Secrets of a Ladies Man: 5 Secrets No Man Will Ever Tell You

Secrets of a Ladies Man: 5 Secrets No Man Will Ever Tell You

1. Yes, Men Cry Too

Did you know that all of those vulnerable, sad, and hurt feelings that you have as a woman are felt by men in the same and equal measure? Did you know that men can be just as scared and lost as you are about things? Dare I cry. Some men actually cry a lot. When you cut us we bleed. When women break our hearts we hurt. We as men are not robots. We have just as emotion as you do. We are just cultured in many societies to suppress these emotions. We deal with this alone.

2. We Can't Read Your Mind

Many of us guys simply have no clue about the woman they care about. I think there is this idea that women think their man over the course of a relationship will finally understand them. No. We don't think like women. Unless you explain to us that something is wrong we simply won't know until it is too late.

3. Your Love Puts Him on the Market

Never take your man for granted. Women are vultures. A lot of guys are ignored by women until they see them in a relationship with another woman. Then women who never gave them a thought become obsessed. A woman must always accept that relationship status makes him a magnet to other women. Not only that, but even his failed relationship with you makes him wiser and a better lover for the next relationship.

4. His Love Is More Genuine Than You Think

When he first sees you he doesn't care about your education, career, wealth, or the car you drive. He cares about boobs and booty. Don't be offended by this. This is a man's biological impulse. It actually means he is attracted to YOU. Thinking that your body is sexually attractive is NOT superficial. There is nothing more real than who you are in the flesh. He also is attracted to YOUR personality. He cares little about anything more than those two things.

5. We Fear Hypergamy

We fear if we lose our job you will leave us. We fear you are always seeking to trade up.

Secrets of a Ladies Man: 5 Secrets No Man Will Ever Tell You
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  • Underworld158
    The guy in the pictUre is hot. Even a straight guy would say so lol😂
    any way jokes aside. i agree with all points but number 4. Not all guys are genuine. As a guy who have mainly male friends i can say some guys play games to use women for sex (not all). like the woman body will be treated like a commodity the same way gold diggers deal with men’s belongings as a commodity. Use and leave ‘kinda mentality
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    • boombastik

      Captain... did you actually read #4? It only said he was genuinely interested in who she is as a person... for her tits, add and personality. Nothing about not being out to hit it and quit it.

    • AbeThaPimp

      Calling another guy hot would be weird as fuck. Even with some of the close homies I wouldn't say ay bro your looking hot my dude AND if your not gay you'd have to throw in a "No homo"

    • LThunder

      "The guy in the pictUre is hot. Even a straight guy would say so lol"

      Mmm, no.

  • Wowboi
    Why you telling them our secrets lol
    Is this still revelant?
    • Boppy

      What's the benefit of keeping them secret?

    • LThunder

      Ain't none of this a secret. It's called be a human.

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  • virtue2332
    We don't even really speak the same language. We understand your words they just don't always mean the same thing to us. Life would be soo much easier if women didn't leave soo much up to interpretation. Just tell us what you really want and need.
  • JEndigoBleue
    This is no secret.

    There's no difference. We are taught by society that there is or should be.

    Men and women are the same mentally, but physically different.
    • Apope16

      We are not the same mentally. We think differently. Women think inward. Men the holistically. Women view questions personally. Men view them sociologically.

    • Ok... All this venting you're doing is proven my point. Stop believing YouTube about how to be a man. You contradict yourself every time you post.

    • Msgaïj

      He's not that wrong

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  • Unit1
    1) Yes, yes, yes! 100%
    2) Yes, yes, yes! 100%
    3) Can't comment
    4) Ah, well then. I must be the exception. I certainly will not date financial disaster women. And since successful women have a supposedly harder time getting boyfriends, I'm having the upper hand landing one of them 😍
    5) Yes, yes, yes! 100%
  • Alexandrubaschet08
    1. BULLSHI*, man don't cry only weak boys do that, but a man will never cry. Especialy in front of a girl and if he feel the need to do that he will not do it and try to take his minde away from that bad thought
    2. True
    3. BULLSHI*, that again not true, that guy whasn't whit nobady before you, he whas single, the fact you are whit him make him a lucky man. Is more easy for you girls to finde another man in just a couple of days, but a man will alwase need to search from a long time to be shure that have options, whitch is a lux if he have.
    4. BULLSHI*, ther are a lot of beautiful and hot womans but if they are so dump that they can't make even a tee, the beauty become anoying and not in the good way. It mean he will see you only as a sex toy or an escort. Guys come to talk whit you girls to see olso what you have in your minde. Some time we will just know is you are a slu* or an intelectual girl. Don't think if you are beautiful you have all the man for you. Beauty whidou't inteligence and inteligente whidout beauty are not atractive.
    5. BULLSHI*, our job is only our job, you have no power on what we like to do. Ther will alwase be jobs and an inteligent man will know that. Is not the end of the world if we don't work 20yares in the same company. Ther are a lot of options to work. If a man fear such a ting he is incapable to finde other jobs, whitch mean he is not educated or have any skills. Whitch you girls will not date such a guy and you know that already.
    • 1. Only the pus*y boys give me dislike, because they hate the true.
      3. They think they are some casanova or a jigolo.
      4. The jerks give me dislike because they think the woman need to be beautiful and nothing else, so for them is just a sex object.
      5. Only the guys who are to dump to finde a job don't like this answers.

