Am I the only person that feels invisible to people?

Am I the only person that feels invisible to people?

I know people say it is important to be confident and place your best foot forward, however, I feel as if I should not be assertive in who I am. I have experienced things in my life that made me come to the conclusion that I am a wallflower. I do not know what else to do about this.

In in middle school and high school, I was picked on by girls in my grade and did not fit in. While I was heavier, that does not mean I should be an automatic target to be ostracized. My physical appearance somewhat improved in high school when I learned to use a flat iron and had my braces removed.

Guys never noticed me and as a woman in her twenties, I am still unnoticeable. I have lost close to 100 lbs, treat everyone with respect (unless they give me a reason to act differently). My skin has cleared up. And to this day, women are bitchy with me.

What is the issue here? I don’t have any guys interested in me to my knowledge and the only attention I’ve gotten was from an online dating app, where I met a lot of worrisome individuals.

Women I know seem to have a lot of suitors, while I only seem to attract men that I would not even consider a first date with.

Im no supermodel, yet people tell me that I am pretty. Are they lying?

Men, what are you looking for a in partner? Will I have better luck in my thirties? I’m not too far

away from this age range. Do I need to move?

This is why I’ve given up on dating and will stay to myself eternally.


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  • You're not missing anything most women are basically chilling out and hang with a man. A lot of men have gone their own way because it's too risk to deal with a woman. Love is gone because women took of advantage of decent them. Decent men either went abroad, gave up entirely or just have sex with women.

  • First, I think ypu aren't invisible, because if you were, you wouldn't have the:
    "I only seem to attract men that I would not even consider a first date with"

    Believe me, if you were invisble, they wouldn't be there.

    Now, what I have seen with women with that thinking is what I call:
    " I dont know who I am ".

    I mean, apart of losing weight, what are you good at?, you say you are pretty, only with that you have those "I wouldn't date men".

    Now, which men yes you would like to date?, make something interesting first to you, and after to them.

    And please not make like some of the women I have known that being really intelligent, they go for men who only looks for aparence and after say that men dont like intelligence, may be, you must look for men who are able to apreciate who you really are.


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