How normal men view women VS how misogynists view women

How normal men view women VS how misogynists view women

It doesn't really matter how you view women or to which category you belong to. This is as much of your personal choice as are your beliefs and philosophies and values. I will not say which is right or wrong.

There will be lots of hate and the urge to slam that keyboard. I can smell it. I don't care. For them haters being a "simp" (which means normal man right now) is worse than being homosexual back in 2000.

The normal man

(or as some internet blues call them any of these silly terms: "Blue pill, white knights, simps" and so on)

How normal men view women VS how misogynists view women
How normal men view women VS how misogynists view women
How normal men view women VS how misogynists view women
How normal men view women VS how misogynists view women
How normal men view women VS how misogynists view women
How normal men view women VS how misogynists view women
How normal men view women VS how misogynists view women

The misogynist

(or as we know them as: "Red pill, MGTOW, incels" and so on)

How normal men view women VS how misogynists view women
How normal men view women VS how misogynists view women
How normal men view women VS how misogynists view women
How normal men view women VS how misogynists view women
How normal men view women VS how misogynists view women
How normal men view women VS how misogynists view women
How normal men view women VS how misogynists view women
How normal men view women VS how misogynists view women
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Anonymous
    It’s disgusting how many misogynists exist nowadays and then they have the audacity to complain about misandry. Like if you weren’t misogynistic in the first place women wouldn’t feel the need to counteract this behaviour. Anyway, sexism is stupid and disgusting period. Whoever disagrees is just outting themselves as one.
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    • Stephen_77

      Correction, men became misogynistic because of misandry.

    • Anonymous

      @stephen_77 congrats on putting yourself as an ignorant misogynist. Hope you’re proud 🤡🤡 also no misogyny was rooted since the beginning of time. Educate yourself because there are very few misandrists out there which are a result of people like you.

    • Anonymous

      @stephen_77 just looked at some of your awful takes, yeah you’re the very reason some people are extreme feminazis, luckily most men are not disgusting pieces of shit like you. Change your ways before coming at women... Misogynists go to hell, see you there.

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Most Helpful Guy

  • AdithyaR
    I've always found mgtow to be hypocrites
    For people who supposedly go their own way, they seem to talk about women way more than others.
    Is this still revelant?
    • Then you've never studied anything about them or interacted with them in your life. I don't agree with them but claiming their hypocrits just shows you don't know anything. They mention the evils of feminism because they are actively trying to stop the very sexist laws that discriminate against men, how is that them being hypocritical? They have their own movement, they try to discuss men's issues like suicide and then feminist come in and issue bomb threats to shut down said events (this isn't hypothetical, its happened multiple times). Journalists ask about the movement and they agree to talk to them, only the journalist is a feminist so instead of hearing them out they do hit piece after hit piece and completely misrepresent them in all ways. Then you have women who have come out about this sexism and they have their lives ruined, their work attacked etc.(Casey Jay who did the documentery the red pill for example, or the man who ran the only male domestic violence shelter in Canada who was harassed demonized and eventually shut down thanks to feminist political clout resulting in him committing suicide, or the woman (I forget her name, Pizzy I think was her last name) who started women's shelters in england but upon realizing that women where just as abusive was then attacked by feminists, had her dog killed by them and her familiy threatened to the point where she had to literally flee the country). Do some research before coming to a conclusion.

    • AdithyaR

      I'm sorry but I just spoke from experience, the mgtows I've met on this site or other places have never mentioned such issues, they just go on talking about how women are evil and men who treat women well are useless.

      I care about men's issues cause the patriarchy hurts us all. I'm an ally to feminism and I can care about both men and women. I don't feel the need to make entirely different thing for it.

    • See, their is the ignorance. The "patriarchy" i. e. men, does not hurt us all, ignorance and refusal to accept that men and women are human beings (as feminist view point is that only men are evil and women are perfect which you are echoing with your claims of patriarchy (something of which you cannot even define or provide any concrete evidence of even existing). That is what hurts us, refusal to accept reality, and refusal to acknowledge the wrongs women commit and the refusal to accept that men can also be victims (which is done by feminists and men like you who immediatley blame something else for it i. e. patriarchy). When do we make women accountable for their actions? When do we acknowledge the sacrifices men make? Well with feminism and your view point, never, we will never do that as long as you hold your view and feminists hold said view. So until then we will continue to suffer.