  • Kaamraj
    Basically dont worry about women, live your own life. If they aren't going to care about us than no need to be concerned about them.
  • zerifer
    I have definitely seen or heard about all of these things.

    I recently had the thought too that if some men are used to bad relationships, when something genuine comes along, they fear messing it up and end up pushing it away.
  • dwiller943
    1. Obviously.
    2. We don't expect you to.
    We just expect you to use common sense.
    3. Stop ignoring the right women, and maybe you won't be overlooked.
    4. If his 1st instinct is to sexually degrade me, then he's not a good man.
    5. This only happens if you chase women that were spoiled
    and popular in high school.
    • Hydrogen


    • spartan55

      Yeah, you expect us to use YOUR common sense.

    • TwinTonyz

      Maybe not so obviously though.
      Men are being railed by women for being emotionally immature, but those same women seem to place emotional men in defective pile when being considered for a relationship. We're being told that traditional masculinity is evil and needs to end, yet men carrying those traditional traits are those which are most-desirable by women. A lot of men, maybe even a majority, have no idea what we're supposed to be doing. Everything seems like the wrong choice.
      Strong but Emotional
      Reserved but Available
      Successful but Committed
      Lean but Not Shallow
      Committed but Not Restrictive
      Confident but Modest
      Sensitive but Not Dramatic
      Benevolent but Not a Simp

  • jshm2
    Thats very true.

    I would add:

    6. There is a lot of reciprocity in relationships. But never assume happiness, just because it all "looks" OK.
  • winterfox10
    You just listed 5 things that literally every man on this website has said hundreds of times
    • Apope16

      I dont read othet guys work.🤷🏾‍♂️

  • Boodica
    He is a man. He will never know if his feelings are the same as a woman. & visa versa. He can only feel what a man feels. We are not the same. His 1st paragraph tries to argue we have the same feelings as he denies that opinion in the next 4 paragraphs. he completely reverses himself. Man games.
    • His point is that there are no feelings that are exclusive to men or exclusive to women. Women get sad. Men get sad. Women get happy, men get happy. The reason he has to make this point is because we were raised constantly being told to "man up" and we couldn't talk about our feelings. Also because of people like you who accuse of us "Man games" and we try to talk about it

    • @Boodica you act like what he's trying to point out isn't true. You are literally what he's talking about

    • @Boodica NO self-awareness at all.

  • RenegadeSailor
    I have never been much of a crier, not real emotional either. I can literally feel nothing at times.

    There is great power when you become your own point of mental self origin.

    I also do not fear hypergamy, if she does not have burning desire for me, she can gtfo. There are 3.5 billion women on the face of this planet, I can find another, and another, and another.
  • hi_it_is_me123
    I dont get the number 2. What do you mean that you guys dont understand if something is wrong or not? If you are an ass to your partner, you need to get told thst you were an asshole? Like wtf. I dont think that men are that stupid
    • Remember this is coming from a "ladies man". It's very likely he's only a "ladies man" cause he can't keep a long term relationship and thinks 20 short term ones versus one or two long term ones matter.

      I mean > Many of us guys simply have no clue about the woman they care about. < are the words of a loser right there. Women aren't aliens. If you care for someone you'd have some freaking clue what's wrong.

    • danjoredd

      The thing is, a lot of girls try to leave hints. I would say that a majority of guys are bad at picking hints up. If something is bothering you, be upfront. Only way to be sure he gets it. If you try to hint at it, he may pick up what you mean, or may not.

  • Actually, number 4 does not apply to me, I am very discerning about education, career, and other stuff like that from the beginning even if the woman is attractive because there are certain jobs I would never have a woman in my life for if they have for a profession.
  • wankiam
    the only bit i dont agree with is that men wouldn't tell women this... i certainly have been open and honest all my life with positive effect too
  • RawIronhide
    We're actually conditioned by women and other men to not be emotional. It's not society or the media as much as people make it out to be.
  • iseekpinetrees
    Will admit most of this I already knew.
    • Apope16

      ❤🙌🏿💯💪🏿🤗 good!

