Am I The Only One Who Does These Things When I'm Alone?


Guys, do you ever pretend to have superpowers or wrestle on the couch by yourself when you’re alone? Yeah, me too.

Which is why this video about weird things guys do when we're alone is scary. Because it’s accurate. Almost TOO ACURATE.

I'm don't need girls knowing that I put my hand in pants and occasionally smell them after. Which I definitely DON'T DO....

A message for girls: We all do weird things when we're alone. So I won't judge you as long as you don't judge me.

Am I The Only One Who Does These Things When I'm Alone?

Am I The Only One Who Does These Things When I'm Alone?
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Anonymous
    That cracked me up! I'm a girl and I do several of those things, so no judgement here :) I also like to sing operas, try on clothes/have fashion shows (for my dogs, no less), go on cleaning frenzies, play loud obnoxious music, and walk around scantily clad. So yeah, I don't think there is such thing as a "normal" thing to do when home alone.
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Kshppatel
    Sometimes when no one is looking I pretend like I'm crossing people over, dunking on someone, draining a game winning shot or I pretend I'm the quarterback throwing passes like it's a two minute drill lol.
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  • arigee7
    I'm a girl and even I do some of theses things 😐 I feel weird now 😐 do only guys do some of these things or girls too? I try to be telepathic, try to exercise then give up and lay on the floor, ninja fight the cushions, etc... I'm being honest 😐 #DontJudgeMe
  • MrAbraham
    When I'm alone I talk to myself because I love to hear the sound of my voice the questions I come up with or I walk through the house and sing a theme song such as the Doug theme song, Powerpuff Girls Dexter's Laboratory And more
  • Coolguy1928
    If guys do these... Does this mean I'm not a guy? O_o
    All I ever do when I'm alone is talk to myself, discussing weird things, fighting over stupid things, and debating what to do next. I feel ashamed. TT__TT
  • LittleSally
    Hahaha I horse around like those two (the karate and jumping) every time after a great karate movie! xD

    This one was my favorite: "No, mr. Bond, I expect you to die..."

  • Springfairy
    I don't do that, but I like to act out my favorite scenes from musicals.
    Like "I know its today" From Shrek the musical or "One day more" From Les Miserables. XD
  • peachblossomluck
    The smelling of one's own body odor is instinctual. That other stuff, I think those guys are bored lol.
  • LadyBBaller
    Pretend I'm a ballet dancer and prance around the house, pretend sword fights, handstands/headstands, foooood hahaha :)
  • AkumaKira
    Hahahahahahahhahahaha I can relate to some of these xD way too accurate!
  • JackKerouac77
    When I'm alone I start Fortune 500 companies and ballll to the moooon!

    Heard of Kit-Kat bars?

  • smexiliciousss
    Hahah do guys actually do this? I just sit around haha
  • YourFutureEx
    Where did these guys see me doing these random $#!'l' ? o_O
  • misscoffeehead

    Thank you for the insight.. Good to know
  • Zeph23
    Everything is quite accurate, aside from the "sniffing my feet" scenario. That does not happen. o. O
  • Pinkbeauty
    when I'm alone I'll talk to myself and play games on my computer or go on my phone or wright in my diary
  • AdoringFan
    Yeah, that's actually really accurate, especially the eating straight out of the fridge thing.
  • Ulyss
    This is spot on for me except the jedi power part I do that in public xD
  • bananatossing
    Well this is funny. I can relate to a couple of things and now I have more ideas. Thanks for sharing
  • KiaTate
    I sit upside down on the couch and watch tv... but that's about it. 😆
  • Harrison4073
    Never done that peeing one but I will give it a go after seeing that.
  • Noxifer626
    I sing a lot when I'm alone.
    Also do the air guitar.
  • countryguy8
    I have to say that this is to accurate especially eating straight from the fridge.
  • apexalpha
    drinking juice directly from the carton is the only thing I can relate too
  • Starfishlover
    When I am alone, I talk to myself and sing a lot
  • sammy_31
    Ahhhhh lol I see what y'all are up to now xD
  • miserybusiness

    I'M A MAN
    interesting.. hmmm..
  • sp33d
    This is hysterical... and true :D
  • Princessofpersia
    Thanks for sharing
  • Anonymous
    And most of those weird random things are ADORABLE. Except I'm the one who sniffs the clothes, feet, and smelly man pits! Mwahaha. He definitely doesn't do the "sniffing after scratching" I've asked... lol because that's just awkward.
  • Anonymous
    Pretty accurate. Scary really
  • Anonymous
    AHAHAHAAHA XD I didn't know girls and guys are so similar :P :P
  • Anonymous
    I must not be a man. I do not do these things.