sense personal safety precautions, NOT victim-blaming as mentally-retarded women think.
    • kim45456

      So you rape women for wearing revealing clothes?

    • kim45456

      I only dont agree with the point about clothes. I know enough women who get raped althougg they were modest

    • kim45456

      As if rapist give a fucj about clothes

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  • the_face_of_god
    These stats are way way higher than what they should be in western nations. These numbers are higher than that of times of war in African nations where soldiers go around raping women on mass.

    I would have to see the original study and the definitions of sexual assault to take this piece even remotely seriously. It's statistics like this that promote the unfounded notion of a rape culture in the West.

    Yes, it may not be the victims fault, but encouraging women to go out alone wearing highly revealing clothes, drinking in excess or inviting men back to there's with no intention of sleeping with them is a recipe for disaster.

    Women need to be assertive in their choices. Especially when it comes to men, because they will try and get away with what ever they can, by not objecting you're giving non- verbal consent.

    Most of what we say to each other is through body language, then tone of voice and then what we are actually saying.

    This argument seem autistic. These no real understanding of how human beings work.
    • kim45456

      Nobody rape someone because of clothes

    • That's the narrative of a feminist. "Nothing you do influences people", but clothes do influence people whether you like it or not. If I were to wear the cultural garb of the middle east. People might think I'm muslim, but I might just like the attire. If I wear a Blues shirt people would assume I support that team.
      The same is true when a women chooses to dress in sexually provocative way. It communicates to men that they are sexually interested and available for sex even if they're not. And if you're going to advertise you better be prepared to sell.

      That never gives a man a right to rape a women, but you should be aware of the message you're communicating to others.

    • kim45456

      Are men that stupid? can't they control themself? No, go to a fuckking prostitute if you feel like rapey. Also there wmough women get raped although they were modest

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  • Manlyman1
    Nine out of ten times the girl is lying, and that statistic is from the police, meaning more have lied but realized their story was too weak before reaching that far.

    We see this again and again, innocent men getting in trouble because of false accusations.

    Furthermore, if you go with a guy between some trees to get it on then you should be sure before you go there with a horny guy. Otherwise it IS your fault.
    • R_Cakes91

      Keep in mind that the vast majority of real rape is never reported. I was raped at 23, and many of my friends have also been raped and never reported it because we were all terrified that no one would believe us.

    • Manlyman1

      The reason it's not reported is because it's not true.

      And if it is true in your case then you'd have nothing to fear because when you try to ruin his life you can't be proven to lie, you only win on not-win, you don't lose, as he risks either way.

    • I hate to say it but it’s true that some women lie about it. I’ve seen news reports about underage girls lying about their age to a guy who is over 18 that they had sex with which ultimately made him a sex offender. Another girl accused a guy of rape because she wanted a relationship with him and he didn’t so she decided to make false accusations to ruin his life.

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  • NickR0795
    Yupp.. It is to up to the person to decide what they want to wear and how they want to be.. even if they are nude and walking naked.. you have no right to harrass them or humiliate them or forcefully touch them... you shouldn't force anything on a person that they don't want..
  • Yuri1970
    After reading all of the comments, whatever happened to respecting each other as human beings? Get back to basics and keep our hands to ourselves. How about that? When did that fall by the wayside?
  • aasstolfho
    I would totally agree with you if it wasn't for the increase of false rape accusations by girls to guys.
    Like are you retarded or something? They know they're usually the victims but yet they do shitty stuff like that?
    Honestly, I just feel sorry for the innocent people (Male and female) and y'all crazy motherfuckers and bitches can go to hell for all I care
    I agree men have become to desperate and need to avoid women more. The amount of pathetic men who catcall women and think they can just touch women and randomly compliment women and out women on pedestals is embarrassing and pathetic and should be shamed
  • shyflasher
    you csnt say never. you can say someone never deserves it. sometumes it is the victims fault. they put themselves in a position knowing it can happrn. dont go getting my words twisted im just keeping it real.
  • AynonOMouse
    And just remember to automatically assume the girl is lying because many do. If it was true there would be actual physical evidence (signs of s struggle like other crimes).
    Believing someone with no evidence is VERY stupid and sexist.
  • R_Cakes91
    I had 4 years of counseling and a tucked up life to deal with this all. All the while my rapist is engaged and seems happy which isn’t fair
    • kim45456

      Do yoz luve in us?