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  • CindersFire
    I mean I don't necessarily have a problem with your disdain for MGTOW or such groups, but you have to realise that your post reeks of hipocracy. You say that your not willing to take a stance on which side is right or wrong while very clearly using words and images that show a clearly designed to favour the "Normal man".
    • Anonymous

      Fair enough. However if you think about it, it would be really hard to find images fitting for the MGTOW parts, that doesn't paint women as evil or aggressors or attackers to protect yourself from. I'd argue it might be impossible due to the extended core philosophy of MGTOW. Nevertheless these fit incels and misogynists still.

  • VanillaSalt
    It seems your misunderstanding something. Distain for women is not the core of red pill/MGTOW. The core of red pill is understanding the world is the way it is including people are the way they are and will generally look out for themselves during trouble like women during divorce and such… meanwhile the core of MGTOW is men’s refusal to place themselves in a compromised situation. The distain for women comes from incels that mistake their failure in dating solely as women’s standards when they focus on happiness and don’t strive to improve. It also stems from women’s hypergamy and anger at feminism.

    I’m 100% MGTOW. If I found the perfect girl I wouldn’t marry her. We wouldn’t even live together without a cohabitation contract. Women have too many rights, too much control, and too little accountability. Men do not share the same rights in court, relationships, reproduction, anything when compared to women. When a man and woman have a child the man HAS to pay child support… We often think the man knew what he was doing so he should pay child’s support. But what about the woman who choose to open her legs to a man she hardly knew whom may not have been ready for kids. It’s always the man’s fault not hers and it shows in court, society, and the remorseless actions of women.

    Some women ARE trustworthy but, as a man, your a fool to trust any woman in today’s society. It’s not that all women WILL screw you over, it’s that they CAN. MGTOW’s refuse to be in this compromising position until the laws catch up to the new society that feminism has pushed.

    Feel free to downvote and throw your hateful comments my way idc.
    • Silas_153

      "But what about the woman who choose to open her legs to a man she hardly knew whom may not have been ready for kids."
      You do know that the male has a choice, don't you? He doesn't HAVE to have sex with every female who "chooses to open her legs", as you so crudely put it. The responsibility for bringing children into the world lies with BOTH people who have sex. If you don't want children, then the way to prevent this is really simple - don't have sex (especially with strangers you barely know). What do you think marriage is for?

    • You are correct and in that regard they share responsibility… but the woman has unchecked authority over abortion. What if they used a condom and it broke? It’s unrealistic to believe men and women will just stop having sex. Women have equal responsibility up until the choice is made to or not to abort… women hold majority responsibility for children.

      As for what marriage is for… marriage and a ltr are the exact same thing minus a social contract not truly enforced by the government. For better or worse. In sickness and in health. Until death do us part… with does that even mean anymore. Marriage don’t mean anything anymore.

    • @VanillaSalt You have nailed it perfectly!

  • Kaamraj
    Although I don't completely understand the phenomenon but MGTOW, Red-Pill, etc. are part of related philosophies which are about one thing: choice, and the maximization and utilization of the same.
    The Red-Pill is about dissociating oneself from the propaganda that society and mainstream media teaches for their own socio-economic benefits and analyze the facts and draw one's own conclusions from an individual capacity. So, all it teaches is individuality.
    If you go by the data than it is without a doubt that men have a much higher suicide rate, homelessness, workplace, and combat casualties, lose in child custody battles, divorce settlements (with women filing for around 70-80% of all divorces, now if it were that previously women were stuck and now they have options then that figure should be around 50-50), child support (regardless of whether wanted to be a father or not), alimony, divorce and family courts being overwhelmingly against them, etc.
    So, there is data to back up their grievances. I suggest that if you want to propose a counter claim then instead of pasting some pictures and captions why you don't present your data with logic and let the people decide.
  • 420Rachel
    Eh. I don't care. Doesn't effect my personal life. 😂 All of this incel, MGTOW, redpill/blackpill horseshit is irrelevant to me unless it actually effects me. I do however find it amusing 😂 I'm just trying to live my best life while all these losers waste their days away behind a computer screen complaining about women. I'd rather interact with people who don't have a distorted sense of reality.
    • Stephen_77

      Fake as a three dollar bill

    • 420Rachel

      Haters gon' hate 😎

    • Stephen_77

      Liars gon' lie

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  • D_Bone_Steak
    You conflate misogynists with red pillers and MGTOW in this. They don't hate women overall, unless they're going through the infamous red pill rage. It's more about just understanding female behavior than anything else. True behavior versus what Disney/media/etc has tried to brain wash men into thinking. Thus the whole blue pilled/red pilled stuff.
    • Losat

      I remember going through red pill rage. It was freaking horrible. Now I just kinda shrug and roll my eyes at a lot of the crap I see.

