Women are from Venus and Men, from Mars?


I saw some stupid book my mother was reading when I went to visit her (read: have her do my laundry!) it was called Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus...or something like that - and so for a kick I took a look at it (read: while I was on the throne). There were parts that were pretty hilarious actually. I can't believe how easily people in the 90s bought into these cliches and made it a practical bible on relationships and self help. But I also can see how the author plays into those kind of stereotypes everyone accepts as law. The best way to describe it would be through this video....which does the same thing.

Are guys and girls really this different? I know some pretty cool girls, but I thought it would be cool to put it out there.

Women are from Venus and Men, from Mars?
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  • Mesonfielde
    Oh my god, I know that book. It was written by either John Gray, or Allan & Barbara Pease. Simply giving out a book to validate cultural stereotypes, while making pseudoscientific farfetched references to studies that either don't exist or came tons completely different conclusion. They are a scourge upon the human race, I would burn their books. I am mostly pissed that they brainwash people into accepting sexism as a fact, the idea of gender being purely biological and also being naturally polar opposites of each other is detrimental to the core.
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  • Pingju
    I thought we are all from the same planet? :P
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  • heavensgift2girls
    Yes we really can be that different. Men and women are not designed to be exactly same, and no amount of feminist propaganda will ever change that. Men and women evolved next to each other, but did not evolve to face the same challenges and so evolved a little differently.

    We evolved in such a way that we compliment each other as partners, and display more commonly display traits the other gender finds attractive. If we were exactly the same, the human race as a whole would be much weaker.

    Not every man and woman will fit into the stereotypes, but there is a lot of truth behind the stereotypes. There is a lot of similarities that men and women have, but for anyone that is having trouble communicating with the opposite gender, the book men are from mars, women are from Venus could really help them understand their partner. It however should not be mistaken as a complete explanation for every man and woman you meet.

    The culture use to be that men and women are completely opposite, and this results in forced gender roles, and shaming of people that step out of those roles. Then feminism happened and over corrected that problem and created a new problem. A common belief in a lot of feminists is that in order to be equal, then we must be exactly the same, and it is only society that tells us we are different. This results in shaming the genders for showing natural traits that aren't understood by the other gender. I think both views taken to an extreme are very harmful.

    Stereotyping is not always negative. Stereotyping simply fills in blank spaces about someone, until we get a chance to know them better. As long as we are willing to throw out stereotypes about them as new information about them becomes available, and don't use unfair stereotypes, then human interaction is a lot easier to navigate.
  • QueenofArcticFoxes
    I have heard of this book, interestingly I was recommended this book after a bad break up. No fucking way would I ever read that bullshit. I was also recommended a shitty Christian book. Ugh.

    No we are NOT that different. No we are not the same either. There are aspects of us that are different but guess what? We are all different in our own ways. We are just somewhat similar, somewhat different.

    This is from extensive interactions with males. :p

    John Gray's book sucks ass!
  • RealPrinceCharming
    Actually, John Gray has a PhD in psychology, so it's not crap. As we know, nothing is completely true for EVERYONE, but what he says about each sex is mostly accurate when you look at it from a scientific and evolutionary level.
  • aamy811
    This summer up me and my ex boyfriend. When it comes to things like nightly hygiene he didn't really care and would just go to bed the shower in the morning, where as I had a very strategic routine that took about 45mins to an hour.
  • Littlett25
    Her makeup... It's so bad. Her cheeks are like a clown. So, I totally do the stuffing of clothes in my drawer & the face washing. I also procrastinate but not really on purpose... Getting into the shower (I get sidetracked). Also I search clothes, quizzes, random stuff on the internet.
  • DivaMonae
    So fake!

    Whatever qualities you have you have... And I actually posess about 50/50 possible 40/60 (girls/guys)
  • CootiesInfection
    self help books are so pandering its ridiculous. women aren't from venus. they want you to think they're from venus cause they're deceptive little fuckers and they want to throw you off their trail and make themselves look mysterious
  • miserybusiness
    According to this video, I am a man.

    I mean I always knew that... deep down... I didn't fit in with the rest of womankind.

    But this video confirmed everything for me.

    I will now go cry and think about this newfound identity.
  • countryboy19
    I have to say that all of that is very true about guys.
    I don't take long showers, the longest part for me is shaving and brushing my teeth.
  • AustynTyler
    Its pretty accurate to me in the bathroom routine.
    I try to keep my fridge stocked.
  • FighterGirl13
    That's why I am somewhat opposite of all the sterotypes that are placed on women.
  • MichelleUFO
    well at least i can send them to far far away so I can relax
  • Unimaginative2
    I'm closer to the girl routine.
  • Born2shine01
    That's Eva from youtube! :D
  • Anonymous
    The title might seem daft but the book is actually genius.
  • Anonymous
    In about 10 or so years, about 100 or so people will be from Mars, men and women
  • Anonymous
    Well, it was creative.
  • Anonymous
    I saw this to be quite inaccurate. I don't pick up clothes from the floor, I have a rule that if clothes are on the floor they go to the laundry. If my fridge was empty (which almost never happens) I would go buy food its common sense. I'll admit I take long showers (1 hour long) but the phone conversation seems kinda accurate.
  • Anonymous
    Boys are me

    also I was prepare to say both girl and boy are annoying but nope. I am pretty indifferent towards the boy... It's the girl just the girl. So annoying.

    That book is poop. It embarrasses me everytime I See someone reading it in the book store. I actually found one in my house with notes in the margin! F$cked up.

    If grey has a phd that doesn't mean he's not a charlatan... Academia writes stuff that makes money , not stuff that's necessarily true or has any scientific integrity whatsoever.
  • Anonymous
    Not true... I don't like showers at all, I prefer long baths
  • Anonymous
    wtf is this metrosexual bs?
  • Anonymous
    Just because something is a stereotype doesn't mean it isn't true.

    Yes, men and women really are that different.
    • Sadly we are...

    • Anonymous

      Why is that sad? What would really be sad is if we were the same.