Stuff My Guy Friends Don't Understand

This is another humourous (or at least attempting to be) MyTake. I wrote a similar MyTake about a week ago, about being "the girl" of the group now I'm writing about stuff my guy friends just don't understand no matter how many times I try to explain, so let's get into this.

#1 - Periods

Aint this the truth?
Ain't this the truth?

I'm not one to talk about this subject in front of my guy friends, with good reason. Because no matter how simply I try to explain they just won't get it! Periods are one of those things you have to experience, to understand.

I remember when 11-year-old me first learned about periods and I was so excited to get it. Then one day I was about 12 or 13 and I felt a pain in my stomach- it was like this continous pain of me getting stabbed- in my back too, yeah I soon discovered the reason for that and cried in the toilet cubical at school because it hurt so much.

Anyway that story aside, I have had friends who are girls who have talked about periods in front of our guy friends- and the questions the guys have asked...


I'll give an example of one: "Does it come out like a tap? Like whooooooosh or does it come out like- drip, drip, drip?" 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️

I wasn't there when that happened (gladly) but I remember when we met at our table at lunch my friends were telling me what happened and that's when I learned:

I don't want to answer any awkward questions, because they just won't get it, so don't talk about that.

#2 - The Hair Struggles

So theyre not exactly like this...
So they're not exactly like this...

So the other day on Instagram, I was messaging one of them we were talking about memes/Spider-Man/our inside jokes- the usual but I was washing my hair whilst doing so. Now my hair is long, thick, and curly/wavy- so you can imagine it dripping everywhere.

And I kinda decided to give up on the chat because... The struggle was real.

Then I forgot about it and went to bed.

And the next day, I realised and when I got to college I apologised to him and explained my struggle and all he said to me was (jokingly):


Now he has short, thin, straight hair so of course he's not going to understand my struggle of trying to talk to him and wash/dry my hair at the same time- or how skilled I must've been to do that for sometime😂

#3 - The Shorter Legs Thing😂

Dont worry Tom, I can relate😂
Don't worry Tom, I can relate😂

Yesterday, we were walking to the bus stop and they were being little shits just to annoy me as usual, running away from me😂And I was trying to explain to them that it's already a struggle to keep up with them because I have little legs compared to them but no, no, they just didn't get it, it wasn't:

"Spidey, we know we'll slow down"😂

"Spidey, your struggle is real smh"😂

It was more like:

"Okay bye"

"You're following me" (even though he was walking to MY bus stop with ME😂)



#4 - How Much They Scare Me


Firstly, when we walk to the bus stop from college and there's usually fountains on. Yesterday, no fountains were on- so what do they decide to do?

Walk on the fucking fountains even though water could potentially squirt up and take them out😂

And what's worse is they made me stand on one just to "prove a point"😂

Do you want to know what was even worse than that? They proved their point- but the fear was still there😂

And then one went to his bus stop, and one was walking with me to my bus stop because he doesn't usually catch my bus but needed to because he was going somewhere else not his house. Anyway, he was standing on the edge of the pavement right near where the bus comes and top telling me he's a: "Magician" and pretending to fall off the pavement😂

Now at the time, that was really scary because if a bus came and just:


He would've been a goner but he was willing to take that risk just to scare me😂

#5 - I Mean This In A Nice Way But Sometimes They Make Me Want To Punch Them👊🏾😂

Same Spider-Man😂
Same Spider-Man😂

I just told you about two situations above- well those are the type of things that make me want to punch them😂

But if I was to punch them for that they'd be like:


Or I could've gotten up yesterday when he had the nerve to tell me that The Flash was better than Spider-Man and been like BAM! Straight in the face😂But:

A) I'm too lazy for that

B) I had people backing me up

C) No violence in the classroom

D) He's stronger than me so I wasn't gonna take any chances😂

Any Last Words?

That's pretty much it for this MyTake, again I hope you enjoyed and I hope you could relate in some way- and if not, well I hope this was a good read for you anyways😂

I'm gonna go eat now😂

Thank you for reading :) <3

Stuff My Guy Friends Don't Understand
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Most Helpful Girls

  • NickiB
    I agree so much but 1 thing you forgot is how annoying they are when they act like the overprotective father.

    Like when I do something they don't like or think is Dangerous i get yelled at.

    Like i helped an old lady with her groceries 1 night and was lectured for like an hr about how dangerous that was. How it could've been a trap what if she was taking me to some guy that was waiting to kidnap me or rape me. They were like you need to think before you do things.

    I was like yes Dad.🙁
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    • This could not be any more true.
      I'm not like that to ALL of my female friends, but definitely to some of them.

    • NickiB

      😂😂😂 yeah i know you mean well when you do it but so annoying.

    • Oh, trust me, we don't even realize that we're doing it. It's pretty much just a natural instinct.

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  • just_a_potato
    I am pototo
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Most Helpful Guys

  • Stingray444
    I was at the store the other day, and this girl was having her period and messing with and touching with her vagina while her brother or boyfriend was next to her... And I happened to glance over while she was wiping it and they were both staring at me with 'that look' 🤨 😂😂 , but I immediately fast-walked outta there, and I couldn't wait to leave the store. Felt so awkward for the remainder 😅

    It sucks that y'all have to go through that, I honestly couldn't even imagine that... 😓
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  • My sister told me that when she had kidney stones, the pain began as she was taking a test and she just believed it to be her period. It wasn't until a couple of days later that she actually went to the hospital and found out what it was.
    Since I've had kidney stones myself, that was the first time I kinda understood it, when she is able to mistake the pain from kidney stones for the pain from menstruation.
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    • Aww that must suck- but hey, I'm not talking about all guys, just the ones which I know :)

    • Of course. Most guys wouldn't get it because you it's impossible to imagine something you've never experienced. It's always easier if you at least have something to compare it to. It's like trying to explain to a deaf person how the sound of nails on a blackboard makes you feel.

    • Robertcw

      That's crazy.

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  • Guffrus
    I sure hope the bus driver pulled up safely short, got out and punched your friend unconcious on first contact and went on about his day without a word.
    • That didn't happen😂😂

    • Guffrus

      Life really can be a disappointment, can't it?

      People bang on about how great and important the rule of law is but the fact that that didn't happen is the hidden cost of our not even safety.

      You gotta ask yourself, is it really worth it?

      Do you really need to be that not even safe anyway?

  • spartan55
    You wanted to be 'one of the guys' this sounds like a normal day at the office.
    Does sound like you are a good sport though.
  • Of course but there are things your male friends understand that you don't also.
  • When it comes to period just say once a month your vagina has a nose bleed and tampons are like nosal sprays for the vagina and pads are like tissues.
  • October808
    Stop thinking about it and go beat Hobgoblin. Save Gwen if you can.
  • Aiko_E_Lara
    Next up, stuff my girl friends don't understand.
    • The thing is tho- they understand pretty much everything because we all go through the same :)

    • Nice assumption there. If thats the case, same with men too we understand women

    • Or your guy friends do but you probably don't understand that they understood

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  • Sevenpointfive
    i skipped through it all. i hate spiderman
  • deadman69
    Well life's a struggle innit🤟
  • Hunter7754
    I only came here for the weird doodle of spiderman
  • Nice222