  • Ninjazzed
    The same patriarchy that damages women is the same that damages men.

    The trope that certain men who don’t do “traditionally masculine” activities are effeminate and pathetic, is just another way that the patriarchy oppresses men though their own misogyny.
    • Anonymous

      This isn't even about any patriarchy at this point. What you described is what I call toxic masculinity.

    • Ninjazzed

      Toxic masculinity is still on the same scale.. it still belongs to patriarchy.

    • Yes, evil men are responsible for every bad thing in the world because as we all know women cannot in anyway be held accountable for their own actions, actions are something men take and women are just objects who are acted upon. Or we can acknowledge reality that their is no patriarchy (you have no way of defning it or can show any objective measure of it), people act certain ways and yes that means that women can have "toxic femininity" and do (which is why you refuse to own up to your actions or acknowledge the wrongs that women do because of your toxic femininity).

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  • AFellowWeeb
    Hmm, ok, the last time i was ont his website i was arguing with a 18 yo girl that used a guy to pay for a dinner to her, apparently dumped her boyfriend not long time ago and already had another crush on a guy from tinder, she's just 18 by the way, but ok, we are the weirdos. And years, women here in the west have it better, 75% of suicides are men, women are more promiscuous than men, and yes, fuck boys do exist and hypergamy is a real thing, 30% of men till the age of 26 are still virgins here in the west, while women are only 15-18%, basically half. There is no wage gap, 90% of deaths in the workplace are men, why? Because men go for high risk high reward jobs and work overtime, bc if a guy is broke, no woman will ever want to date him, but still, 75% of homeless people are male 🤔. We dont hate women, we hate un fair treatment, we are currently on the same position of men ( yes, it were men ) that created first wave feminism to give women all of the same rights as men, no one likes us, even tho we are just fighting for real equality, third wave feminism is a brainwash propaganda, just to employ lazy women with fake jobs such as activists. Back when doctors and scientists were allowed to speak up without censorship, they allways said that promiscuity leads to depression and unhappy marriage lives, women always report being more unhappy than their husbands nowadays, and they are the ones that file for divorce more often, this is why 50% of marriages in the us end up in divorces, hell, even pewdiepie already points that out on one of his recent videos, this is why we say that women are just for fun these days and are not marriageable anymore.
  • TruthBringer
    @CasaNorba @KrakenAttackin @AFellowWeeb
    Check out this dude trying to glorify being a white knight and clearly mislabeling MGTOW and red pill as "misogyny" while exposing himself to not know anything about them 😂
    • Silver158

      I mean I agree but I also agree with some of his points. The fact is a lot of MGTOW tends to label ALL women as bad, hypergamous, gold diggers willing to cheat etc. But, the problem with that is it's a generalisation and it doesn't apply to all women, some are actually decent people. And, a lot of these things can be seen in men as well so applying it specifically to women is problematic

    • @Silver158 Yes, unfortunately, there are a lot of bitter people. Although much of that bitterness, especially in MGTOW is justified. All in all, the philosophies in both MGTOW and the red pill aren't inheritely misogynistic

    • Silver158

      True but the way that some guys portray these philosophies can be misogynistic.

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  • mandylou
    These men are the ones who think all women are whores or pieces of meat that want to play a guy, and just like guys can be players so can girls. But to respect a woman, a good decent woman, and love her, is not weak nor is hating women and feeling bitterness strong. All people are on ranges of good, evil, selfish, kind, caring, loving, hostile, etc. It is the human condition. It is not a male condition or a female one.
  • Adam1978
    Well it's clear you don't know what your talking about. Since you can't keep the labels apart. Please invest time to understand the subject before spreading misconceptions like this.
  • SomeGuyCalledTom
    I feel like I just read the opening paragraph of an unfinished argument. What exactly is your point? I don't think "simping" should be rewarded or thought of as "normal" behavior. But being a mysoginistic pig should also not be rewarded or encouraged. I think the "middle way" is the best way: a man who has a backbone and his own standards and opinions, but who recognises his duty of care towards the woman or women he's involved with romantically or platonically.
  • MzAsh
    Misogynistic, low value men will view women as beauty objects and service sources before anything else. To them, it’s all about how good she looks and how well she can cook and clean for him, and take care of his children, etc. These are the type of men women should avoid at all costs.

