Things I don't understand about certain guys


These are things they do when hitting on a girl or trying to get a girl

1. Call her bae, shorty, hot, etc

Things I dont understand about certain guys

I hate those terms. A man would sound so much more genuine and overall classier if he used words such as dear, beautiful, lovely, etc

2. "You wanna fuck"

Usually being said after the first couple of texts exchanged. Wow....way to be discreet about it. Are they literally just raging with hormones that they can't control themselves? Or do they think I'm a piece of trash who will just accept this kind of behavior? And why would you want to risk ruining your personal image by saying this so quickly, I could tell literally anyone about you (If I know your name and you aren't to anon) or do you not care at all?

Things I dont understand about certain guys

3. Ask for nudes so quickly

Once again, do they think I'm trash or something? And what makes them think they're any kind of special on any scale? To clarify, I will never send nudes unless I'm MARRIED to that person. Even then, I might only give them poloroids so my pics aren't used on the internet.

Things I dont understand about certain guys

I just don't get it. They seem so inhuman, like I'm talking to a brick wall that's horny. They have no deepness to them or real's scary.

Things I don't understand about certain guys
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  • menina
    Finally someone said what many women think!🙌🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 I don't get those guys either, they're too desperate. It's so messy and disgusting!
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    • menina

      Thank you for the MHO! :)

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  • Lionman95
    That happens because we live in a society directed by porn. Many guys start watching porn in the young age, I started watching being 15 but nowadays it starts with 11 or 12. We get to know the female body by watching porn. What happened to you is a consequence of that, how do guys get to know that most females don´t like to be treated like the women in porn? They learn through dating and talking to females. It´s easy to call them perverts or what ever but that´s part of modern society. I wouldn´t say every guy is like but that sooner or later it could happen that the majority is like that. The best thing what you can do is to ignore such messages because otherwise they won´t stop. Never start sending nudes because they will want more and want more explicite pics. by the way other guys may hate me for that but never start sending nudes EVER. You don´t know where they are going you don´t whose going to see them. So if you want to show yourself to him nude and you like him. Invite him, tie him to a chair or whatever and strip him. That could be equally arousing for him and you can make sure there are no nudes of you anywhere.
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    • I agree, the distribution of porn is a filthy and horrid practice. It has lead to the premature erectile dysfunction of millions of people, and you'd be shocked at how many people are forced into the industry. Check out www. traffickinghub. com for more info.

  • kemo56
    Lol... I'm a guy and I don't understand either... I mean I could say maybe they haven't learned finesse they weren't raised with respect... I mean when I hit the dating field I learned real quick that you get more bees with honey than you do with vinegar... And I don't know maybe society's got where seduction is a bad word but you're supposed to romance and seduce a woman at least that's what I thought or believe... Oh as far as the sweetie and honey and darling and all that it's hard to know it's probably better to stay away from all of them because different women like different ones are dislike different ones for whatever reason... and it seems like so many people in businesses anymore want to call you sweet and hung and all of those things so I don't know maybe people getting a habit of doing using that stuff but obviously those guys think that you're going to like it... And I wonder does it work for him ever? Because if it didn't you would think after a point of time that they would learn that doesn't work so maybe the problem is is the women out there that's accepting that behavior I don't know... No women I have have known would be turned on by that behavior
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  • Jjpayne
    The first one... I may get within a certain context like you need to know them first and it's a playfulness that she gets but the other two... Heck no... I often wonder... Did they get a concussion and just pick up their phone to text this stuff 😂

    My only logic is that some of them find women that are just like that. Ones that want those pics and wanna get busy right away. I am pretty sure they are out there some where but they are rare and far between.
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  • Brainsbeforebeauty
    Thank you for saying certain guys! Cuz there's definitely guys out there like that, but there's guys that aren't as well... But yeah those that do act like that are the ones to stay clear of.. and as bad as bae might be, boo boo is worse 🙄 lololol nice post 👍🙂
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  • mich15smith
    I am convinced its like 20% of dudes who just do this soooo much that they make up 90% of weird texts or something. I don't know of any guys who do this
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  • MCheetah
    Well, you see... All those guys you're referring to are f*ck-boys. Most guys aren't f*ckboys.
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  • FackThePackers21
    As a rule of thumb, I try to treat all self-respecting women the way that I'd want someone to treat my sister if he was courting her.
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  • Don-_-Don
    Some guy's just want to get straight to the point with their intentions, so that's why they say "wanna fuck" or in other words they just want a hook up.
    That's like most of tinder in a nutshell tbh.
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  • Dragonstarterplus
    Sounds like you have to blame your own sex. Seems like plenty of women react positively enough to "wanna fuck" or "send noodz" that men keep sending it seeing who will bite with minimal effort
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  • MrOracle
    You're dealing with ghetto guys - they may or may not literally come from the ghetto (many do!), but they have the ghetto, immoral, "it's all about ME!" mentality that is common among almost everyone in the ghetto. Ghetto mentality is all about "what can I get RIGHT NOW" - tomorrow is never a consideration, and neither are consequences.

    But, honestly, you should appreciate men talking to you like this, because they're telling you what their true nature is - they might as well be holding up a big sign that says "I'm ghetto!" and that makes them VERY easy to filter right out of your life. Is FAR better that they do that, then the ones who will lie to you and pretend they like you and want a relationship when they really just wanna fuck, right? Which would you rather be dealing with?

