What I am Willing to Do for My Bros


Here are 4 things my bros taught me throughout my life time.

1. I Will Turn Down Date from a Girlfriend- Material Woman

I am willing to turn down date from a wife-material woman because I don't have time for a girlfriend & bros. I would also have lot to lose if I foolishly attempt to find time for a wife & bros. Hence, I will reject date from a girlfriend material woman.

What I am Willing to Do for My Bros

2. I Will Help My Bro When a Problem Occurs Between Him & His Girlfriend

I am willing to help my bro when there's a problem between my bro & his girlfriend to prove my loyalty. I'm also willing to help my bro with his relationship problem because that's the promise I made to him.

What I am Willing to Do for My Bros

3. I Will Become an Uncle Figure, if Necessary

I am willing to become an uncle figure, if my bro has a child. I'm also willing to become an uncle figure to help his child mature by providing wisdom. By volunteering to become an uncle figure, I'm helping my bro.

What I am Willing to Do for My Bros

4. I Will Become a Designated Driver if my Bro is Too Drunk or Sick to Drive

I am willing to be a designated driver because I won't let my sick or drunk bro endanger himself or others by driving. By volunteering to be a designated driver, I can save his life.

What I am Willing to Do for My Bros
What I am Willing to Do for My Bros
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  • joeblow123
    You're a good man. Thumbs up.
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  • Bhavin2184
    Nice to see good friend between you and your bros some doubts
    1 Will your bros are willing to do the same commitment your are ready to do for them
    2. if your bro can have girlfriend why the hell you can't divide your time with bro and girlfriend and have girlfriend too
    3 what's with bro and his girlfriend has to do with your compulsory loyalty promise. Your bro should handle it's love life by himself.
  • jestergent
    Don't forget to add this. Report your bros girlfriend flirting with you to your bro if you feel its intense enough she would do it to another guy.
  • Liam_Hayden
    So #1 you will turn down a girlfriend but #2 help a bro with his GF? Sounds like a double standard where you get taken advantage of. No thanks.
    • @liam_hayden That's because I made a deal with my bro to help him if he's having girl friend issues.

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