Do guys like that actually exist? I've never met anyone like him before. HELP PLEASE!?

Okay I met this guy about two months ago and we started dating. We only met each other a couple of times. First time was just a meeting and the second time he came over to my house and we ended up having sex. It was his first time. After that I felt guilty because I used to tell him I wanted to take everything slow. But then he text me saying "It was great. But like you said, you want to take things slow so even if we are in a relationship and we dont have sex until you feel comfortable doing it, I'll be okay with that". He was the first guy I dated who wasn't just after sex. He made me realise I need to dress better (cover arms, legs etc), appreciate small things more and not get too caught up in negativity. One day we had an argument when we got this into this convo about the guys I'd slept with in the past. It really upset him that I still talked to them. And he told me he had strong feelings for me. It kinda freaked me out because he'd only known me for 2 months? I stopped talking to him and started ignoring his texts. I didn't want to see him again because I was afraid I might end up crying. After that he got all clingy and sad. He's a pretty cool guy but ever since I've stopped talking to him, he's gone sad and dull. Yesterday we had a chat and I told him I dont like him anymore. So he asked me if he's just a friend now. I said no. I dont really want to put a name on him. I've stopped talking to the other people I've slept with because some of the things he said about them were right. And they were totally about my respect. I know he's really hurt and I feel bad about it. But right now I really dont want to date anyone. Nothing against him. I told him this and he said "if not being me with makes you happy then okay. I'm happy if you're happy". I've never met anyone like him before. But he's too insecure about the opposite sex... What do I do? Leave him or keep him?
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He asked me to block him because he said he didn't want to be annoying by sending me messages. I didn't block him because I dont want to
Do guys like that actually exist? I've never met anyone like him before. HELP PLEASE!?
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