Why I’m No Longer as Mean to Everyone

Redheads still rule.
Redheads still rule.

Hello, it’s Jane – previously self-proclaimed Queen of Assholes here to talk about a subject I never thought I’d ever discuss with the internet.

That subject is why I’m not as much of an asshole online anymore.

For some backstory, I created an otherwise anonymous G@G account (with the exception of using my generic name in comments and Mytakes) to vent opinions that I couldn’t openly discuss on public platforms. Being a journalist, you have to be extremely careful with what you post online, so the site offered me the anonymity I craved so I could finally pop-off on some of my more “intense” opinions.

However, it all came to a head during a time where while I had a lot of to be grateful for, I was dealing with a lot of internalized negativity that came from years of parental abuse and personal relationships. Without fully realizing it, I was putting a lot of venom into my otherwise sound opinions.

Mind you, I am still the type to call people out, but I would find myself unnecessarily mocking people or insulting their intelligence – though, sometimes, it was warranted, i.e. paedophiles trying to justify their sexual desire for children as being their “sexuality.” Fuck off.

I was such an internet dickhead that I actually had users designate time and energy to spreading rumours about me and by trying to rile me up on my posts. Apparently, I was so interesting to them that they actually had to put that much effort into little old me, and it was and still is pretty funny.

I have had some users notice that I have calmed down quite a bit and some of my opinions have somewhat changed. I used to come across to some as very anti-feminist for example, (though, I never claimed I was) because I harshly attacked current-age feminism for being radical. While I do feel there is still a strong presence of radical feminism, I do not and never have thought that there was anything wrong with being a feminist otherwise.

I made the personal choice MANY times in my long time of being a member to take breaks from G@G. I felt the overall culture could be toxic and even felt as though I was adding to that negativity by releasing my anger out on people who I found to be “stupid” or simply annoying.

That isn’t the person I ideally want to be. While I am fine with being known as the strong-willed debating type, I don’t want to be the person who takes pride in making other people feel bad per se. Not to say I am above insulting someone or being harsh when necessary, but I would rather be more selective in that approach rather than letting my personal anger poison my opinions.

Now, I know the majority of you probably don’t give a shit – I probably wouldn’t – but after receiving enough comments about it, I figured it was a good excuse to write a Mytake and tell everyone what’s up.

That’s all. I got nothing else to say here.

Why I’m No Longer as Mean to Everyone
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  • SuperManiac
    Cheers! You know, one thing I realized about debates, and I used to excel at them in university, is that you don't persuade the opposition with that style. It's appealing to judges. That was actually a tough lesson for me to learn in my early relationships. I applied my debating style to try to "win" arguments, only to realize I lose even when I win if my goal is to persuade the opposition.
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  • someguy81
    I wish more people had the ability to self analyze themselves like that. A lot of people that I deal with are the kinds of people that content just blaming everyone else around them for everything. Good for you.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Kas19
    Yes, redheads do rule.

    I think it's good to learn not to be as hard on people, I'm still learning to do that myself. But some people make it terribly difficult. I guess one thing that helps me is remembering that no matter what I say, people will typically hold the same opinions. It sucks but, that's reality.
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  • winterfox10
    Well, at least you are a self-aware person. Unfortunately, that is a lot more than can be said about many of G@G's "contributors."

    I'm a Journalist too!

    Yay for team coffee-ed up and too poor to afford the decent stuff!
  • Noahthemyth
    Wow I wish there were more people who could do a self review like you did, so with saying that you're one in a million, good job you should be super proud of yourself
  • No_Archons
    fuck you

    there now we're even :D consider your sins absolved
  • MrOracle
    You have a brain and you aren't afraid to use it. I'd respect that even if you weren't a redhead - but even more because you are. Lol.
  • Wowgirl30q
    That's big of you I appreciate the effort to change something you don't like or didn't like about yourself..
  • FatherJack
    Most of your posts get the TU from me , too many brainwashed sheeple out there !!
  • If you are an arsehole, why advertise it with a My Take?
  • anametouse
    Queen of Assholes lol. Well at least you're still Queen
  • broken_heart_at_48
    You're not alone in this it's easy to get caught up in the negativity on here some times especially when you have issues you're dealing with in the real world and really more than likely there's a good amount of people just pissed off about life that get on here to release that pissed off energy and butt heads with anybody they can for whatever reason but in the end I've also learned to try and avoid adding to the negativity on here whether I felt justified or not I was letting myself get riled up and I get in enough trouble in life by way of my temper and thinking I'm justified I don't need to let some website get me so worked up I'll save it for real life situations anyways I appreciated your my take
  • MarketNews
    You're too hard on yourself. I've never known you be mean to anyone.
  • Ellie-V
    The character development is awesome 😉
  • Agape93
    I think I love you
  • CT_CD
    Be mean again. It turns me on
  • iFarted
    I missed the feisty asshole you used to be ;(
    • It's still there, I'm just a lot less inclined to randomly shit on people.

    • iFarted

      Do you actually find yourself holding back or is do you naturally not do it as much.
      I used to get a laugh here and there from your posts.

    • I naturally don't do it as much because I'm not as angry as I used to be, subsequently making me a lot happier in the process. I do still have my moments where I made snarky remarks or even insult people (no one is perfect and I am not a saint) but I don't necessarily want to unnecessarily bring people down when I'm perfectly capable of just arguing a point.

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  • Thanks for sharing!
  • Deathraider
    That was an interesting read.
  • Joker_
    Interesting myTake
  • CoffeeWC
    I've always liked your posts. You speak truth.
  • lordgrifis
    Interesting. Really.
  • Only_Ozzie
    It’s cool... to not be a dick 😂
  • theFantasticJayy
    Ight. You do you
  • Anonymous
    I thought it was bc you finally got laid so you relaxed and weren’t on edge as bad
  • Anonymous
    We can post things that aren't questions? I didn't know we were aloud to do that!! 😁😁