    • dahvo

      Why didn't you trust the justice system and press charges?

    • R_Cakes91

      Because back then I was way too messed up to even deal with pressing charges. I couldn’t think rationally and I know there would have been some self harm in the process.

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  • zagor
    That is true. And if I get drunk in the city and someone knocks me down and takes my wallet, it is not my fault, it is theirs for doing such an illegal act.

    But that doesn't mean it wasn't pretty stupid of me to get drunk and wander around a bad part of town...
  • DWornock
    Very few women are actually raped. Almost all rapes are non-rapes that are defined as rape such as buying a girl a drink and then having sex or she changes her mind after the fact. Women know it is highly unlikely that they will be forcibly raped. Otherwise, they wouldn't dress and act like sluts.
    • kim45456

      So you rape women for wearing revealing clothes

    • DWornock

      @kim45456 You reading comprehension is near zero. I clearly stated that women are not raped for wearing revealing clothing because if they were they wouldn't dress like sluts.

    • kim45456

      Yeah but you assume that women with revealing clothes should be raped. And stop calling women sluts for wesring what they want.

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  • tjkyle316197
    Daniel Sloss: X has a fabulous take on it.. Namely that men have to get involved and both speak to women to understand better and also to the men surrounding them to help prevent it.. Personally, as someone who knows far too many who've endured and survived the travesty of being taken advantage of, I feel the importance of his message and plan to take feasible action. Nothing is okay about letting it happen if you can help in any way. Support is also integral for the victims of this heinous act.
  • Gedaria
    True. But people are innocent until proven guilty. Some cases that have come to light have more going than a girl aledgely been interfeared with. Automatically fall into two camps, he's guilty as hell , or she probably lead him on. Problem with the US way is by the TV channels, picking up dirt on both sides. When it comes to court the waters of truth are so mudded the truth is hard to see
  • johncorey911
    Oh definitely i think most real men understand this. The ones who victim blame are either perpetrators looking for an excuse, or just vindictive and disrespectful towards women.
    • Manlyman1

      Maybe you just haven't lived long enough to try it yet. Women may change their mind during the act and even though she likes you acting dominant she will blame you for not stopping in the middle of blowing your load and then call it rape. This and similar things are what happens in some of these cases. Most other times nothing happened. Only 10% are actually rape. And every single time you see a bunch of feminists taking the woman's side either way. So hell yeah I will blame the woman every single time she doesn't have proper evidence.

    • oh bro you got me all wrong im totally with you i was talking about when its legit sexual assault i know there are a crazy amount of cases where its all lies and half the time it's done for money i only apply what i say to real women who have been assaulted by real pieces of shit not unlucky guys who hook up with the wrong crazy chick

    • false rape accusations are a real problem which is why i feel strongly towards the ones that are legit thats why my opinion is that real victims should never be blamed yet those who falsely accuse should be punished

  • bamesjond0069
    If you are alone, dressed like a slut, trippin off drugs, hanging out at a skeevey hotel and pass out in a party room... that would absolutely be your fault just as much as whatever man does something to you. Everyone knows you would absolutely be raped in that situation common fucking sense.
    • kim45456

      So if you provocate me with your stupidy, then it is your fault, when i shot you?

  • kim45456
    Omg the some male opnions make me hate on men. I am just curious if they would rape a woman because of clothes
    • kim45456

      I swear these boys are potential rapists

    • kim45456

      Yes they are

    • kim45456

      I am sorry for the rude opnion of mine. I was just shocked by some male opnions and reacted like that

  • HollidayCrew
    Sometimes it is your fault, walking through bad areas, wearing revealing clothes in said areas... and i dont even believe someone if they say they were raped anymore because people lie a lot.
    • kim45456

      You dont have a right to rape someone because of their clothes

    • Grow up. You're gonna disregard millions of women because a few of them lie? I see you're a very rational person. Already commented this like 3 times already but the fbi puts false accusations at about 2 or 4%. So, go ahead and assume the rest are lying when people who investigate for a living believe them. You're part of the reason your own gender lives with agony and in fear instead of coming forward while monsters roam free to ruin the lives of even more. Good job.