    Good men respect and honor a woman in all facets, from her mind, personality, her autonomy, desires, and what she brings to the table other than the shallow things misogynistic men want from a woman. A good man views a woman as a valuable partner and team mate, not an object or toy.
    • @MzAsh. "Low value men", you mean the Chad Thundercocks who fuck their way through Tinder? Women throw themselves at these guys so by definition these are "high value" men.

      Also, his many modern women "cook and clean"? Modern women need a GPS just to find the kitchen, not that they can do anything worthwhile once in it.

    • MzAsh

      Being a high value man has a whole hell of a lot more criteria involved than managing to convince a few girl-children on tinder to scree him before realizing he sucks in life. Tinder is bottom of the barrel.

    • The ironic thing is, high value men actually put a lot of importance in a woman's traditional skills and her ability to take care of children. The key point that you have chosen to ignore that these men don't ONLY value these qualities, but also other qualities. So you're deliberately being dishonest here by manipulating the reader into thinking that men who put value or even priority on a woman's ability to cook, clean and taking care of the kids did not go unnoticed here. With that logic, low value women would give importance to a man's education, his ability to provide and how well he treats the kids. While in reality, these are one of the most important things to seek in a man. It is obvious that you just despise men for wanting traditional qualities that don't go hand in hand with the feminist ideology, despite research clearly showing that traditional couples are far happier than "modern" ones.

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    I've always found the entire MGTOW movement to be quite annoying. At this point, any criticism of MGTOW is seen as an attack on their ego, which when ideology reaches that point it's really no different than religion. A lot of their reasons for avoiding women are legit. Look at the court system and how it treats men and what they say is true and backed by real evidence. And that's where I depart from them.

    Personally I can't stand weak males who just whine and whine. When this movement began about 8 years ago on YT, it was quite common to see these boys make multi-hour videos just complaining about women. And like others have pointed out, for a bunch of men going their own way, they sure spend a lot of time online bitching about women.

    They never liked me, which is no big lost, because many times I would point out how enculturation has played and plays its part in how, in this case, current women's behavior has come about. What they don't like about what I've said is how is it when I stopped dating American women and focused on east Asian and Quebecois women, I found dating and relationships to be effortless. They would all bemoan their nonsense that the women were using their top secret tactics to ensnare me and blah blah blah. And I've always maintained and continue to do so that many of the dating and relationship problems that women cause is because many American women don't know what it's like to be held responsible. I even see this in engineering, where one firm hired a woman simply because she is female (a real female), she sits at her desk collecting a pay check, and she is dumb to the point that she doesn't know the difference between centripetal acceleration and centripetal force. Which begs the question: How did she get there? The answer is quite simple, her parents never held her to standard, her public school passed her along, and her college passed her along. Because anyone in that chain had they been honest with her and held her to a standard like men are, they would have been seen as destroying her self esteem or as a misogynist.

    Then there is their MGOTW's obvious hypocrisy. They say they support men, so why is it when a man is falsely accused of rape, sexual harassment, etc., they are not pooling their money to pay for a lawyer to defend the accused? Instead, they just resort to defeatist mindset. Why don't they work at the local government level to change misandric laws? Again, because they must maintain the victim narrative.