  • genericname85
    i don't know why this is supposed to be "5 secrets of a ladies man" xD i mean it's all true but i think it's like that for most men.
  • Keyboardkat
    Absolutely correct! Men's brains and women's brains are hardwired differently! We guys are programmed - this goes way back to prehistory - programmed to find the sights and sounds of women attractive, magnetic, and physically arousing. Her eyes, her smile, her hands, the shape of her legs, her voice, the way she laughs, her personality, all of these things can turn us guys into jello molds! And meanwhile, the girl is completely oblivious, because all of these traits are natural to her and she never thinks about them! A girl I think may be surprised - and maybe a little scared - when she finds out that a guy is really turned on by her. If she happens to like him, she may be thrilled. Or the opposite
  • Nalix
    #1 feels like an odd point to make here. Of course men cry, but we cry much less than women do, it's just not as natural a reaction for us. We tend to get angry a lot more, then turn off the anger by drowning it in apathy. Men turn to apathy all the time because we're not allowed to do anything else.

    #2 I feel this one personally. My wife feels like I should be able to anticpate her desires when she doesn't even know what she wants, and she gets offended when I ask her.

    The rest are simply true. Great job.
  • smileydrb
    Hot damn, my brother. That s.. t is spot on target.
    Much great fortune to you. School theses young bloods so they know.
  • Marioz86
    You just miss a product and it's a perfect advertise. Ladies man usually use women for entertainment and is never a boyfriend material. Stay clear of "ladies man" girls.
  • jahaims
    Those aren't secrets and if no man will tell them but you just told them does that make you a lier or a female?
  • Waldoe
    yeah.. I am NOT a ladies man.. I doubt they frequent this site
  • Vetis
    1. No, i dont cry.
    2. Yes, i can accurately take a look into someone's soul.
    3. No, i dont fear hypergamy.
    4. Almost all women are naturally polygamous because they are more primal than intellectual, like dogs. Just the Coldest, Harsh reality. Only some men are naturally such. I am.
    5. Yes, it is superficial. I will not look for the maximum sexual attraction in a spouse. I enjoy seductive women more, that have the ability to take me into the world of the feminine.
    Primal animal
    Primal animal
  • loveslongnails
    I fail to understand how any of these things make you a "ladies man", nor are they secrets? Sorry.
  • TheAfrikan
    Nice one Bro, thanks for telling them ladies a little bit about the men and the so called, the man side story.
  • sp33d
    Hey, this one's surprisingly sensible, but the pictures man, how is that relevant? :D
  • Sabretooth
    i know a girl i could read very well-only know her a brief time.
  • ALewis30
    After reading, I now have a little bit more info needed to understand women.
  • libertyxo
    This opened my mind up a bit.
  • scott04sa22
    Well sad
  • orangecherry
    Guys are amazing. I love guys
    • aieeazumui


    • @aieeazumui yes guys are awesome

    • aieeazumui

      What exactly is so amazing and awesome about guys?

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  • FakeNIK
    Quite accurate 👍
  • FlutteringFeelings
  • EJtheACEguy
    not every guy finds someones body attractive
  • thimmslicc
    Lol, nice to know from a ladies man
  • maria2716
    • JPrez

      These are true. 👍

  • _no_one_
    shhhh mate secrets oughta stay secret.
  • ThisIsMyOpinion
    The idea if hypergamy is pure nonsense.
  • AFellowWeeb
    Damn straight.
    Specially number 3
  • Anonymous
    What's a ladies man exactly? Someone thought of as entertainment & having no real worth as a boyfriend. I feel sorry for any guys that follow what's your advice. Given as it's all freaking common sense.
    • LThunder

      The 'ladies man' part is pointless here. This is just called being a man. OP is an 'editor/influencer'. This is just hype.

  • Anonymous
    In other news, water is wet
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
    Where's the spoiler here?
  • Anonymous
    When a guy says he does not want a relationship. Be still give relationship vibes. It’s like we’ve been together for years but no labels. Can you still pursue?
    • Apope16

      I have given women relationship vibes with girl who were just fuck buddies. Its part of the way i have sex. I like romance. As long as you play it cool, dont act needy, and give him the same relationship vibes... over time he will start to get used to the feeling of a relationship with you. That will get him to start having feelings. Id say do this for 6 months. If you haven't dated or met his friends or family by then... then he never will get to that point with you. Best to enjoy him as an friends with benefits.

    • Anonymous

      I have but when I start asking about a relationship he start saying he don’t want that. I don’t want to be just a fuck buddy. Then gets mad that I go back and forth about love him and he don’t encourage me to be with somebody else. I think he gone for real this time.

    • Apope16

      Oh i see. you weren't wrong to ask. you did everything right. he doesn't like you as a girlfriend. just keep fucking him and look for a new guy in the meantime. he won't change his mind. trust me.

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  • Anonymous
    I see hypergamy as an incentive to make myself better. It's like a challenger that is taunting me to push into success in all areas of my life. It feels good when i see myself getting the green light on a woman's hypergamy filters. I can measure my growth this way with different females while i am on my path to become higher value.
    • Apope16

      there's ALWAYS a bigger fish bro. ALWAYS. Even Jeff Bezos wife left him. Even Will Smith got cheated on.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah. That's the truth of hypergamy. But the beauty of it is that we can use that to our favor.

    • Apope16

      I see and i agree with thee

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