    The guys you are talking about are making it EASY for you to eliminate, so appreciate that, and think no more about them.
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  • PBandJ_Nerd
    I think the last 2 are weirder than the first one. I personally think baby sounds better than bae (and has an affectionate ring to it).
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  • zagor
    I have heard anecdotes about guys who lead with "wanna fuck?", and some claim it works about 5% of the time, which is probably as good as any other approach, with a lot less waste of time and effort.
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    • if it's not as good as any other approach. Then those dudes lack game and no wonder they feel they might as well be brash like that. Which most often will not work. A dude can be forward without going to that extent, some flirting, playfulness and get a girl to feel sexual tension toward him without say "let's fuck".

  • Kiss_Me
    You have discovered one of the ways of separating the Men from the boys. Guys act this way because they can get away with it. Not enough women call them on their boyish behavior.
    My recommendation: Date for fun, not to find your next relationship. Date lots of different guy. Don't become a serial monogamist. Keep it open and causal. That means limited to no sex, at least for about 2 to 3 months. The boys will come and go, while the Men will stick it out and wait. Eventually you will whittle your options down to one guy. He is your keeper.
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    • it's not a women's job to "punish" a guy for doing bad behavior. Men should reflect on their own behavior and accept responsibility that its not helpful, not attractive, and that it affects other people

    • Kiss_Me

      @Xoxocutekitty Punish, No. However, it is better to actually communicate and let him know how you feel and what you think. What else is he supposed to do, stumble through life until one day he has an epiphany. Better to communicate.

    • no these guys just don't care. Women don't have to call them out, the dudes being turned down is enough of the story that women aren't into and even women who are ok with hooking up. They aren't usually willing to fuck a guy when a dude is like that. What's wrong with sex too? Guys can be respectful but yet I don't see the point of sex either. And women like sex too. Plenty of married couples who are happy together didn't hold off for 2 to 3 months without sex. They just had sex when they wanted it and found they had a great connection and stayed in communication. It became a relationship and marriage at some point. Women shouldn't have to responsible for abstinence, a man who wants to abstain because he wants something more can choose to do so himself and not because the woman is refraining sex.

  • KrakenAttackin
    Men are reacting to how women act. If more women were ladies more men would be gentleman.
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    • Every man should treat every woman as a lady

    • Reading GAG, how many "ladies" do you see here?

    • I mean in everyday life to you know

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  • Froyologirl
    Men are becoming worse unfortunately ew. There's still some good guys left though of course.
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  • Makeushiver
    I agree with you:
    1) If you want to be playful rather than lewd when suggesting sex, let's get naked or something that at least indicates desire on his part is better than "you wanna fuck" (to which you could respond, "yes, frequently but not you". I have used "hot" in texts & messages but wouldn't call someone that to their face, shorty is even a bigger faux pas, bae is a term that has not yet reached the shores of CA, perhaps the US in general but I understand that it is a synonym for hot.
    Okay. so I answered 2 parts of your question now send me some nude photos. I've exchanged with women before but it's always been after a sexy tone of communication has been tacitly agreed upon. Never asked older living relatives for nudes, your grandmother would be mortified
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  • 0112358
    I suspect more women view 'beautiful' and 'dear' as cringey rather than romantic. You might like it, lots don't.

    Asking for sex fast is in fact a good move if a guy is looking for casual sex. Investing a lot of time in women who aren't interested is a waste of time. You are probably one of those women. The fact you stop talking to them immediately isn't a drawback, it's a -feature- of the approach. Because you're not going to hook up with them, the sooner the conversation with you ends, the better for them.
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    • Yeah but if the guy wasn't such a creep, he might've had casual sex and she might've been fine. For most guys especially a dude that talks like that. The options are limited, so it's stupid to squander unless there's a line up he's talking to. And still, even if he was. This could drop all the women from being interested in the guy to not at all. So no sex from the bunch of women. A woman can want casual sex, but still respect as the same time. When a dude goes like that, she will most likely lost interest, when she might've been up for casual sex. A woman to be or want to be friends with benefits, it's not being attracted but feeling despite it being casual, the dude is respectful, so he gets sex on and off from the girl and often how that situation happens.

  • GoodGuyBreakingBad
    Yes, guys who come off as thirsty will say them things to girls and it's sad to think that these asswipes are on the Internet, these have to be 800 lb Men who are living in Moms basement and or could be troll living under the local bridge yes it's disgusting for sure and I don't want to come off as thirsty cause that would only make me look like an old whoremaster.. Thanks for sharing your MyTake, I do like how mature you are for your age and that's what makes you attractive.. Hope your safe and Best Wishes :) :)
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  • pizzalovershouse
    Not all gugs are thus way that be like when gugs trash twlk an say all girls just use guys ig goes both ways the good out of both sex get used so they havd a hard time finding a nice 1
    Im with you on these but I've experienced it in reverse the girls doing it to me. 😱
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  • Smegskull
    They aren't trying to get a girl. They are trying to get sex, women just hold a monopoly on it.
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  • Guanfei
    This is how it goes in 2020. I've tried to do what you said and only got called boring.
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  • Sevenpointfive
    i'm guilty of 2/3. certain situations are just that. it doesn't mean we have a formula
  • iFarted
    Sooo you don't wanna fuck? bummer
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