    There's more I can say, but I will end w/ this, about 6 years ago, a FB group was started, but one could see all of it's users which consisted of weak pathetic males who seem to be only interested in playing video games. Who in their right mind wants to associate with such people?
  • Goatmeal
    Ignoring for a moment the simping (yes, Reddit incels can be nuts, but so can feminists), those pictures are all arguably a bit sexist. All the women aree conventionally attractive. All the women are made up and styled and smiling. I would have trouble distinguishing them from the girls hired to welcome business travelers at conventions.
  • Saph765
    Well this all comes down to the Male gaze vs the Female gaze. The male gaze, typically, is more masculine in a toxic way. Ex: Men typically find muscular builds the beauty standard for men. Whereas women tend to not necessarily have a preference and most times prefer the “dad bod” appearance in a man. Female gaze has more to do with someone’s interests and who they are as a person etc, whereas Male gaze has more to do with surface level appearances. Too much of one or the other can be a bad thing but balancing out both could be a benefit. People on both sides are very stuck in their ways because they were most likely taught that way and that way only and that any other view is wrong or seen as weak/dense. Ex: Male gaze sees men being kind to women as weak etc, whereas Female gaze sees uneducated men/one track mind men as dense. It all comes down to a lack of understanding of both men and women towards each other.
    • This isn’t entirely wrong but its somewhat more complex, its less to do with what is being framed as desirable than the autonomy of those represented.
      So, e. g. In ‘ways of seeing’ by John Berger notes how women can be beautiful in many ways, but beauty is something not from environment, effort or desire of those around them, but of their person. The camera will assume a beautiful person is always beautiful, but an ugly one is always ugly.
      So like in the post, ever photo represents a girl doing something, but all are represented as part of her fundamental character, not something that she just happens to be doing at that time. Interestingly this is something that also true for men. They are strong/ weak/ angry, but this are almost never something that is seen as true in the moment but rather shown as products of their fundamental character.
      The female gaze then in theory is intended as the inversion of this, so films like the Love Witch will have very fetishizated characters, but this are represented as a product of their actions not something which is a fundamental truth. However theirs debate over wither this can really work. Mulvey, who coined the term male gaze, though that essentialism was too fundamental to the language of film to be properly subverted.

    • Women who "like" dad bods like them because they are afraid of competition when they have an in shape guy. This is merely a coping mechanism.

    • Right, men are always peices of shit and women can do no wrong ever and are always perfect in every way. Do you not see your own hypocrisy?(of course you don't). This is what the problem is. We all can agree when a man acts like an asshole but when a woman acts like an asshole NO woman calls it out and all the men who call out the bad behavior are accused of hating women. We don't accuse you of hating men just because you literally equate masculinity with something to be ashamed of (that is what toxic masculinity is).

      As for your claims, entirely false. Statistically men like women thicker then women think men do i. e. the ideal female body has more body fat then women's ideal female body. As for "female gaze", yes women do objectify men all the time and no they do not like the dad bod. This is statistically been proven. In fact one study found that while men found women to be on average, average looking (exactly what one would expect), they found that women on average found that 80% of men where BELOW average, a statistical impossibility.

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  • Rok4bakAR
    Male honestly is male misogyny!!
    Even thought 90% of the world is pure misandry.
    As masculinity is a threat to tyranny!
    • Silas_153

      Masculinity is a threat to tyranny? Masculinity is the CAUSE of tyranny!

    • Rok4bakAR

      You’re a fkin idiot! You have no idea WTF you’re talking about! people like you is why guys like me left Canada! A misandry nation that women are misandry.
      Masculinity is bad? Go watch lion king and see what happened after the male lion died. You sound like a feminist cunt! Go to Iran tons of work for you there.

    • Silas_153

      Ha, ha! The incel is TRIGGERED! :P

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  • Not_Average
    There’s a lot of evidence that showcase women are becoming increasingly narcissistic with modern culture. Most modern women can be fun, but make horrible partners. I’m glad I found a good one.
  • EnglishEuropean
    To be honest this is oblivious nonsense. Misogyny is nothing to do with the fact that some women do exploit men. Just ask Johnny Depp.
  • hi_it_is_me123
    I agree. I have seen mgtow guys who view any man as simp if he does not hate women and marry women. Simp originally meaned a guy who worshipp women but nowdays if you are nice to your girlfriend, you are called simp. Players are seen as alphas aka ultimate goal for many mgtow guys in my experience -so they are ok with playing with women for sex but hate women who do the sama aka play with men for money. You can look up mgtow channels on youtube and look at the commentsection. If the genders were reversed and so women act like this, they would be called feminazis. Anyway it is good thst they dont procreate and so they get eliminated forever
    • A fair enough point

    • Stephen_77

      The covid vaccines will kill off most of humanity anyway.

    • Hey stephie, why are you spamming people. Retards like yoz and real feminazis should be out on island - yes real feminazis since critizising some men make retards like you call you feminazi. I am really done with incels like you who blame all women for their failure in dating life. No wonder why the number of feminazis increase

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  • BeenThereLovedIt
    People objectify beauty and sexuality, and then laugh at everyone else who argue and fight about it. Seems like you are focused on the wrong symptom and not the real problem (s).
  • hellionthesagereborn
    Why do you keep trolling? Is it because you find it amusing or is it because you really believe this bullshit? Either way its sad, please stop.