  • Right but the situation applies to males too and not just females like so many people seem to think.
  • AD240pCharlie
    The victim is never to blame, but we must still keep teaching people how to stay safe. Don't leave your drink unattended, try avoiding these parts of town as much as possible, always let someone know where you are, those aspects of life need to be a second nature. That doesn't mean that it's your fault if something DOES happen to you because you didn't take precautions, but it's still a stupid move. YOU are ultimately in charge of your own safety, society can only do so much.
    Take care of yourself. Try to stop victim blaming by making sure that you don't BECOME a victim in the first place.
  • ZeussLightningBolt
    On rare occasions it can be
    Like a woman traveling solo in a misogynistic country
  • IIGrifterSixII
    Everyone's responsible for their actions. More than one person can share blame. Its ALWAYS the rapist fault but if the victim went out at stupid times, with stupid people to stupid places and won a stupid prize, they had a role to play. We live in a dangerous world. You can't just pretend those dangers don't exist, do what you want and then act surprised and not at some level responsible for where you find yourself if your own choice predictably lead you into dangerous situation. And by the way many a times during real relationships consent is silent or implied be a giggle a smile or a come here look. Just saying
  • Paulbro
    Im a huggy person but now im afraid to even hug my nephew/neicei cause they might think im a peado, sad world
  • Syrian_survivor
    Wow you really changed the world with this Take, bravo.

    Too many rapists get away with their crimes, too many women don't get justice when it comes to these cases, you can't change much about it and you can't throw someone in jail when the only evidence you have is your memory.

    You don't blame the predator for doing their hidden crimes, you blame the victim for being stupid, making themselves vulnerable, and not being careful.
    Wear whatever tf you want, but don't come crying when something happens to you and you don't get justice, sympathy means nothing here so there's no reason to fish for it, you're not a child, having an "accepting" and "open" society does not protect you from such terrible things.
    • kim45456

      So you rape women who wear revealing clothes?

    • kim45456

      If i kill you for your stupidy, it is your fault?

    • @kim45456 you clearly didn't try to understand what I said.

      It doesn't matter whose fault it is after I get killed, the crime happened, it could've been prevented from my side but for some reason people think that pointing fingers of blame will solve the problem even though it keeps happening and even increasing.

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  • crazy8000
    • Yeah I'm not really clear on the point of this.
      "The sun is bright! Water is wet! Get over it!" uhhh I didn't know that this was at issue.

  • pigoat
    I'm sorry what was your question?
  • MzAsh
    Victims have to implement brutal consequences.
    • dahvo

      Learn krav maga!!

  • bhaywardd
    This shouldn't have to be a take
  • CaviarLilly
  • edwilliams580
    Is this a question?
  • Adrian2306
    i'm sorry?
  • Twenty2
    Yeah! Anything else?
  • ImpatiensSultani
    Good mytake
  • Anonymous
    - I agree, it's never victims fault, true, a man can also be a victim of rape.
    - The definition is 100% correct, unlike the one used in UK.
    - Also, rape can be about sex, if the attacker is a sex addict, or has extremely high sex drive (satyriasis, nymphomania), or if it's a desperate and sexually deprived person.
    - Indeed, there is no justification in claiming that the victim was "teasing the rapist by wearing revealing clothes", that's just nonsense.
    Fantastic mytake, keep it up 👍
  • Anonymous
    I was assaulted as a child it doesn't only happen to women
  • Anonymous
    Sexual assault is sometimes not that black and white. And yes, sometimes the "victim" has some guilt in the matter.
    • kim45456

      No never

    • Anonymous

      @kim45456 Yes, sometimes.

    • kim45456

      How? She is the one who get raped. If i kill you just because you annoyed me, it is yiur fault too?

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  • Anonymous
    Mo more than a shark attack is the victims fault even if they decide to swim in shark infested waters.
  • Anonymous
    Okay... but no one thinks it is so...