How to juggle two guys?

Well, not really juggle, I'm single, neither guys I'm seeing have asked me or even hinted that they wanted to be exclusive, and I'm not sleeping with either of them.

A part of me likes having the attention of two men a the same time. And I like the both of them, they are very different. Should I just make up my mind as to which one I'd like to date and let go of the other one, or should I wait until one of them asks to be exclusive and then make a decision?

They don't know about each other, it would be kind of awkward, but I do feel bad about seeing those two guys at the same time.

Anyone in the same situation, or having been in that situation?

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Most Helpful Girl

  • :/ Even if you've nobody has made any indication that they want to be exclusive, I don't think it's ever a good idea to juggle guys or girls, because somebody always ends up getting hurt.

    I mean, I completely understand liking the attention of two men at once. I do. But I think if you intend on ever being serious with one of them, you should probably decide sooner, rather than later.


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What Guys Said 2

  • Let them know you are seeing other people. Just be open and tell them the situation, and they will either be ok with it, or ask to have you to themselves. Do what makes you happy, and find the right guys for you.

  • get them to know each other, meet up all of you more often, see how it ends... do you know the song: lady hear me tonight? or have you seen some french films? who knows, they might enjoy to be "both" with you at the same time!

    but really, unless you're into threesomes or striking drama, don't put yourself into this.


What Girls Said 1

  • people are dumb. you are YOUNG and you are SINGLE. have fun, "enjoy the ride". you have the right to date more than one person, isn't that the point of dating? you date so you get to know people to narrow down what you're looking for in the long run--arent I right? so date the 2 guys, get to know them, decide who you like. you may end up likeing more than the other, you might end up not liking either of them, but dating them both is fine. just be aware of their feelings and don't lead them on saying that you want them and only them and all that. should you tell them you're seeing other people? I'm not sure, that's up to you really. be careful because you don't want to hurt them but at the same time, if its not serious with any of them yet then just have fun getting to know them both. whenever I do this my feelings for one guy ALWAYS trample over my feelings for the other and I decide to devote myself to that one person but until that time comes I think having them both is perfectly fine. the fact that you like having the attention of 2 men is completely understandable, and fine, who wouldnt. I hope that I could help.