My best guy friend writes me, teases me and stares at me. Does he like me?

Hi! I have a great guy friend. We are in the same major, will work with the same company and even have similar dressing styles (we both love funky hats). We have so many similar hobbies, but we are still different in other ways.

We write emails to each other (even though he says that he's bad at keeping in touch with friends). I sent him a dress shirt and he LOVED that so much. We've known each other for over 10 months.

When we do see each other he teases me a lot (doesn't tease other girls) when we are with friends, gets goofy and a little nervous (otherwise, he's very confident). What I really love is that he compliments me by telling me things look pretty or good on me, touches my back, and gives me BIG hugs.

Now, he stares at me while I'm talking to other people or if I'm listening in a study group. Most of the time, I just let him do it and work hard not to look at him, but recently I had to let him know that I caught him and he looked away immediately. Then he got awkward and shy afterwards, but so cute! When I talk to his best friend (who's a guy I have a lot in common with), he listens in and totally becomes 12, by hitting him or throwing things at him! I tease him back a little now and he revels in it!

He sees that I am loud with others but get a little shy around him- we both do that. He gives me nice attention and when we are alone, he speaks softly, loves to look me in the eyes (which can make me even more shy) and smiles a LOT. I've also realized that out of all of his friends, I seem to know most about his plans, his loves, his passions and his schedule (he tells me all this). We laugh a LOT together and can be quiet together for 5 minutes and it DOES NOT feel weird. He's the only person I can do that with.

I doubt and I'm afraid because I'm 8 years older than him (I'm 33/he's 25) and not a genius like he is. I'm black, he's white. I'm a little chubs (but so is he), but I'm pretty funky and somewhat adorable but not what you would call a knock-out. He's the "cool" one whom everybody loves and is quite handsome- chubs and all.

He's my best guy friend and I don't want to risk losing that. We will be working together and sharing the same friends for many years to come. I want to try to ignore him, but that's dumb because he's my friend first and that may make him think that I don't care.

Making the first move on him would be BAD I think. He's gone for the summer. His best friend stares at me and smiles, now. Does his friend know? What do I do? Or not do?

My instinct says to just wait for him to make his move because he's shy and he may feel nervous because I'm an older woman (but he does say, "our age" to me). What say you, men?

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Guy #2 must know about me and guy #1 because he doesn't mind being alone with me at his house! He is awkward around girls but not me. We can talk all night! Is he telling guy #1 that we talk so much? I don't want guy #2 to not trust me/ think I'm fickle.
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I stepped up the flirting in an e-mail by writing, "the hardest thing that I'm doing this summer is missing you." He hasn't written back since then. Was that too much?

Also, he never say that he misses me. When I say it he goes, "Awwww". WTF?
My best guy friend writes me, teases me and stares at me. Does he like me?
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