    Pointing out that when you let women run rampant and not be held accountable for any of their actions results in a very abusive society towards women isn't hating women, its pointing out a fact. The idiocy of this is mind boggling. We would never suggest that a man raping a woman and being applauded for it is a good thing yet we actually have women who have openly admitted to raping men and being applauded for it. Pointing out that women are human beings and need to be treated as such is not men hating women, its not men being evil, its men pointing out reality. Stop with this please, you either simping or being a woman posing as a man to push this agenda isn't helping men and it sure as hell isn't helping women. Stop being sexist and have a little self respect.
    • hahahmm

      OP is hoping some woman will want to have sex with him based on his posts... not realizing that feminists secretly hate soy boys.

    • @hahahmm That does seem to be the case. Well that or its a feminist disguised as a blue anon to push their propaganda.

  • Overmind
    The former view women as a person & the latter an object.
  • captain_voidwalker
    A wise man once said you can love women, or you can understand them. Speaking the truth about women dosen't make a man a misogynist. Whilst most men who get red pulled go through what we call the red pill rage (which is a perfectly natural reaction to realizing you've been lied to your whole life). After the rage passes we aren't misogynist, frankly we just don't care about women. Wouldn't piss in thier mouths of thier teeth were on fire. Thats about as not giving a shit as a man can get.
    And to all the ladies. If men suddenly wanting to make thier lives better instead of your lives better is a problem. Guess what? Its your problem not ours.
  • Silas_153
    I've seen quite a few of these people here at GAG:

    The Incel Scale. They actually believe that masculinity has some value, and isn't 100% completely toxic. Yes, insane, I know.
    • Sigh so a man’s toxic because their masculine. Well fuck you too.

    • Silas_153

      @VanillaSalt Why are you taking this personally? I'm pretty sure you've got very low testosterone levels.

    • I’m pretty sure you don’t even know what being a man is. Bet your wife lets you have you balls on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Probably a good thing you don’t have offspring.

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  • TheSpaceGnome
    Mgtow is just as stupid as feminism. Any ideology that places a stereotype over a gender is retard talk.
  • JesseJayNeak
    Same thing with women. There are normal women and misandrists
  • anon1903
    Good take! My mom would love a good read. Thank you!
  • oddwaffle
    Bro, every girl seems to have an OnlyFan page these days. Even selling their own panties. Someone must have bought them.
    • Ninjazzed

      Pretty sure normal girls don’t have an onlyfans. I have a guy friend with an onlyfans who does naked photography.

    • hahahmm

      Well, I'm guessing 50% of women are that type. Not all.. but definitely 99% of the ones who are running around being offended because somebody called them a slut.

    • hahahmm

      cause somebody has reason to call them that.

  • yoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyo
    I'm a simp, if you aren't you're a fuckboy in my eyes, you're not in my league. Loyalty is Royalty
  • Gespenster_division
    How normal men view women VS how misogynists view womenHow normal men view women VS how misogynists view womenHow normal men view women VS how misogynists view womenHow normal men view women VS how misogynists view womenHow normal men view women VS how misogynists view women
  • Jamie05rhs
    There are different types of women, bro. They're not all the same.
    • hahahmm

      He puts them on 100 foot high pedestals so he can't actually see enough of them to tell.

  • anylolone
    There are both kind of women, and the categories frequently overlap.
    Same for guys.
  • Jaysonava
    I think this has to do with the broader issue of America's endless opportunities, shrinking middle class, and and the bad living standard for low waged people.

    Basically, nowadays there is a big drop between the middle class and the lower class making it difficult for people to feel secure in their income level.

    Marry that with how there is, to this day, an unquantifiable number of monetary opportunities for any given person.

    Opportunities in dating as well as income have made a lot of men anxious about their prospects and have imbued them with a fear of missing out. Same with women. Same with beautiful women.
  • loveslongnails
    I really can't tell - are you bored, angry, or both?
  • WomenAreInfants
    The #1 criteria, at the top of the list of 534 other expectations, that women expect of a man before she will consider dating him is if he has a job. Many dating poles, for decades, prove this. Then womyn make excuses for why this gold digger attitude is justified, while men have very few expectations from women, and her employment status is a negligible factor.

    Putting gold digger photos in the misogynist column is purely gas lighting. Is it derogatory toward rattle snakes to think they might bite you?

    Women place expectations on men that are very difficult or impossible to meet, I. E. high wealth and height.

    What men want from women are far more attainable by women, I. E. being attractive and having a nice personality.
    • hahahmm

      There was a study done once where men were shown pictures of random women & women were shown pictures of random men. In 100% of cases the women tried to guess the profession of the man. Men just commented on whether they found the woman hot or not. Ha ha ha.

  • TurkishDİxon3419
    And the best of you is the one who is best to his wives in terms of morals. Prophet Muhammad
  • Asianguy123
    they re all sissy and fuck like insect in a hot summer air
  • Chthou95
    Another i love kissing women's ass take
  • es20490446e
    Why do you date women you don't trust?
  • Jmmmfi4
    Guess I'm a red pill
  • Anonymous
    Look Stephen_77 was wrong about his second comment, both genders are victims in different ways. Women sadly receive less opportunities and men are sadly more likely to have their emotions pushed deep inside them from the start. But he was right about men becoming misogynistic because of misandry from men and women. If a man is forced to be masculine and a man is assumed to be sexist just because he is a man then he will strike back and put the blame on all women because of stereotypes. Both men and women suffer from sexism and there will be no end to it for anyone if people keep attacking each other with bias opinions.
  • Anonymous
    yeah and then the women get judged by the word of GOD
  • Anonymous
    what most morons forget is there are real scumbag women and scumbag men in this world and the good ones are usually taken most of the time the good ones are taken. i've noticed some repetative patterns on this shithole site. 1. women look for egoboosts from simps (desperate guys looking for a woman's attention) 2. women like to branch swing monkey branch dick hop ride the cock carousel by screwing around with a 100 guys while they have a boyfriend and ask complete strangers for validation and permission for their whorish behavior 3. women who come on here and whine and complain about the guy they're with being a bad guy to them and look for any emotional tampon they can find to whine to for free therapy aka free therapist from an emotional tampon. 4. guys being misogynist towards women redpill blue pill bullshit takes place a lot with them 5. if a guy sticks up for a woman or has a girlfriend he gets viciously attacked by these keyboard warrior mgtow redpill incel bullshit losers 6. the guys on this shithole site are complete and total fucking losers redpill mgtow incel losers who desperately act like keyboard warriors and their opinions mean far less than a feminazi's opinion
  • Anonymous
    Sometimes society is unfair. I know this guy. His name is Ethan. My best friend dated him. He is so generous. Paid for the whole table which was embarrassing for me because ahh he's not my boyfriend and I barely knew him. Anyways I really admired his willing to impress and provide. He is always a gentleman to my friend and everyone around him. However she broke up with him and I still don't understand why. I just hope he didn't get hurt and bitter about being dumped. He's a great guy and I hope he finds love someday. Anyways the point of this rant is, sometimes girls ruin good guys. There is hope though, just try not to stay bitter. The world has good and bad people. It just takes time to find the one.
    • Stephen_77

      This is the main reason I gave up on women 17 years ago, they dump or shit on the good guys and go for the bad guys, and then complain when it backfires on them. Women are really screwed up.

    • women do not want to be treated right, they are unsatisfiable, specially with the hook up culture raising more and more. You could literally be like jason mamoa and a girl would still dump you for no reason, women aren't worth it nowadays

    • Stephen_77

      @AFellowWeeb So true.

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  • Anonymous
    This post is nothing more than a jab at men who don’t kiss feminism’s rear end. Criticizing feminism doesn’t make someone a misogynist as there are many women who also criticize feminism. Because women aren’t synonymous with feminism.
    • Ayanna240

      From my experience, Usually if a man hates feminism, there is a high chance he has a problem with an independent women. (The type of guys who hate female CEOs or successful women) Trust me I don't date those types of guys.

    • @Anonymous this entire post is a cope trying to demonize a group of people because they happened to make fun of him and his simp behavior. Hence why this entire post is one big strawman

    • Ninjazzed

      Way to call yourself out.

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  • Anonymous
    MGTOW and feminism are two sides of the same hate driven sexist coin. Anyone who writes something against one without acknowledging the role the other plays in this problem is being a dishonest hypocrite.
  • Anonymous
    MGTOW is understanding how easily women can wreck your life, and deciding to not give them the opportunity.